18 April 2018 » Mwarv

Located on the eastern slopes of Mt Kenya in Meru County at 3,470m asl, Lake Ellis possesses a beauty that will captivate anyone daring enough to take the journey there. Here’s some tips I gathered from a camping trip there last February. 1. Pack well. You’ll need to be self-sufficient when camping at Lake Ellis […]

23 March 2018 » Mwarv

Lamu’s pristine beaches, Swahili architecture and cultural festivals have adorned tourism brochures and attracted visitors for hundreds of years. But for the residents of this archipelago, there is more to Lamu than the attractions that have made it a World Heritage Site.  About a year ago, I received a request from The Nature Conservancy to document […]

21 March 2018 » Mwarv

This morning, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority held a media briefing on the status of remote piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) in Kenya. Here are the highlights. For starters, you can download the current regulations . They were promulgated on 6th October 2017. Here are highlights from what KCAA’s Director General Captain Kibe shared.   I […]

13 March 2018 » Mwarv

I’ve always considered motorised transport the best way to explore new places. Get in, gas up, pick a destination, go! The downside is that a car cocoons you from the environment, making you more a tourist and outsider, almost snobbishly telling those you pass on the road ‘Look at me looking at you feeling pity […]

27 February 2018 » Mwarv

I’ve always shied away from fashion assignments, preferring documentary photography because I’m not the greatest person when it comes to directing models. So when Nzilani from Bawa Hope called and asked me to shoot their new line of jewellery, my first thought was to recommend someone else. Then I thought, ‘Why not?’. I got out […]

13 February 2018 » Mwarv

If you live in Nyeri, Nyahururu or Nakuru, there’s a huge chance that this is where your meat comes from. Held every Thursday a couple of hundred metres north of the town centre, Rumuruti’s Livestock Market attracts sellers from as far as Turkana and Samburu, and buyers from as far as Meru and even Somalia. […]

06 February 2018 » Mwarv

Towards the end of 2017, Onetouch received an invite to participate in the 2018 Great Grevy’s Rally. Eager to earn our stripes, we said yes and as January came to a close, we ventured into northern Kenya to participate in the national census of Grevy’s zebra.

25 January 2018 » Mwarv

It’s one of Kenya’s most beautiful counties, blessed with rich cultures, wildlife and landscapes that are a treat for anyone venturing into northern Kenya. Malnutrition, poor agricultural practices and poor infrastructure have invited poverty and left the residents of Marsabit unable to take advantage of economic opportunities as vast as the county. FH Kenya have stepped in to change this. […]

21 December 2017 » Mwarv

I’ve done some crazy things to get a good photo; this was the wildest! The first time I was in Sera Conservancy was April 2017 during a OnetouchLive trip. Sera is the only community conservancy in East Africa with a sanctuary for the endangered black rhino. What makes Sera ideal are it’s vegetation and climate which are […]

11 December 2017 » Mwarv

It was a pleasure being on the frontline of a significant moment in Kenya’s history, thanks to IMG Kenya and the doors that pursuing my passion have opened for me. I was called upon to cover the second inauguration of Kenya’s fourth president on 28th November 2017 at the Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi. A day before the […]

22 November 2017 » Mwarv

Here are some pointers to help you get better images when shooting wildlife in Nairobi National Park. 1. Start early. The big cats are more active in the morning and evening when it isn’t too hot. If you want to spot them, go when they’re most active. 2. Get the right lenses. Know the conditions […]

18 October 2017 » Mwarv

On trips like these, I appreciate the ability pursuing passion and not profit has given me. While many other Nairobians were stuck in rain traffic or caught up in clouds of tear gas from anti-IEBC demonstrations, I was engulfed in fresh air and sandwiched by beautiful landscapes, in the company of great friends and amazing wildlife. Mutua, Josh, […]

23 September 2017 » Mwarv

I’ve been part of a team that has been planning Onetouch road trips since 2012. I’d now like to share some of the knowledge I’ve gathered while on the job. 1. AMKA NGWARE It is important to get an early start, even if your destination isn’t far. This gives you a more relaxed journey and more […]

14 September 2017 » Mwarv

Located on the south eastern slopes of Kilimanjaro and sitting on the border of Kenya and Tanzania, I’ve always considered Lake Chala to be the best doof mpararo location in East Africa. Last August, I got a chance to experience it again with Onetouch during one of our monthly photographic expeditions. We departed Nairobi early, […]

