16 March 2018 » Kachwanya

Barclays Bank of Kenya this morning launched a mobile loan platform meant to serve hustlers on Safaricom network. The launch that was done by Barclays Bank MD Mr. Jeremy Awori and graced by Craft Silicon CEO Kamal Budhabatti, and Director of Safaricom’s Consumer Business Unit Sylvia Mulinge saw the unveiling of both Timiza App and […] The post Safaricom hustlers get Timiza App for unsecured loans appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

13 March 2018 » Kachwanya

Space was strictly manned and surveilled professionally, until the existence of drones and other unmanned air crafts. Today, what we are facing is a drone conflict, just a part of a bigger robotics revolution slowly taking shape in this century. Drones have mostly been reported to cause human, wildlife and aircraft accidents. A drone owner […] The post Tech conflict: Drones continue to be life and environment threatening appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

12 March 2018 » Kachwanya

Samsung has launched its 2018 line up of QLED TVs with a standout feature “ambient mode” which mimics the colors and patterns of the walls around it. The intent is to match the users’ interior décor for mounted TVs to avoid it being an eyesore on the wall. Consumers will use SmartThings app to set […] The post Samsung TV to blend with your walls’ interior decor appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

08 March 2018 » Kachwanya

Pangea, an international start-up accelerator, has closed its application platform recording a total of 403 applications. Agriculture was the largest sector represented, comprising 27% of the applications. The growing interest in agriculture casts light to the doom-spelling statistics that indicate low youth involvement in the sector. Fintech came in second with 15%, while health, clean tech & […] The post  Agriculture based applications beat Fintech and health Apps in demand appeared first...

07 March 2018 » Kachwanya

You must have watched that ad, where this guy who works with a motorbike selling spare parts explains how his friends wonder how he manages to stay online “forever”.  At the end of the ad he exclaims “Flex Inatosha”. In a document detailing how “Flex Inatosha”, Safaricom provides that Flex bundles allow Safaricom Subscribers to […] The post What they mean by Flex Inatosha appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

06 March 2018 » Kachwanya

Majid Al Futtaim, the exclusive holder of French retailer Carrefour’s franchise in Kenya, last year recorded Sh8.2 billion in sales from its local business riding on accelerated expansion of the supermarket chain. Carrefour, which launched its first store in Nairobi in 2016, now operates four branches in the Kenyan capital – at Two Rivers Mall, […] The post Carrefour to open 5th branch as Revenue hits Ksh.8 Billion appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

06 March 2018 » Kachwanya

Sports betting has been a big hit in Kenya and despite the recent tax issue that shaken the industry, people are still having fun with sports betting. One of the company that recently launched its services in Kenya is Betway. Through their online site, they cover wide range of sports such as T20 cricket, football […] The post Betway Online Sports Betting Entertainment in Kenya appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

05 March 2018 » Kachwanya

Assets owned by Karuturi Limited, one of the largest flower firms in the country, are set to go under the hammer if the owners fail to clear Sh1.8 billion debts owed in three months. This is after the High Court gave CfC Stanbic Bank the green light to auction the assets. The auction marks yet […] The post Karuturi Limited to be Auctioned over Ksh1.8 billion debt appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

04 March 2018 » Kachwanya

Spotify, a streaming music company filed paperwork on Wednesday for a $1 billion(Ksh 100 billion) initial public offering. The company expects to trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker “SPOT.” In an unusual move, Spotify plans to list shares directly on a stock exchange without relying on underwriters to help assess demand […] The post Spotify files for a rather unusual IPO appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

03 March 2018 » Kachwanya

Sitoyo Lopokoiyit will be coming back to Safaricom as Director Financial Services effective 1st of March 2018. For the last two and half years, Sitoyo has been on assignment to Vodacom Tanzania PLC as the M-Commerce Director, where he succeeded in invigorating the Vodacom brand in a new and critical market. During his time at […] The post Sitoyo Lopokoiyit Moves back to Safaricom to head Financial Services appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

28 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Safaricom Flex was introduced in March 2017 to cater for a particular group of humans; those that used to call or text Safaricom that their data bundles should be changed back to airtime or text messages. But everytime they called Safaricom, Safaricom had only one reply, “Sorry Bob, we are unable to change your data […] The post The two types of humans who must use Safaricom Flex Bundles appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

