The General Handbook 2018 is now on Sale

22 February 2018 » Cosmetics Kenya

The fourth Edition of the General Handbook of Cosmetics, Detergents and personal care products , has been launched, thanks to the concerted efforts by our publisher and the generous contributions by our dedicated staff of trainers, product formulators, office consultants and raw material suppliers. The text book features 80 products in the core categories of Personal care products, Detergents and Soaps. The book is an upgrade of the 108 page 2017 edition that contains 65 formulations. The new...

How to take Care of Your Child’s Leather School Shoes

21 February 2018 » Style by Silvia

Today foot wear is manufactured from a wide range of materials although leather still remains the material of choice for high quality shoes especially for outdoor use.  When I was in high school my best shoes were made of leather – specifically BATA Toughees – and comparatively expensive compared with other items in my wardrobe.  So I learnt how to take care of them in the best possible way to protect them against water and dirt and maintain them in perfect condition for as long as possible and...

Sleek low bun

17 February 2018 » Hair Junkie

Am 8 weeks 2 days post relaxer today! And this has been my style of choice this past week. Advertisements

My obsession…

06 February 2018 » Hair Junkie

…blunt, thick ends! That’s one of the reasons I’ve been cutting my hair over and over in the past year. My hair doesn’t grow evenly all round. Does anyone’s? Add to that the inevitable wear and tear and this is … Continue reading →

Happy new year!

28 January 2018 » Hair Junkie

I know. I know, January is practically over but the year is still young. Right? Anyway, let’s talk hair, shall we? Lately, I have been loving wearing my hair straight I straightened it, trimmed and cut a little bit off … Continue reading →

How to Look Chic in the Pajama Trend

15 January 2018 » Style by Silvia

The pajama trend has taken the fashion world by storm; it’s comfy yet stylish. It pushes the fashion envelope, so it is definitely not for the faint-hearted, and I must admit it took me a while to warm up to this trend. But once I did, I fell completely in love with it.  It’s a slightly peculiar idea that not so many people have embraced, especially in conservative fashion circles, and I can understand why. Here are my two tips for pulling it off…

Looking Back at my Top 13 Fashion Looks from 2017

10 January 2018 » Style by Silvia

2017 was an amazing year in many respects.  My sense of style is still evolving and I think last year showed a mature yet playful side of my style. I aimed at pushing the envelope but was still not willing to take too many risks. It was a good fashion year for me; I cut my hair and I felt that I needed to dress this new ME. It seems appropriate to sum up the highlights of the year by sharing my top 13…

Trouble Shooting in Soap Making

07 January 2018 » Cosmetics Kenya

On nearly daily basis, our Soap Technologists are confronted by questions from our online readers regarding formulation challenges they encounter while trying out a new soap recipe. Some of the challenges people encounter while trying to make soap are, 1. Soap not hardening after pouring 2. Grainy texture on soap bars 3. Poor adherence of soap colors 4. Soap becoming very hard 5. Soap not becoming white despite bleaching oils 6. Soap crumbling 7. Soap not foaming or lathering 8. Soap with...

Happy New year 2018 to our followers 

01 January 2018 » Cosmetics Kenya

The directors, staff and supporters of Cosmetics and Detergents Kenya Ltd wish you our clients a happy new year 2018.  To our clients, the year 2018 is a new year to refocus on personal aspirations intended to achieve the best (financially, knowledgewise and spiritually)  for the benefit of our families, country and the world as whole.  Our team of dedicated researchers and teaching staff are happy to let you know that things will be done differently this year.  We have planned to introduce...

Price of Sodium Hydroxide in Kenya 

27 December 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

Sodium hydroxide, also known as Caustic soda or Lye is arguably the most commonly used raw material in virtually all products. In soap making, its use is slightly higher than making other products. It is mainly used to hydrolyse fatty acids to form soap, but in other products such as Detergents, it is used as a pH buffer.  Many dealers of the commodity have taken advantage of the high demand in Kenyan market and hiked its price with more than 60%. This has subsequently resulted in high cost of...

Soap Plodders in Kenya 

26 December 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

Getting the right choice for tools or machinery defines the quality of work (finished product) a serious manufacturer intends to make. Despite high cost of some machines, it may be necessary to invest on  them in order to achieve value for money.  The brand new soap making machines and equipment from the internationally acclaimed Express Marine Engineering Corporation come complete with User manual booklet, One year warranty, After sales service and free training.  Express Marine Engineering...

Treatment For Female &  Male Hair loss in Kenya 

24 December 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

Hair loss in both women and men in Kenya is a  real course of concern and the prevalence of the problem in East Africa  is well documented.  Herman, who, among other experts recently participated in designing a pharmaceutical brand for combating Female Pattern Hair Loss disclosed that the anomaly  is attributed to a large number of causes among them Smoking, Excessive use of hair relaxing chemicals, physical pulling of hair during braiding, use of birth control pills, Menopause, Follicular...