11 August 2017 » Mwarv

Last Thursday, out of the blues that engulfed Nairobi after tensions from the General Election, I got an urge to return to the Nairobi National Park to shoot wildlife. I shared the idea with friends from Onetouch and Friday morning, we met at the NNP Lang’ata Road Gate at 6am. JW, Paul, Mumbi and I jumped into […]

09 August 2017 » Mwarv

19.6 million Kenyans registered to vote at this year’s General Elections. Before most of them got in line, I visited two polling centres in Nairobi to see how the day had started. First was Moi Avenue Primary School where Kenyans had been lining up since the previous night to make sure they were first in […]

24 July 2017 » Mwarv

With less than two weeks to Kenya’s General Election and more people getting their news online, I’ve decided to do a quick review of presidential campaign photography that’s been posted to Facebook. Have a look at the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

12 July 2017 » Mwarv

I’ve never tried to have a one-on-one with Uhuru Kenyatta or William Ruto, but something tells me it wouldn’t be that easy: whom would I call for a number? Or talk to to tell someone who would whisper to them that I’d like to have a word? There must be a long list of protocol to be observed, most […]

26 June 2017 » Mwarv

Lions have never loved my camera. In my countless encounters with them, I’ve only managed to capture two good photos: in 2007 in the Mara, and 2009 in Amboseli. All other times, in Nakuru, Mara and even Nairobi National Park, they’ve either been sleeping, hiding behind bushes or not within the reach of my lenses. On […]

21 June 2017 » Mwarv

I was recently called upon by the King Baudouin Foundation to document the innovations of this year’s King Baudouin African Development Prize winners. The Prize rewards outstanding contributions to development initiated and led by Africans in Africa. It also seeks to draw public attention to the many inspirational stories, including challenges and successes, emerging from Africa. Barefoot Law, Uganda There are […]

13 June 2017 » Mwarv

Our car was parked under a tree in a rhino sanctuary, grounded and unable to move, 50km away. We were running out of cash and the nearest ATM was 100km away. The sun was unbearably hot and shade was scarce.The Safaricom network was very patchy so we couldn’t easily make or receive calls. We were stuck in Sereolipi. This […]

06 June 2017 » Mwarv

The light from the starry skies above faded as the sun pieced the morning clouds, illuminating the beauty of Marsabit’s Abdul Camp. Thick fog engulfed us. And as the smoke from the campfire breakfast danced with the fog, we packed our cameras and set out to explore Marsabit National Park. It was the rainy season and skies […]

18 May 2017 » Mwarv

For many years, The Big North has been a forgotten territory. Lack of infrastructure meant only resilient pastoralists and opportunistic bandits called this home. But around ten years ago, President Kibaki’s government decided to prioritise tarmacking of the A2 from Isiolo to Moyale. Now complete, this stretch of asphalt has opened up The Big North to those […]

16 May 2017 » Mwarv

In the beautiful heart of northern Kenya sits one of the most scenic community conservancies in Kenya. It covers 49,000 hectares teeming with wildlife that attracts visitors from far and wide. Apart from that, Kalama Community Conservancy is where some of Kenya’s most exquisite jewellery is made. I was in Kalama Community Conservancy last week meeting beneficiaries of the Safaricom […]

03 May 2017 » Mwarv

There’s been a lot of controversy about Kenya’s largest infrastructure project since independence, centred mostly around the Kshs327 billion price tag. I’m not here to throw my weight behind any of the arguments, but simply to show you what I saw when I took a ride from Nairobi to Mombasa. It was on the invite […]

06 February 2017 » Mwarv

If I ever doubted how free spirited children are, my doubts are cast away, never to return. All it took was spending a day with pupils of St Martins in Kibagare, seeing them jostle and push in excitement, eager to get their photos taken.It all started in January when I received a request to take photos […]

25 January 2017 » Mwarv

Less than 20 kilometres from the heartbeat of Nairobi is a settlement that many living on the opposite side of Nairobi fear to visit. Famous for being the home of Nairobi’s main dumpsite, Dandora is also where enthusiasts believe Kenyan hip hop was born, bred and continues to thrive to this day. Dandora was established with part […]

03 January 2017 » Mwarv

I’ve received a couple of requests on Facebook and Instagram for this image of fireworks exploding over Nairobi to be released as a wallpaper. In the spirit of sharing good cheer, you can also download it for your device below. It is released for personal use only. Email for commercial licensing.

