Oliver Mathenge

Oliver Mathenge

29 July 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

The second season of the The Africa Tech Challenge kicked off on Tuesday with an elaborate launch at the Serena Hotel in Nairobi. The challenge which is organised by AVIC International in conjuction with the Ministry of Education and Technology seeks to empower students in Technical Training Institutes in Kenya by upgrading their expertise to…

20 July 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

The Africa Tech Challenge, a nationwide competition for students from technical training institutions in Kenya will kick off on July 27. The competition has proven to be a platform for discovery and learning as they will get training and knowledge.

12 July 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

Mobile Apps have become part of our daily lives. You can’t have a smart phone and not have Apps that help you go about your daily activities. Mobile Apps have helped us share our lives easily and instantly with loved ones – even those miles a way. In short, we can’t really do without these…

01 July 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

Last year, tens of young Kenyans were involved in a vocational skills competition that saw the winners walk away with a manufacturing contract worth millions of shillings. The team of Kelvin Munyotu Nzioka, Manoti Ososi Gilbert and Stephen Sigei from Kabete Technical Institute walked away with a manufacturing contract worth US$100,000 (KSh 9.8M). The Africa…

01 May 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

In Naivasha, holed up in cottages at different corners of the Great Rift Valley lodge were teams of technocrats who tried the best never to appear in public. Their brief was simple. Do as much research as possible and control reportage of the closed door deliberations by the media.

27 April 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

STATEMENT ON APPOINTMENTS TO STATE-OWNED ENTITIES (PARASTATALS)  When His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Administration assumed office in April 2013, it identified the reform and transformation of the Parastatal Sector as a key ingredient for enhancing the quality and timeliness of Service Delivery and accelerating economic development as a critical link to building technical capacity and…

23 January 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

Kenyans have continued being treated to a circus as three media houses continue to make a mockery of the plan for digital migration. The three who run 4 out of 40 television stations in the country have gone ahead and launched a fight with the industry’s regulator while pushing falsehoods in their quest to maintain…

21 January 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

When former ICC prosecutor Louis Moreno-Ocampo came to Kenya, he made two promises. He said that he would nail the perpetrators of the post-election violence in no time and he would use the ICC to make Kenya an example to the world. This, he said, was because he had water-tight evidence of six individuals who…

21 January 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

On January 1, 2015, the #DigitalMigration train left the station as Nairobi switched from analogue broadcasting despite the resistance by a few. The migration train is now set to hit up country on February 2 as Kenya moves into digital broadcasting well ahead of the June 17, 2015 global deadline. This phase shall cover Mombasa,…

14 January 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

GOtv Plus subscribers will be thrilled to learn about a special AFCON-dedicated channel that will bring Africa’s biggest sporting spectacle, the 2015 Orange Africa Cup of Nations. The channel, which will stay open for the duration of the tournament, will be available to subscribers on the GOtv Plus bouquet (where available). The AFCON channel from…

14 January 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

The switch to digital migration has presented Kenyans with more variety as evidenced by the following lists: Signet and Pang can be accessed by most of the Set Top Boxes that are available in the market. Signet: Signet Family Signet Sayare Signet K24 Signet KBC1 Signet EDU TV Signet EBRU Africa Signet Njata TV Signet…

07 January 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

#DigitalMigration: How to make your connection properly… Filed under: Uncategorized Tagged: #DigitalMigration, digital broadcasting, Digital TV, DigitalKenya, GoTV

05 January 2015 » Oliver Mathenge

On January 1, Kenya made the first step in digital migration that marked the analogue switch off in Nairobi way ahead of the June 17 global deadline. The second phase shall be implemented on February 2, and shall cover Mombasa, … Continue reading →

22 December 2014 » Oliver Mathenge

Kenya has entered the final stretch for digital migration with new deadlines in place for the different regions. Nairobi’s analogue signals go off on December 31 meaning that broadcast in the Capital will now only be on digital platforms. The … Continue reading →

19 December 2014 » Oliver Mathenge

THE SECURITY LAWS (AMENDMENT) ACT, 2014 as signed by President Uhuru Kenyatta http://www.president.go.ke/the-security-laws-amendment-act-2014/Filed under: Uncategorized

18 December 2014 » Oliver Mathenge

With one hour and 40 mins to go, Jubilee will most likely pass this Bill amidst the chaos. Then we can prepare for legal battles.Filed under: Uncategorized

18 December 2014 » Oliver Mathenge

Speaker starts suspending MPs from the house as chaos break again. A female MP poured water on Deputy Speaker Joyce Laboso.Filed under: Uncategorized

18 December 2014 » Oliver Mathenge

This our Parliament, now focusing on sideshows instead of looking at their core business which is making laws. SMH!Filed under: Uncategorized

17 December 2014 » Oliver Mathenge

ODM settles for direct nomination for its Homabay Senatorial seat. Cites limited time to hold another nomination exercise.Filed under: Uncategorized

08 April 2014 » Oliver Mathenge

Former US Congress Member Dick Armey once said; “Three groups spend other people’s money: children, thieves, and politicians. All three need supervision.” This statement has a resounding truth on today’s politics in Kenya as we mark one year of devolved institutions. In the last couple of months, we have been treated to theatrics and deception…

28 November 2013 » Oliver Mathenge


23 October 2013 » Oliver Mathenge

Forty African Countries have formally written to the United Nations Security Council seeking the deferral of the Kenyan cases at the ICC. Through the African Union, the 40 countries have told the UNSC that Uhuru and Ruto must be allowed … Continue reading →

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