Pregnancy | 5 things that made it easier for me

19 December 2017 » Kurly Kichana

My mother always says that when I was 4 year's old, I declared that I did not have any interest in having children. Cue life and a mere 25+ years later, I write this with an almost 6 month old lying next to me milk drunk and enjoying whatever it is he dreams about. Add to that my fear of getting pregnant in my twenties was crippling, I always imagined that I would be the pregnant lady chewing stones, spitting into a small bucket every few minutes, swollen ankles, lips, nose and with new...

I got robbed

17 December 2017 » Hair Junkie

Last Friday I got back home at around 9:30 in the morning from a night shift. At that point I had been up for a good 25 hours straight. That was my first time back to doing night shifts since … Continue reading →

Why Formulations for Cosmetics and Detergents Keep Changing

16 December 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

A lot of dynamism in Cosmetic and detergent manufacturing, including disinfectants and personal care products has lately been observed in formulations in the recent past. This is a common practice in almost every field of invention and re-invention. “Unlike in the Pharmaceutical Industry where dynamic changes in drug formulations are directly attributed to Disease Resistance, the Cosmetic, Personal care and Detergent formulations are influenced by the Customer Needs as a direct result of...

We won an ASFA!!!!

15 December 2017 » Style by Silvia

Last weekend I attended the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards giving ceremony in Kampala at the invitation of the organizers.  It was a short trip but a truly exciting experience since I not only took home the award for Fashion Writer of the Year (Africa) – for the second year in a row  – but also was called upon to co-host the red carpet together with the beautiful Ghanaian Actress Nana Akua Addo. I loved the amazing vibes of the whole event and enjoyed the stunning…

How To make Lip balm, Lipstick in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania 

05 December 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

Lip balm, Lipstick and Lip gloss are collectively known as Lip Make-up.  Lip make-up business in Kenya comands a sizeable market share of the total cosmetic industry, with professional women (who comprise the largest spenders) sparing no cent for new like-products that come with more value than traditional brands.  The art of making lip makeup is new to Kenyans and this explains why 99,9% of all lip makeup is imported.  The country (despite priding herself as economic powerhouse of East Africa...

Day in the life

04 December 2017 » Hair Junkie

Something different… Here is a little sneak peek into my day to day life. 4:00am Wake up   Yup! Am an early riser. I always have a glass of water in the morning and then sip on coffee for the … Continue reading →

New in!

02 December 2017 » Hair Junkie

Deep conditioner Leave-in conditioner Avocado oil Advertisements Tagged: hairjunkie2011, healthy hair care, Healthy hair Kenya, Kenyan blogger, Kenyan hair blogger, my hair products, Relaxed hair blog Kenya, Relaxed hair care

November so far…

27 November 2017 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys! Can you believe that the year is almost over?! Christmas is right around the corner! Have you seen the mall decor of late? I feel like these past months have gone by so fast. So, what have I … Continue reading →

Essential Oil Business in Kenya 

25 November 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

Essential oils are plant extracts in their pure form, used in Cosmetics, soaps and pharmaceutical products.  Depending on the plants they are extracted from, essential oils play a myriad of functions they are intended for. Basically, essential oils are used in beauty care whereupon they work on the skin to treat many problems while in general cosmetics, they emit pleasant aromas that add value to a cosmetic product.  The market for essential oils is astoundingly big while the margins profits...

Statement Dress With Uneven Hem

22 November 2017 » Style by Silvia

I got this dress made for a dinner party, but ended up pairing it with these flats for a brunch with girlfriends instead. It was one of those days when I didn’t want to leave the house since everything was getting a bit overwhelming. But then, thank God, I had those friends who wanted to cheer me up! Sometimes when I am stressed or sad I wear a happy colored piece, and during the course of the day my mood invariably shifts.  A bright dress like this…

The Everyday Ethiopian Habesha Dress

17 November 2017 » Style by Silvia

I am sure you know that I love to dress up in statement pieces but on most days I want to sing a song of praise to ‘the simple dress” which can be adapted to virtually any situation or event, be it a shopping spree in the mall, a day in the office, a weekend in the country side, a lunch with friends, a party  – and yes even for chilling at home That is exactly how I felt when I saw this cute…

Seeking Inspiration in Diani, Kenya

08 November 2017 » Style by Silvia

It happens to all of us now and then, and a few weeks ago I was the one to feel low in energy and generally uninspired.  And I decided to do something about it, and taking some days off to chill in beautiful surroundings seemed to be a perfect plan. So I set off to Diani at the Kenya coast south of Mombasa together with a few friends to enjoy a different environment in the beautiful Sultan saka house and get inspired and although I…