28 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Majid Al Futtaim has announced plans to open its fifth Carrefour hypermarket in Kenya. The new hypermarket will be located at the ground floor of one of Kenya’s most strategic malls, Sarit Centre in Westlands. It will open its doors to customers in April 2018 and will initially operate using the partial selling area model, […] The post Carrefour to open fifth hypermarket at Sarit Centre appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

28 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Swedish caller ID firm Truecaller has set up its first Africa office and headquarters for the region in Kenya. The firm’s regional activities will now be run from Nairobi The software application, popular with helping identify unknown phone numbers, has garnered six million users in the country to date. “Over the years, Kenya has consistently […] The post Truecaller sets up regional Office in Nairobi appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

27 February 2018 » Kachwanya

In Silicon Valley and on Wall Street, it has long been a guessing game about which of the most richly valued technology startups would be next to test the public markets. On Friday last week, there was an answer: Dropbox, an online file storage company privately valued at S$10 billion, filed paperwork to raise up […] The post Cloud storage company Dropbox to raise $500 million(Ksh 50bn) in its Initial Public Offering appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

27 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Kenya’s public debt has for the first time exceeded the Sh4.5 trillion mark, reflecting the Jubilee government’s increasing appetite for loans despite recent warnings over the pace at which the debt is accumulating. The Treasury’s latest Quarterly Economic and Budgetary Review report indicates that total public debt stood at Sh4.57 trillion at the end of […] The post Kenya’s public debt hits 4.57 trillion appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

26 February 2018 » Kachwanya

A pair of small satellites named for an Belgian cartoon character could serve as proof of concept for an ambitious global broadband service envisioned by Elon Musk. After days of delays, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying the two small satellites, newly dubbed Tintin A and B by Musk (but known more formally as Microsat-2a […] The post Elon Musk sets sight on Ambitious fast internet global service appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

26 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Made for an age in which consumers increasingly communicate and express themselves more with images, videos and emojis, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ drive innovation with Samsung’s advanced camera. Redesigned with a new Dual Aperture lens that powers an innovative low light camera, Super Slow-mo video capabilities and personalized AR Emoji, the Galaxy S9 and […] The post Device review: Samsung launches New Galaxy S9 and S9+ appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

25 February 2018 » Kachwanya

The Federal Communications Commission has ordered net neutrality to end on April 23, the agency formally announced Thursday in the Federal Register. The commission voted 3-2 in December to overturn the Obama-era rules preventing internet service providers, or ISPs, from treating certain content differently. The change will allow ISPs to block, slow down, or charge […] The post Challenges for small content-driven Websites as Net Neutrality ends on April 23 appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya...

24 February 2018 » Kachwanya

With traditional currencies, governments print and distribute the currency. However, the lack of a centralized authority controlling the bitcoin network necessitates a smart and fair way to come up with bitcoins while still keeping its authenticity and value. That is where bitcoin mining comes in.   How bitcoin mining works Bitcoin mining is a perfectly […] The post How to mine Bitcoin appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

23 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Taking a walk down memory lane, do you recall that time when Eatman Kodak was the leading tech company in the world? Unfortunately, the world largest film company declared bankruptcy in the early days of January 2012 after a more than a century in business. A household name in the 1990s, this isn’t a story […] The post The story of Kodak and why it failed appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

23 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Giant search company, Google has integrated M-Pesa as a form of payment into the Google play store making it easier for Kenyans to buy apps and tokens on the platform.The MPESA payment option has been available to users since Monday and is a significant step as this marks the acceptance of mobile money as a […] The post Good news as MPESA gets integrated into Google Playstore appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

22 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Filing of 2017 tax returns, which started on January 1 this year and runs up to June 30, enters the third month in a week’s time setting the stage for a possible pile up of fillings.That said, The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has suspended the processing of nil income tax returns for 2017 on its […] The post KRA reconfigures iTax system for the filling of Nil returns appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

22 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Microchip maker Broadcom Ltd cut its bid for Qualcomm Inc on Wednesday by 4 percent to $117 billion( Ksh11 Trillion) as it objected to Qualcomm’s decision to raise its own bid for NXP Semiconductors to $44 billion. Qualcomm responded that Broadcom had made “an inadequate offer even worse,” setting up a showdown on March 6, […] The post Biggest Tech deal: Broadcom’s $117 billion takeover of Qualcomm faces hitches. appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

