Oyunga Pala

Oyunga Pala

16 April 2018 » Oyunga Pala

We wake up in one cage, step into a mobile cage that takes us to another cage where we spend the entire day, mostly pacing up and down, before returning to our private cage at the end of the day.

26 March 2018 » Oyunga Pala

The seeds of shame are planted in childhood. Children grow up with no capacity to deal with shame other than to sink into bouts of denial that follow them to adulthood.

19 March 2018 » Oyunga Pala

What is Wakanda, other than the dreams of Zion while in Babylon, dreams of Canaan while caught in captivity in Egypt or Heaven bound while enduring earthly suffering?

26 February 2018 » Oyunga Pala

I asked John, “Where’s the border?” He looked at me puzzled and said, “We are standing on it”. “But there’s nothing here…”, I persisted, “What were you expecting?” he asked. “Well…some kind of fence or something…where this bold line on the map runs.”

19 February 2018 » Oyunga Pala

They had much to prove especially as young indigenous Kenyans attempting to claim a significant stake in an industry that was stereotypical fronted by white Art directors.

12 February 2018 » Oyunga Pala

Valentine's day should be treated as a childish indulgence, a treat for little children whose dreams must remain valid. However the clutches of materialism have morphed Valentine's day into a commercial circus nipping at the heels of Christmas season.

05 February 2018 » Oyunga Pala

Life is bound to test us in ways we can never fathom and overwhelm us in a moment however in an instance, a man must make a decision. It is natural to be afraid but still one must act even when their hands shakes and their voices tremble. Courage is that corner stone virtue that defines the character of men. It is a halfway house between fear and recklessness.

29 January 2018 » Oyunga Pala

It is the male libido that society is now focused on policing in the era of rising feminist consciousness. All boys are thus born bad and suspects of sexual misconduct by gender association until proven innocent in the female gaze.

22 January 2018 » Oyunga Pala

Father had desired a taste of the power that the soup gave its maker but he was too proud to admit it. He was a manly man, a hunter by design yet he remained awake to the fact that true power was not in the man who brought home the meat but in the woman whose stew made the guests break into praise after the meal.

15 January 2018 » Oyunga Pala

All men need men who can build them up, edify them, strengthen their characters. When those boys become grown men, they too will build up others and one by one, our communities are rejuvenated.

08 January 2018 » Oyunga Pala

Now I am watching 4 year olds twerking, grinding and dry humping, like circus monkeys, cheered on at an adult function. We mourn, “the kids of today”, the ones whose upbringing has been outsourced to technology. That was us, a few decades ago.

21 December 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Nairobi is a city of constant hustle. It sells a big dream and the hustle is the hidden cost. If you are desperate for success, Nairobi is not the place to front your ambitions. It has a rule book full of contradictions. One has to learn to accept Nairobi despite its contradictions, to be able to relive it with a fresh set of eyes.

18 December 2017 » Oyunga Pala

The boy child is caught in a privilege trap. He is told he should do better because he is a man. Yet the only brand of manliness he is exposed to is associated with oppression.

15 December 2017 » Oyunga Pala

I secretly hope he is not one of those single malt snobs about to fill my head with distracting whisky drinking rituals, insisting that I master the intricacies in order to fully appreciate the colour, flavours, aroma in 4 elaborate steps.

11 December 2017 » Oyunga Pala

“A great man once said, everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power”.

04 December 2017 » Oyunga Pala

The story of Africans sold into slavery is supposed to be consigned to historical fact, something that happened a long, long time ago in a cruel, ignorant and evil world but the past has a way of repeating itself.

27 November 2017 » Oyunga Pala

We have sentenced an entire class of young men to be treated as disposable bodies, sacrificed every four years as foot soldiers of the overlords to pacify the larger population into a hollow and peaceful resolution of election disputes.

20 November 2017 » Oyunga Pala

When a man is most vulnerable, in health and spirit, when he really needs a helping hand, or a shoulder to lean and cry on, is when everyone expects his true strength to kick in like a turbo charged engine that defies the gravity of his current predicament.

13 November 2017 » Oyunga Pala

The male hyena is the underdog of the African savannah and perhaps this is why young men would identify with the hyenas. Underlining it all is the pressure men undergo in performances of masculinity in a country where men are only taught about sexual conquest and material provision as central to their identity as worthy men.

06 November 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Music is an instrument and effective weapon against social injustice and if this instrument is used wisely, it can change lives and inspire a generation towards worthy causes.

30 October 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Joseph Kamaru was to follow with City Sounds in 1968 and it was from Kamaru's stable that Kikuyu Benga would fluff its wings.

23 October 2017 » Oyunga Pala

The forgotten story in this no holds barred political contest is that a few hundred agitated demonstrators do not represent the whole of Kisumu.