My Lagos Fashion Week 2017 Style Diary

04 November 2017 » Style by Silvia

I’m just back from Nigeria where I spent some exciting days at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW) and savored the amazing Nigerian fashion culture.  I also had the unique opportunity to work closely with some of the fashion and beauty professionals I have been admiring on the social media platforms from home. I had decided from the outset only to wear Nigerian brands as part of my networking process. So I didn’t bring much with me from Kenya but simply played it by ear.…

How to Make Commercial Pesticides in Kenya 

26 October 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

A serious entrepreneur  is quick in studying opportunities available (in the market)  for exploits, often  aimed at gaining some income out of them. There has been a sustained vertical trend observed in the Kenyan population among citizens who want to benefit monetarily especially in businesses with low competition. And agri-products biz tops the list of grey areas where opportunities to make millions of money lurk.   Probably, one of the major reasons why the younger generation is fascinated...

Motherhood | You make it look easy

24 October 2017 » Kurly Kichana

"Wow, You make motherhood look so easy". That is a statement I hear all the time from my Instagram page.It seems that early Motherhood should always be presented as a very difficult journey with a deranged looking like woman whose hair is matted, swollen boobs hanging out, slightly smells of milk as well as Body Odour and is completely devoted to keeping a little human alive and well.It is fair enough and true that motherhood is difficult but it is also one of the most rewarding thing a woman...

My Experience Staying at the Watamu TreeHouse

22 October 2017 » Style by Silvia

I love my home on the Kenya coast which is my refuge when I am able to leave my work in Nairobi behind me for a while.  But even here at home it takes a real effort to switch off and enjoy the beach and the nature around me.  So once in a while I allow myself a complete break away from the familiar surroundings to give my spirit space to rejuvenate itself for a day or two in total relaxation. This is exactly what I…

My hair today | Bun

19 October 2017 » Hair Junkie

Am 14 weeks 5 days post relaxer today! Advertisements Tagged: bun, bunning, hairjunkie2011, Kenyan hair blog, Relaxed hair bun

Half marathon #2

15 October 2017 » Hair Junkie

And just like that, Its almost time for my next half marathon race. I didn’t even post a race recap on my last one (which was almost a year ago!). Anyway, I still have a bunch of pictures from that … Continue reading →

Currently using…

12 October 2017 » Hair Junkie

Shampoo Conditioner Deep conditioners Leave-in conditioner Oil I have been using olive oil for about a month or so now because I just can’t seem to find coconut oil anywhere…the cheap one I normally buy. Heat protection serum Glycerin Gels … Continue reading →

UAP 2017 Ndakaini Half Marathon Race Recap

11 October 2017 » Style by Silvia

Back in my high school years I was a well-trained athlete winning many running competitions at various levels.  But as the years passed so did my enthusiasm for running and most other forms of physical exercise, and my fitness level dropped considerably.  However as part of my new healthy lifestyle, including a totally vegan diet which I adopted some three months ago, I wanted to make a real effort to keep fit, and since I never really cared much for going to the gym, I decided…

The Issue | Things I am Unashamedly doing as a Mum

05 October 2017 » Kurly Kichana

Unsolicited advice is probably the bane of a new mum's existence! The advice comes from everyone and everywhere, some of it is excellent and some is just (face palm) completely unnecessary!Keeping this in mind, I thought I would share the things that I am unashamedly doing as a mum that may go against the advice most mum's receive. 1. Letting my bubbah nap on me ( he is napping one me right now, as I type this)As a new mum you always get that advice that if you hold your child or let your baby...

New Mama Hair | The Twists

26 September 2017 » Kurly Kichana

 As this is primarily a hair blog, its only right that I do a post on my hair. Juggling a baby and running a home, getting time to style hair is a luxury. I have had to come up with simple ways to style my hair and still look cute. My routine has been as below;- Hand over baby to hubby preferably on Friday or Saturday morning and Prepoo, Shampoo and Deep Condition my hair- Detangle my hair and marvel at the current volume ( yay for pregnancy hormones) in my hair whilst trying to figure out how...