17 November 2016 » Mwarv

Nairobi’s beauty has many people – especially photographers – wanting to click away at every junction. Nowadays, it isn’t unusual to see a photographer or two taking long exposures of the city after dark, or posing newly weds on a median over the weekend. Just like any activity held in a public space in Nairobi, permissions should be […]

18 October 2016 » Mwarv

If you have a free day in your week and are looking for an adventurous getaway, Suswa Conservancy should be top on your list. A quick scenic drive outside Nairobi, Suswa is guaranteed to take your breath away – literally! My first two experiences of Suswa were in 2012 and 2013 with friends from Onetouch. In […]

17 October 2016 » Mwarv

In January 2015, the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority, who are mandated with regulation and oversight of aviation and safety in Kenya, issued a directive  all use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in Kenya. Rightfully so, because many had been spotted flying in public and private functions without any regulation on when, how and who was allowed […]

07 September 2016 » Mwarv

In 2006, as Kofi Annan ended a decade at the helm of the United Nations, he called on African farmers to wage a ‘uniquely African Green Revolution’. This is the seed that planted Agra. Since then, Agra has been fulfilling the vision that Africa can feed itself and the world, transforming agriculture from a solitary struggle to […]

25 August 2016 » Mwarv

Despite using Kiambu Road on my daily commute almost every day, it had been more than 10 years since I’d followed the yellow Paradise Lost sign that directs to this beautiful park that is located a couple of minutes outside Nairobi. So one Monday afternoon, I asked my camera to join me and see what […]

02 August 2016 » Mwarv

It’s one of the more impressive developments in Nairobi and what a privilege it was to tour it with colleagues from Onetouch on an overcast Monday in May.  Upper piazza. On weekends, you’ll find children and the young at heart riding hover boards and pet horses in the main piazza. After a cloudy day, the sun gathered some […]

01 July 2016 » Mwarv

It’s where I was born and called home for more than 25 years. These are the streets that shaped me, where I played shake, hid and sought and watched apartments grow in what were once open fields. When I was born, my parents were living in Buru Buru Phase 2. From there, they moved to Umoja 1 before […]

29 June 2016 » Mwarv

The 2016 Canon Kenya Photography Awards were held in Nairobi on 19th June. At the event, this image which I shot in Masai Mara won in the Nature Category. Allow me to share the story behind the image. Visiting the Masai Mara during the migration isn’t a guarantee that you’ll witness a river crossing. The animals don’t […]

19 May 2016 » Mwarv

After holding a successful two-week exhibition, we were in need of a quick getaway and relaxation destination as Onetouch. When Hell’s Gate was proposed, there was a resounding yes. So cameras were packed and we hit the road on Sunday 8th May 2016. Hell’s Gate National Park is one of a few places in Kenya that give you a […]

30 April 2016 » Mwarv

It was the loudest demonstration of zero tolerance to illegal trade in wildlife products and the largest burn of ivory ever witnessed. It was also the longest I’ve had to wait for an event to start. Saturday 30th April 2016 will indeed be a historic day. It will forever be remembered as the day 105 tons […]

28 April 2016 » Mwarv

On Saturday 30th April 2016, President Uhuru Kenyatta will be joined by other Presidents and Wildlife Conservationists in sending the loudest smoke signal on wildlife: it is #WorthMoreAlive On Wednesday 27th April, Joe, Sarah, Paul and I received invitations to see part of the 105 tons of ivory and 1 ton of rhino horn that will […]

26 April 2016 » Mwarv

There’s an air of sadness spreading across Kenya today as the news of the passing of former First Lady, Lucy Kibaki this morning in Bupa Cromwell Hospital in London sinks in. One of a handful of times I got to see her up close was at the Constitution Promulgation Ceremony at Uhuru Park Nairobi on 27th […]

16 April 2016 » Mwarv

If you didn’t play in a pool of water without chlorine when growing up, you can consider yourself having had a deprived childhood. It was one of the reasons I got spanked over and over again but I still did it. It was irresistible. Yes our school (Hospital Hill) had a beautiful pool but nothing […]

22 March 2016 » Mwarv

It’s not a place many would like to visit because of the stories of carjackings and muggings that have happened here. These were also my objection statements when I was invited to pay a visit by Arune, one of the friends of the forest. In her defence and that of the forest, she told me there’s […]

09 February 2016 » Mwarv

With family spanning almost every administrative ward since the 1950s, Nakuru is naturally my second home. It’s a place that I’ve visited more times than I can remember, making beautiful memories filled with smiles from family and friends. As it came up on the Onetouch calendar last April, I knew it would be a challenge to […]

03 February 2016 » Mwarv

I never set out to shoot farmers specifically, but many documentary projects I’ve worked on have gravitated towards spending time with people who work hard to make sure we have locally grown food on our tables. Two weeks ago, I found myself riding shotgun in a SoilCares-branded ProBox headed to Meru, on what was my latest project […]