16 October 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Ask anyone to name 5 famous doctors and you get back 10 names as a bonus. Ask the same person to name 5 famous nurses and all you get back after deep thought is Florence Nightingale and probably the Night Nurse that Gregory Isaacs sung about in his reggae hit song.

09 October 2017 » Oyunga Pala

The Jubilee Ride showed me the extent I can go to achieve a goal  because I was willing to do everything within my ability and resources to make this dream of riding to the Cape and back, a reality.

09 October 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Tear gas smells are going to be normal this election October if you work around the Anniversary Towers in Nairobi or live within a km radius of Kisumu's CBD. You do not have to be part of a demonstration to eat tear gas. If the wind blows your way, everyone will get their share.

02 October 2017 » Oyunga Pala

To understand the state of the nation, draw a parallel to any dysfunctional family where there is no respect. Where the children speak back to their parents and the parents do not care for the feelings of their children.

25 September 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Shoulder to shoulder, we ride along, complete strangers in the night with a set destination in mind. We are mostly polite and tolerant on the outside but suspicious and prejudiced on the inside

18 September 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Eliud Kipchoge is running meets efficiency, endurance, poetry and fire. He brings a quality of grace and zen to the art of running a marathon.

11 September 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Screw this our land and nation. May greed be our heed and need. May we dwell in the unity of our illicit wealth, thieving and lying and plenty be accumulated while we enjoy the power of office. That is the new anthem.

08 September 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Many people forgo actually helping in times of crisis or tragedy, because they believe that they are doing their personal share by praying.

06 September 2017 » Oyunga Pala

The Kenyan internet space is riddled with click baits and malicious bots that confuse even the best of us. A generation of bored armchair interlopers has emerged hooked on virtual attention.

04 September 2017 » Oyunga Pala

At this steady rate of pollution, by 2050, they will be more plastic in the oceans than fish.

28 August 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Women are evolutionary inclined to be picky when choosing a partner. The average woman in search of a marriage partner will regularly state that the men in the market for husbands are simply not good enough and below average.

21 August 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Walking through the streets of Nairobi is akin to walking through a casualty ward of the human ego that has been decimated by power struggles and defeats.

16 August 2017 » Oyunga Pala

It was all normal election "kelele from those disturbing the peace?" the criminals and looters, until reports filtered through to the mainstream media that a 9 year old girl Stephanie Moraa had been shot while standing on a balcony in Mathare.

14 August 2017 » Oyunga Pala

For those few precious moments, the Githeri man was the noble commoner who exposed the soft underbelly of our media culture that prioritizes hot sensation over cold facts

07 August 2017 » Oyunga Pala

A man at the heart of a crucial election had died and the country did not quite know how to react to his demise. I had expected some outrage, from all sectors of society but all I registered was a privatisation of grief. As though people wanted to be alone in their pain aware of the futility of making a spectacle over it.

03 August 2017 » Oyunga Pala

In the centre of this audio-visual feast for the senses, Fela reigned supreme. He was everywhere at once; playing keyboards, soprano or alto, the occasional drum solo, a sinuous dance from one side of the stage to the other and then it was time to sing, the ever-present spliff held in his elegant fingers.

31 July 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Kenyans have not forgotten that peace without justice is like prescribing a placebo in place of the medicine. It might offer a temporary relief but it won’t cure the disease.

24 July 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Privilege is when you think something is not your problem, until it knocks on your door in the rude manner that cholera jarred Nairobi’s upper classes.

18 July 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Biko was born to tell stories and he approached difficult feature assignments with the level of enthusiasm that most journos respond to the words, “open bar”.

17 July 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Boni forest is more than just trees standing in the way and it is a homeland and a lifeline for this country’s fragile ecosystem. But unfortunately, if all you have known is a hammer, every problem becomes a nail.

10 July 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Miguna waves his integrity badge like a pride flag and calls out the credibility of his opponents with the authority of an exorcist. T

04 July 2017 » Oyunga Pala

In reality Kenya is a market and Kenyans are property. On 6th September 1888, by Order in Council, Queen Victoria gave a Royal Charter to Sir William MacKinnon to make British East Africa her overseas market and Africans property of British Overseas.

03 July 2017 » Oyunga Pala

The bridges that allow communities to thrive are easily dismantled for short term gain. We have forgotten why we need more bridges instead of walls. In the cities, everyone now needs to get behind a wall to feel safe.

26 June 2017 » Oyunga Pala

There is more to be celebrated than denigrated but only if one remains aware of the history of the women’s movement and the sacrifices of the pioneers. The pioneer leaders of the feminist movement in Kenya bore a heavy cross in their individual attempts to pave the way for numerical presence of women in the National Assembly.

23 June 2017 » Oyunga Pala

“You can’t cry rape out. It’s something that stays with and within you.” He takes a pause. “You know when you get raped once, you somehow feel like you were raped your whole life. It’s effect stays with you.”