TRAVEL VLOG: Watch How I Spent My Weekend in Accra, Ghana

21 September 2017 » Style by Silvia

I recently traveled to Accra, Ghana for The Glitz Style Awards. Take a peek at my trip below and let me know what you think

How to Make Jik in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania

16 September 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

Sodium Hypocrite bleach, commonly referred to as Jik is a household hygiene product made by reacting three basic components in water medium. In our training that takes place daily, we teach our trainees how to make high quality standard hypocrite bleach. Our trainees are giving ample time to practice and prepare good quality bleach. To join our daily classes for Jik, call this number 0723424240Filed under: Uncategorized

New Detergent Making Machine in Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania

14 September 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

Spray drying is a modern commercial method of producing a granular dry powder detergent from a liquid or slurry, employed in the new modern Powder Detergent Machine Model RMD-120. Unlike the traditional manual mixing and sieving used in powder detergent production by low scale manufacturers, the RMD-120 uses Single–Effect technology to rapidly dry the powder detergent with a hot gas immediately after compounding in the main chamber. “In the case of RMD-120 the air is blown in the same direction...

Evening Classes For Soap Making Nairobi

14 September 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

With demand for Industrial training soaring for the employed people working till 5 pm, we have introduced evening coaching on Bar soap making among other products such as body lotions, detergents, hair care products etc. The evening classes will run from 5.30 to 8 or depending on the recommendations of the trainee.  This will accord people who are tied up during the day a chance to learn and participate fully in practical-oriented classes conducted by our top Soap Technologists. For booking and...

Twende Limuru for the Biggest Sale This Year!

14 September 2017 » Style by Silvia

It was love at first sight when I stumbled across this top and print on a recent trip to Accra.  Yellow was the only colour available; not my first choice, but I decided to grab it and give it a chance. I paired it with my Bata Ngomas for a vibrant day look. I love my Bata Ngomas. They literally – and I do mean LITERALLY – go perfectly well with everything. In college I wore them all the time and I still own several…

Style | When you have to Nurse

12 September 2017 » Kurly Kichana

It's hard when your wardrobe choices revolve around feeding a hungry baby, but when you are trying to work the yummy minimalist mummy aesthetic you make it work! I did not buy any maternity clothes for my entire pregnancy and in the same vein decided that I would also not buy nursing clothes (apart from nursing bras, which are essential). When choosing a nursing outfit: you have to be able to reveal the boob rather quickly coz hungry babies do NOT mess about, should be comfortable and if you...

What Would You do For Love?

11 September 2017 » Style by Silvia

Since time immemorial the question “What would you do for love” has puzzled and inspired lovers around the world.  Mostly however, the answers have remained in the minds of those confronted with this eternal question. But not any longer in this age of digital information sharing… With an innovative initiative DIOR has launched a beautiful campaign – the DIOR Love chain –which invites you to tell the world what you would do for love.  And now a dedicated group of celebrities, stars and...

Why I Dress up Even When I Work from Home

08 September 2017 » Style by Silvia

I work from home half of the time. During these days in my home office, my preferred style is maxi dresses, and this dress is one I might wear, although strictly speaking it was meant for more spectacular moments.  It not only doubles up as a stylish and comfy outfit for home, but would also be great for a Sunday lunch with friends or a family picnic, on those days, I will throw on a pair of earrings and my comfiest sandals if I need to step…

Effective Cure for Acne in Kenya

07 September 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

Post by Dr. Herman Nairobi-Kenya [Print This] A rather embarrassing skin condition. In my former years of clinical practice, both in Outpatient and Pathology department, I often handled cases of psychological depression from patients who suffered one form of skin condition to another. Indeed the psychological sequela of acne includes higher rates of clinical depression with elevated levels of anxiety, anger, and even suicidal thoughts among adults. Simply put, the root cause of acne is Oil:...

The Issue | Things they don't tell you about becoming a Mother

07 September 2017 » Kurly Kichana

First things first, this blog will not turn into a strictly mummy blog! I will continue to share my forays into dealing with my natural hair as well as some bits on beauty and shenanigans in my life.I have a bone to pick with all grandmothers, aunties and womenfolk in general! Maybe I was naive or stupid, a mix of both perhaps but there were some things I learned about my body after giving birth that despite devouring numerous internet articles, speaking to friends and family and my beloved...

Living Life in Color

04 September 2017 » Style by Silvia

Life has been busy these days – working and travelling full time, spending quality time with my daughter on her long summer holiday, and still leaving space for family, friends and me-time.  I admit that I do get a bit anxious and overwhelmed at times. And even when I try to sleep in or rest, my mind just gets caught up in all the things that I need to do. Maybe I set too high expectations of myself, which is both good and bad, because…

Foam Mattress Technology Offered in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania  

02 September 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

Join our simplified daily classes in making foam mattresses. The technology is simple and straightforward. Theory part takes at least 2 hrs and the practical part takes two hours.  The theory focuses on in-depth study of Raw materials used, their ratios, and where to find them. The practical part exposes the learner to the real application of skills in production of both High density and Low density mattresses. The learner makes the actual foam mattress and goes with it home, no shortcuts! ...