26 January 2016 » Mwarv

Many safaris and game drives are planned every day in Kenya. Mostly to Mara, Nairobi, Nakuru and Amboseli. Very few to Meru National Park. Yet this far-flung wilderness park holds a beauty that shouldn’t be missed by anyone who loves being in the wild. Tucked away from the mountainous green, lush highlands of the slopes of […]

05 January 2016 » Mwarv

Masai Mara will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was the first place my wife Gina and I went to on an expedition together. That was back in 2004 when I was throwing darts at her. I returned there last August, eleven years later, to experience the beauty of Mara once more, […]

04 December 2015 » Mwarv

Rarely does one have the privilege of being in the presence of unashamedly God-worshipping musicians who have mastered their craft, won countless awards and accolades, toured the world, mentored other musicians to greatness, and still express themselves in a down-to-earth way that speaks humility at all levels. Mine was last Thursday as I soaked in Kirk Whalum, Norman […]

28 November 2015 » Mwarv

Before departing for Uganda, Pope Francis addressed Kenya’s youth at Safaricom Stadium Kasarani. The youth came from all over by school bus, matatus and on foot. It’s good that schools are closed so there was no hindrance for many who wanted to see and hear from the Pope who loves the youth. The Pope’s address […]

26 November 2015 » Mwarv

Pope Francis celebrated mass at University of Nairobi grounds earlier today. My camera and I got the clearance necessary to join thousands of faithful from all over the world in this historic celebration of the Holy Eucharist, Pope Francis’ first in Africa.   All newspapers today carried similar headlines, with full-page photos from Pope Francis’ […]

19 November 2015 » Mwarv

A young boy plays at a shallow well in Leheley, Wajir. Access to clean water has really improved in parts of Wajir thanks to these shallow wells. A high water table in the area means one doesn't have to dig deep to find water. It also means that one can't dig a pit latrine anywhere! #Wajir #IG_Africa #IGKenya

18 November 2015 » Mwarv

Happy to share my experience working on Java's Love is Here campaign. Details are at #JavaHouse #Advertising #Kenya #JavaLove

18 November 2015 » Mwarv

I will never forget my first time at Java: it was around 2003 at Adams Arcade. I’d never been to a coffee shop before and I wanted to impress a family friend who was visiting from the US. When I got there, I decided to order an expresso. I didn’t know what it was and the guy […]

17 November 2015 » Mwarv

A pupil at Halane Primary School, Wajir. Very few of my friends have ended up in careers that they dreamt of being in while they were in primary school. If they did, I'd have more doctors, lawyers and pilots in my phone book. To all my friends making careers out of passions that were frowned upon a while back - you know yourselves - I'd like to appreciate you for going against the grain and charting new paths that those behind you will learn from. #Wajir #African_Portraits #IG_Africa #...

16 November 2015 » Mwarv

About two weeks ago, I got to visit Wajir for the first time ever. My perceptions of the town were broken from the moment I arrived. I was welcomed by the first tarmac the town has had in 50 years. 25kms of asphalt are being laid on streets within town. I was hosted and interacted with some of the most welcoming Kenyans I've met in my travels. People who are willing to go out of their way to help you. I had it all wrong about the Somali community. It just goes to show the danger of the single...

06 November 2015 » Mwarv

I met Mr Abdi, 86, yesterday in Wagalla - a few kilometres outside Wajir - when shooting for a client. He really wanted to have his photo taken. Though he wasn't part of the project I was documenting, I was happy to oblige. To many Kenyans, having your photo taken is a luxury and privilege. Soon and very soon, I will change that. #Wajir #Wagalla #Kenya #PortraitsKE #IGKenya #IG_Africa #EverydayAfrica #Africa_Portraits #African_Portraits

31 October 2015 » Mwarv

Wouldn't mind sipping on one of this as I await my turn at Subaru Parts Open Day. #JavaHouseKE #IcedTea #Nairobi #SubaruPartsOpenDay

29 October 2015 » Mwarv

Puddle gramming earlier today on the streets of Nairobi. #XperiaZ1 #Nairobi #CityofNairobi #Kenya #Puddlegram #KaribuNairobi

28 October 2015 » Mwarv

About two weeks ago, I was called upon to shoot images for Java House's new brand communication. Couldn't wait to share this one of Josie at Garden City, shot using available light. I'll be sharing more on the blog early next week. #JavaHouse #OctoberPortraitsKE

23 October 2015 » Mwarv

Earlier this year, a fellow photographer from Onetouch alerted me that he’d seen my image on Land Rover Africa’s Facebook Page. The following is a breakdown of what happened between that day in April and my out of court settlement with Land Rover in September.It all started in February last year, when together with other #OnetouchLive […]

