Project 44

Project 44

16 December 2013 » Project 44

  Thank you for your patronage! Wishing a blessed holiday season and may the new year bring even brighter horizons! Project 44

09 December 2013 » Project 44

We have all watched those romantic episodes and movies where people meet, fall in love but because of one circumstance or another (sometimes huge assumptions which seem to just make an ass of the character), they seem not destined to be together until some great revelation happens and either Eve or Adam runs to stop a moving train or even more tragically, to stop a wedding before the bride and groom say I do because “the one” is almost getting away. People run down hallways, aisles and...

18 November 2013 » Project 44

Meet Venessa, a close lady friend of mine. We are having a date tonight. Our tête-à-tête runs a couple of years back, way back in high school. She wasn’t exactly drop dead gorgeous in that Marilyn Monroe’s fashion (not like Huddah, our local ‘celebrity’), but when she set her exterior anatomy in motion, few men could resist craning their necks for more; she swayed gently, cautiously. A deep sea in light currents. I don’t fuss much about looks as a matter of fact; I will at any time of the day...

04 November 2013 » Project 44

“You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.” - Margaret Mitchell First, I will start by admitting that I was apprehensive about this post because it is not always that one gets a friend on Skype, narrating crazy stuff which she expects you to piece together into a post – all aimed at laying it out there for Adam. This is one about a lot of do’s and don’ts when it comes to rolling in the hay – also known as “bombing “ in Project 44 jargon. Marylyn, one of my good friends is...

21 October 2013 » Project 44

No, seriously. How deep is it? OK, let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Why am I here? Project 44 asked me here. They said “Pay us a visit. Come check out our guys, they’re a cool bunch. Share a word or two.” “I will be glad to come!” I enthused. “Do you serve tea? Some cookies, cake, to go with it perhaps? Food?” Are you wondering who I am? If you’re guessing ‘an African woman who loves food’, then bingo! “Sure!” Project 44 agreed. Tea? This one must be from Western Kenya, they must have...

Project 44

» Project 44