19 June 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Elections are supposed to provide hope of a better tomorrow but all they seem to prove is that we are pawns in a game whose stakes we do not understand.

18 June 2017 » Oyunga Pala

A man I hardly knew, a father I had but never had and would never have was suddenly no more. If there was ever any hope of forming a relationship with him, that flicker of hope had disappeared into pitch darkness.

12 June 2017 » Oyunga Pala

We have seen men rise from obscurity by skillfully applying buffoonery or florid verbosity to become serious political contenders. Men who were once considered comedic punchlines are cleaning out fields of seasoned contenders.

05 June 2017 » Oyunga Pala

A core of every conscious theme in every song is the perpetual issue of poverty profiling and gun violence. The youth sing about been hunted by a system that has licensed its agent to kill.

29 May 2017 » Oyunga Pala

It becomes a case of classic conditioning when we remain unaware of inbred bigotries buried deep in our psyches. We have learned to associate elections with uncertainty. Young people, inherit the anxieties of their parents and regard competitive elective politics as a space of fear and violence.

22 May 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Kimathi’s personal tragic end reveals that courage does not necessarily end in triumph. Rebels rarely succeed in their quests in their lifetimes. But for their integrity, they live on in the hearts and minds of those who admired their convictions long after they are gone.

19 May 2017 » Oyunga Pala

A book belonging to Anya, my sister and has been in the library at home (my mother bookshelf) for a couple of years. I saw it one day, never knew about it or about the author. "The Alchemist, such an interesting title”, I decided to give it a read…your gold is always buried beneath your feet…agh boy.

15 May 2017 » Oyunga Pala

It is no surprise that ugali has become a key election issue and Kenyans are politely reminding their leaders that they cannot eat ‘politics on an empty stomach’.

11 May 2017 » Oyunga Pala

‘Hash House Harriers’ below the image of a runner beer mug in hand. Which leaves us to wonder: Who are these people? And how does basic food, cheap booze, naughty songs, disorder, and running all blend (or hash) together?

08 May 2017 » Oyunga Pala

The odds of winning most jackpots is 1 to a million and you have a higher chance meeting a genie wrapped in a buibui with hooves for feet.

03 May 2017 » Oyunga Pala

“The Big Conservation Lie” was a book challenging the western paradigms and values that had dominated the management and conservation model since Kenya was declared a British colony.

01 May 2017 » Oyunga Pala

All these brands were riding on the back of Kenya’s greatest export. Our running champions. That picture was worth millions of dollars. The labor of Kenyan professional athletes continues to build the image of super brands worldwide.

24 April 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Keeping up with the political show, the parade of prospective candidates and the constant intrigues, theaters, cunning and scandal has become a social skill set that is just as involving as keeping up with the English Premier League. One has to watch a lot of TV. Not that it will save you from voting in an idiot.

20 April 2017 » Oyunga Pala

We would buy a mango and make two incisions along either of the fleshy sides. If there were three of you, the ones who gave money would each get a fleshy part and the noncontributing friend would get the middle part which was essentially the seed.

17 April 2017 » Oyunga Pala

The relationship between the citizen and the government is a classic manipulative marriage of convenience. The person you thought you married turns out to be an entirely different monster once you are legally bound.

10 April 2017 » Oyunga Pala

There is a long history of women in Africa, using sex and their bodies for protest. Our very own Wangari Maathai was the mad woman of the Moi era and we have her ‘craziness to thank for Nairobi’s most prominent green spaces, Uhuru Park and Karura Forest.

04 April 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Good grades are overrated. They are not a key to economic success and the emphasis needs to be dropped. It is the equivalent of stating that a gym is the only way to get fit.

03 April 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Tafsiri Hii was more than a song, it was a game changer. The socially conscious music captured the frustrations of an entire generation of young people locked away in urban ghetto squalor. It embodied their aspirations of escaping poverty to seek a better life despite being born on the wrong side of town.

30 March 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Men loath hospital and are often dragged to the sick bay over their dead bodies. Here is why:

27 March 2017 » Oyunga Pala

We should know better but lust is a powerful creature. St Augustine of Hippo’s said, lust indulged became habit, and habit unrestricted became necessity. Kenyans sleep around out of necessity. Marriage vows are a burden worn very lightly.

24 March 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Transsexuals are known as lady boys in Lao and form a socially sanctioned third sex category. Pierre warned me never to fraternize with the working gals. “Find a tourist at least they speak English”.

20 March 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Our comics are no longer socially conscious. While slap stick has its place (no offense Churchill) as a country we are in desperate need of humour activists to save us from the public cynicism propagated by political talking heads such as Aden Duale and Moses Kuria.

14 March 2017 » Oyunga Pala

Are you angry with the system? Gather some friends and uproot a railway line and you feel much better.