22 October 2015 » Mwarv

I picked up my first SLR – a Canon Rebel 300v– in 2003 and have shot Canon ever since. I was originally shopping for a Nikon F65 but only Canons were in stock and just like that, my relationship with Canon started. It is a friendship that has remained strong for twelve years now… Until last month […]

20 October 2015 » Mwarv

Getting to Ngare Ndare Forest is pretty easy. Drive past Nanyuki and get to Timau. Immediately after the town, take the first left where there are many signs and drive on the murram road for about 11kms. You will then see the gate to the Forest. As expected, we arrived in Subarus. Contact the Ngare Ndare Forest Trust to make camping and tour reservations. +254 722 886 456, +254 700 412 532 #NgareNdare #OnetouchLive #OnetouchLive_Nanyuki #TembeaKenya #...

18 October 2015 » Mwarv

Our grand entrance into camp last Sunday evening in Ngare Ndare Forest. Subaru Foresters have been our choice vehicles during #OnetouchLive expeditions. We had two this time. Their reliability and I'll-get-you-there-and-bring-you-back-in-one-piece-with-a-smile-across-your-face attitude is un-matched by any other vehicle. None. #OnetouchLive #OnetouchLive_Nanyuki #NgareNdare #MagicalKenya #SubaruKenya #SubaruKE #ThisIsMyKenya #KenyaNiAlpha

14 October 2015 » Mwarv

One of the main attractions in Ngare Ndare Forest is the 450 metre canopy walk. Here you get to walk with your head in the leaves, as elephants and other wildlife enjoy the green grass beneath you. It is a pleasant walk, even for those with acrophobia like myself. #OnetouchLive #OnetouchLive_Nanyuki #NgareNdare #TembeaKenya #KenyaNiAlpha #MagicalKenya #IG_Africa #Laikipia #A7S #SonyA7S

13 October 2015 » Mwarv

We have hundreds of waterfalls in Kenya. Some of the most famous are Karuru in Aberdares for its 3-tier spectacular drop, and Thompson's in Nyahururu for it's accessibility. This one in Ngare Ndare Forest has a very short drop and you have to trek for a while to get to it. It however takes the crown for the most beautiful I've ever seen. Snow that falls on the peaks of Mt Kenya melts and sips through the rocks, travelling underground for several kilometres to emerge here, where Ngare Ndare...

11 October 2015 » Mwarv

We're back on the road again as @onetouchlive heading to Ngare Ndare Forest, a major wildlife corridor between Lewa and Mt Kenya National Park. I'll be shooting exclusively with the Sony A7s as I contemplate whether I should switch from #TeamCanon or not. The review will be on the blog later this week. #KenyaNiAlpha #A7s #onetouchlive #OnetouchLive_Nanyuki #TembeaKenya #MagicalKenya #Silhouette

05 October 2015 » Mwarv

Oh how I miss flying... Not because it's fun (this is serious business) but for the unique perspective one has over everyday life. The KCAA better speed up the UAV legislation process so that we can dust our crafts and let them soar once again. #DroneKE #DJI #DJICreators #GoshenAcquisitions #SkyPixel

30 September 2015 » Mwarv

Right where those hills are is Serengeti (Tanzania), and these grass-filled plains are in Masai Mara (Kenya). Animals cross freely between Kenya and Tanzania and vice versa. But as a tourist, you can't. When in Mara, you'll have to drive to Narok, Nairobi, Namanga, Arusha and then make your way to those hills. Talk about being forced to tour so you can tour. #MasaiMara #TembeaKenya #MagicalKenya #Onetouch_Mara #OnetouchLive

29 September 2015 » Mwarv

A couple of weeks ago, I got to cover the launch of the latest Mac Cosmetics store in Nairobi's Garden City Mall. What I loved most about the event was the beautiful lighting they had in the store, which made photography a beautiful experience. Capturing moments like the one above and not posed photos gives me such a joy, so the 70-200mm f/2.8L came in very handy, making me smile with every click. You can see more photos on the blog, link in bio. #Nairobi #MacCosmetics #EventPhotography

29 September 2015 » Mwarv

Leafy towers. #KaribuNairobi #Nairobi #XperiaZ1 #Kenya #NairobiHilton #Hilton #CityOfNairobi

28 September 2015 » Mwarv

Where silhouettes meet sundowners. #IG_Africa #MasaiMara #Migration2015 #OnetouchLive #Onetouch_Mara #TembeaKenya #MagicalKenya