My Safari Notebook

My Safari Notebook

02 December 2014 » My Safari Notebook

 Like how fast did this year go, I’m still shocked. The other day I had a conversation with a special somebody and I asked them whether they have realized their goals for this year and before he answered I already knew the response so I stopped him right in the middle. Here’s the thing, he has accomplished a huge chunk of things he wanted to do while I just touched the tip of things I could not help but feel bad…afterwards I was like you know what I might have not achieved a lot but I achieved...

21 November 2014 » My Safari Notebook

(photo cred: parent dish) Its the holiday season and most of us are probably planning a nice holiday with the family, for the first time mums who may have not traveled with the child before may find this a bit challenging, but worry not I managed to come across this checklist to help you enjoy travelling and vacationing with baby for the first time. Packing Checklist DiapersOne for each hour you'll be in transit, plus extras in case of delays Pad to put under your baby during diaper...

17 November 2014 » My Safari Notebook

Howdy people, Lets talk about the weather, how confusing is it.......all in all I am loving it especially the morning and night light showers, very nice, what I don't like though is the mid afternoon hot and humid weather yurk! I think this would be the perfect season to be at Crater lake, during the heated afternoons you could opt to take a boat ride, hit the swimming pool or have lunch by the poolside as you take in the beauty of the scenic surroundings. As for the evenings well I will let...

08 November 2014 » My Safari Notebook

A big big thank you to the Merica group of hotels, for their invitation to try out one of their properties a couple of days ago- Crater Lake Naivasha. I was so excited to visit the property for the first time. The property is set inside a bush at a private sanctuary, 6,300 feet at the bottom of an extinct volcano. The property only has 13 tented rooms facing the crater lake that is often visited by flamingos, the place is laid out in a way to ensure exclusivity and privacy of clients. Upon...

08 November 2014 » My Safari Notebook

This being my first stock taking post, I am quite excited, I really don't know why but I think its because for once in a very long while I have realized the importance of following up on myself as a person, learning, appreciating and celebrating myself.... Well here it goes... Making : An afghan throw for myself, I'm very curious as to how this turns out.. so excited Eating : A lot of junk, I seriously need help Drinking : Lots of apple juice Reading: I recently finished reading The Monk who...

28 October 2014 » My Safari Notebook

Founded in August 22nd 1991, Maasai Ostrich Resort has over the years grown from what was once a ranch guest house with only 50 birds to being the leading ostrich farm in Africa with hundreds of birds in their farm attracting both local and international tourists in large numbers.

My Safari Notebook

» My Safari Notebook