Kimani wa Wanjiru

Kimani wa Wanjiru

29 July 2015 » Kimani wa Wanjiru

“Next! Your name please,” St Peters said as he logged in the names of the evening arrivals at the Pearly Gates on Sunday 12, 2015. “McDonald, McGregory, Ojwang’, Hatari, Ondiek, Mang’ang’a, Sibuor, Brrrrrrr! Hm Eh Otoyo, Esquire,” came the response that did not only capture St Peters’ attention but also brought a smile on his […]

10 July 2015 » Kimani wa Wanjiru

My thoughts of the old Man–teach-and-mentor/-/539444/2782070/-/7i4c77z/-/index.htmlFiled under: Uncategorized

03 December 2014 » Kimani wa Wanjiru He will be performing at the Safaricom Jazz in Nairobi. A sample of what to expect.Filed under: Uncategorized

03 December 2014 » Kimani wa Wanjiru Jimmy Dludlu was 13 years old when he first picked up a cousin’s home made guitar and started teaching himself to play by imitating the jazz and African music he heard on the radio. His first performances were at township weddings and functions with his cousin. His career took off in earnest in the mid-1980’s, […]

28 October 2014 » Kimani wa Wanjiru

Ngoma episode 6 is a special show featuring Oliver Mtukudzi. He is without doubt one, of the biggest star from Zimbabwe, who has many tracks in his stable. A social commentator, Mtukudzi has used his music to talk about pertinent issues that include gender based violence, HIV and AIDS, among others. In episode 6, get ready […]

21 October 2014 » Kimani wa Wanjiru

Ngoma, a musical journey across Africa continues. In this week’s edition, we set off in South Africa where we listen to Shaluza Max’s hot number Mangase, groovy. We then make a stopover in Nairobi, Kenya with a fine combination of two songbirds– Suzanne Owiyo (Kenya) and Mbilia Bel (DR Congo). The duo performs Lo, which […]

13 October 2014 » Kimani wa Wanjiru

In the fourth episode, we explore some love ballads from the continent. We begin the journey with Ringo’s Sondela, a lovely ballad that was a hit in Kenya and across Africa. This is followed by Kanda Bongoman’s groovy number My Lovely Elizabeth. This is one of the songs that made Kanda Bongoman very popular. His rendition […]

03 October 2014 » Kimani wa Wanjiru

The third episode starts in Zimbabwe with Oliver Mtukudzi’s Kunze Kwadoka. Followed by Homeless by Ladysmith Black Mambazo, South Africa. Nkhujipeleka by Wambali from Malawi, Ngwana wa Mme by Moses Khumalo, South Africa and ends in Senegal with Baaba Maal’s Miyaabele.  Filed under: Uncategorized

29 September 2014 » Kimani wa Wanjiru

When you watch television in Kenya or elsewhere in the African continent, you will without doubt notice that many music shows are tailored to the burgeoning youth/teen population. The media managers and content buyers have somehow created an impression that in music programming, it is just the youth that matter. However, there is another audience […]

19 September 2014 » Kimani wa Wanjiru

One of the benefits of this noble profession is the occasional opportunity to travel and see the world and for me, these opportunities have come my way severally. Going around Africa and meeting different people and indulging in their culture has always left an indelible mark in my life. Culture encompasses many things–the food, the […]

Kimani wa Wanjiru

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