Kenyan Simon Says

Kenyan Simon Says

24 June 2015 » Kenyan Simon Says

Hallo All , Its been such a long time but hope you all doing good .Its been way too long  since a fresh post but anyways am back and together with my team , we will be posting once in a while  and see if we can can keep the blog alive . A recap […]

31 July 2014 » Kenyan Simon Says

This are  some of the important  details needed if you are thinking of registering a business or a company in kenya  as of July 2014. #HOWTO Register a Company/Business Name For registration of Limited Companies, Business Names and Limited Liability Partnerships MUST be accompanied by the following documents. A. In the case of registration of Limited […]

19 June 2014 » Kenyan Simon Says

They say there is no perfect time to do something.If you have something in you just go for it with what you have.After being on a break  for a while after feeling unmotivated I felt  like I wanna do a random post  for purposes of consistency. Starting a blog is not as easy.Getting the readership […]

08 April 2014 » Kenyan Simon Says

I am a little bit late in this since the voting is  just a few days away ( less than 3 weeks)    but anyway  , I know it will help a few and not limited to this blog  as well as  disseminate information  to all those who have  no clue . I am that

11 March 2014 » Kenyan Simon Says

The Uwezo fund was recently  disbursed and  you can now apply it  at your local constituency  offices . I quote from their twitter page “Starting Tuesday 25th February, CDF offices country wide will have special boxes for you to submit your #UWEZOFUND application. “ I decided to check some info on their site and I

07 March 2014 » Kenyan Simon Says

Hi ,I am Simon and am  a blogger.I like blogging on all manner of  topics. I took to facebook the other day  in a busy business facebook group.Its a forum where people share all manner of ideas ,advertise  their services  and look for clients as well as business partners .Part of my work is to

03 March 2014 » Kenyan Simon Says

Lupita Nyong’o  did  it for us Again.She is now trending across East Africa for the being the First Actress  to bag an Oscars.It’s everyone’s dream  for those in the film industry to win an Oscars.It’s the ultimate ultimate career  height.Lupita became the First Kenyan  or should I say East African to win an oscar and winning

25 February 2014 » Kenyan Simon Says

Just when you thought you the coolest guy in town with a Galaxy S4 ,Samsung comes knocking at your door again now with a Galaxy S5. Samsung has now  had a reputation   of coming up with cool gadgets  and doing frequent releases  of their tech devices.The tech giant officially unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S5  in

Kenyan Simon Says

» Kenyan Simon Says