Love at Last Sight

Love at Last Sight

03 March 2017 » Love at Last Sight

Bangui, You have maybe peopled your recipe Too much, with Amen and Inshallah tongues all atabled in five courses with dripping bayonets. Pause. Let us count the bloody tines of your fork bayonet: N’Dele and Bamingui Kabo and Kaga-Bandoro Damara and Sibut Dekoa and Sam Ouandya Ouadda and Bria Bambari and Alinao… Oh, oh Bangui’s […]

28 October 2016 » Love at Last Sight

Wait. Wait until, He opens his mouth. Wait until he opens his mouth! Wait until he opens his mouth! Wait until he opens his mouth! Wait. Wait until, He opens his mouth. © Oluoch-Madiang’, 2016.

05 August 2016 » Love at Last Sight

There must have been a time when cats were real men and game-hunted All mice with fork, cleavers and thunder beyond Every domestic nook and hole, chasing Them to the groveling penury of old church, Or so the spider thinks as she sips DOOM-odorless flavored Yoghurt from the bellies of his dead mosquito meal. Yes? […]

03 October 2015 » Love at Last Sight

The Governor has hurried from inside his two whores in 48 spinning wheels of Bridgestone to give his 5,000 shillings condolences and wipe away tears from the bereaved. Children of the funeral dive and scamper from the rolling Bridgestones and the Governor laughs at how grey their bare buttocks tremble. “Pilot”, the Governor laughs at […]

22 July 2015 » Love at Last Sight

There is immeasurable happiness about me, and victory tunes. I have my thumbs up and a happy funeral in my heart. The friend of my enemy is dead, Died together with the enemy of my friend. They were making love, these two, and just stopped. © Oluoch-Madiang, 2015.Filed under: Poetry

09 February 2015 » Love at Last Sight

Then, After Uncle K.’s fingers have finished with poking his manners Up your asshole and he has gifted you a lollipop for blowing His circumcised bigness, And as your mother wails to Jesus at the arms of your daddy Who is dazed at this unAfrican thing, Gosh, You will shy away into Luthuli Avenue’s public […]

20 December 2014 » Love at Last Sight

PIGS ACROSS UHURU HIGHWAY, HAIL! Pigs, reason has left you for A good reason: you are piggoted! You are the starring Pigs across Uhuru Highway asking why The pig crossed the road: well, it was Bottom-less alright, panting to hog Kenya. There across Uhuru Highway, moneypigs think bila suruali, yes, Nitbrains pondering deep motions, mmmmmh, […]

07 December 2014 » Love at Last Sight

If after charging you 50 Shillings I let out with every taut pumping of The pedal a boom or hiss or Infinite rumble of inadvertent gas please Understand, Rose Níwadhura, that I was only playing my Part fuelling the nation’s GDP growth to Positive percentage points. OLUOCH MADIANG’, 2014Filed under: Poetry

11 November 2014 » Love at Last Sight

You are thick. You are thick. You are fat. You live You are conned You gape You are a bitch. You hate You have Kshs. 350/- You’re 10MB You love You are drunk. You support Mujaavadi You’re fake You’ve fart You scream You dance You sleepwalk You read stars. You’re dead You smell You sing […]


28 October 2014 » Love at Last Sight

you enter his lair and take in one sweeping look his bed and sheesha and melting coke and foolish magic snake and Kenya’s budget. then you bend over that gazette notice of trillions and clench your fists and spread your legs the way BlueBand margarine abandons itself on well toasted bread, and grit your teeth […]

19 September 2014 » Love at Last Sight

I kissed you in the dark. Or, let us record our affidavit truthfully: We messed our kiss that night. For my lips chanced upon your upturned nostrils & My tongue picked at caked mucus amidst our startled breathing, One awkwardness leading to the other, and, We Propagated illicit seeds in your off-guarded turf. Weeds! Dead […]

30 June 2014 » Love at Last Sight

I warn you God. Soon, These hundred-tongued noises of praise & Spittles of anointing will Trigger heavenquakes of magnitudes that hell Has never shook. & God as you tumble earthwards popeyed, don’t Imagine those hands & arms raised two million miles below you are feather pillows. Don’t Sigh in relief of hallelujah sponginess. I don’t know […]

12 April 2014 » Love at Last Sight

This man This man Aii, this man for whom I slave. When I tell him the telephone says my sister-in-law is dead Far away past Nairobi, This man He just says ‘Oh!’ & just like that with his next tongue, he asks me Where I’ve reached with his kazi & pays me only the pennies […]

10 March 2014 » Love at Last Sight

One time this time I will tell about Kariuki Gakuo and we – Of the four eyes that askance’d yesterday’s ugali, The hands that hesitated, trembled at first then Gingerly felt for landmines. Of the grumbling stomachs that cared less And a hunger that was ushered into Soyinka’s gray vault By swaggering feet in arguing […]

22 February 2014 » Love at Last Sight

Have you also loved Kenya 50 times Only for your comrades to take her in 50 turns Hurl abuse upon her at 50 tonnes So painfully that Kenya refused to love you back 50 times? © Oluoch-Madiang’, 2014 Filed under: Poetry

22 January 2014 » Love at Last Sight

In a well-timed, well-choreographed move, my friend and colleague writer Ken Binyavanga Wainaina, via various web media, announced that he is, has always been, a homosexual. For good measure, he confessed that he is a failed heterosexual. Good for him! Well choreographed and well timed I say. Immediately thereafter, follow-on reactions, discombobulation, messages of support […]

07 December 2013 » Love at Last Sight

It has been a long time, a minute. Sitting here smoking beside this freshly dead Koech and regarding His bloated torso nicely drowned In the Administration’s milk, I Can’t help wondering why We are lately coming across many half-finished lives Bearing fingers clenched into useless fists. Were Koech me, I would be ashamed of this […]

04 December 2013 » Love at Last Sight

My grandmother tiptoes on secrets of the soil, Her slit eyes scanning the ages. She dips her finger into the soil here where many years live And into the soil there where eons are homed. Then grandma tastes her soiled finger in tilted stillness Against the winds, hearing secrets Of the soils Now with surgical […]

04 September 2013 » Love at Last Sight

Of course you know you are pretending, trying to wrongfoot The guessers, but its smack Stuck on your face. We like each Like drinking beer in Westland’s sin street and waist Gyrating on Kenya Power’s poles full of Jinja electricity…we like Like parading tingling thighs outside Speke’s. We thrill each like driving on the wrong […]

Love at Last Sight

» Love at Last Sight