21 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Kshs 4 is the amount of money you are probably spending every single minute whenever you make calls using your Safaricom line. If you are a business person who must get in touch with clients by the minute, you probably spend over 80 minutes daily on calls, and if you are the one making these […] The post How business men and women can save 50% Safaricom airtime with Safaricom Flex Bundles appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

20 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Two petitioners have taken Safaricom to court over the charges it imposes on Okoa Jahazi airtime services, claiming that they are illegal. Mr. Ashford Koome and Eric Kithinji, claim that Safaricom is not licensed to carry out banking services, hence the interest it charges on the airtime advanced to the subscribers is illegal.However, Safaricom has […] The post Safaricom sued over Okoa Jahazi charges. appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

20 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Cases of double ownership of land are common in Kenya, where cartels collude with officials to create parallel titles for parcels of land they want to acquire illegally, experts said. But that could change if a new crop of African start-ups succeeds in using blockchain, the technology behind bitcoin, to create foolproof digital land registries. […] The post Bitcoin technology to be used in digitizing Land registries. appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

19 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Kenya seems to be taking the path of Egypt and Nigeria in being the 3rd African country to borrow from the international markets this year. The new “Eurobond” will help offset maturing debts which could close in on Ksh700 billion this year. According to a confidential source from one of the four international lenders involved […] The post Kenya to issue it’s second Eurobond appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

12 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Ever since I discovered Google Search in 2004, it never occurred to me that there would be a point in time when I would dump Google Search or any of its search services for any other search engine. Prior to Google, everyone used Yahoo Search. A few however used MSN (now Bing), AOL, and a […] The post Why I have dumped Google Image Search for Bing appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

09 February 2018 » Kachwanya

It must be MPESA that is responsible Kenya’s economic stability since 2007. Let me explain: It can be confidently argued that Kenya experienced her worst economic moments during Moi era. People were poor, opportunities unavailable, and the economy was growing at negative percentages. If Kenyans did not rise up to kick out Moi and his […] The post It must be MPESA that has been responsible Kenya’s economic stability since 2007 appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

08 February 2018 » Kachwanya

Over the years I have argued that as a country we have to prioritize our local companies and especially start-ups. And there are a number of reports out there that shows how important the small and home-grown businesses are to the Kenyan economy Back in 2015, The Business Daily wrote about a report by the […] The post Why it is important to support home grown businesses and start-ups appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

06 February 2018 » Kachwanya

The Nairobi skyline is set to change with the addition of a 44-floor residential tower. Czech Republic-based private equity real estate developer, Lordship Africa, is on Tuesday set to break ground for the tower which is set to host 288 luxury apartments. The 88 Nairobi Condominium, to be located in Upper Hill area, will house […] The post Nairobi’s skyline set to change with new 44-floor tower appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

31 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Facebook has said it will block any advertising promoting crypto-currency products and services. The company said it was open to emerging technologies but many companies were not acting in “good faith” when extolling the virtues buying into virtual currencies. Recently, a wave of new currencies has emerged, seeking to piggyback Bitcoin’s huge increase in value. […] The post Facebook moves to ban all Crypto-curreccy ads appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

31 January 2018 » Kachwanya

People all over the world can’t stop talking about One Source Live A Festival of ‘Creative Revolutionaries’, and they’re already looking forward to it. Finding other festivals that specifically celebrate African performers is often difficult. The fact that this is the case for the One Source LIVE festival should make all the difference in the […] The post One Source Live A Festival of ‘Creative Revolutionaries’ appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

30 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Sugar miller Mumias wants to double the price at which it sells electricity to Kenya Power KPLC, a move that would raise the cost of energy from its cane-based plant to match that of solar producers. The miller, which currently sells power to the electricity distributor at Sh6.1 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), is seeking to raise […] The post Mumias Sugar seeks to double Power prices appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

29 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Without all the required documents, getting your Kenyan passport can be difficult and seem nearly impossible, However, with all the documents ready at hand and knowledge of the correct procedures, you’ll be able to acquire your passport with less hassle and in just a few days. As of 1st September 2017, Kenya offers digitized ePassports […] The post How to apply for the new Digital Kenyan Passport appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

29 January 2018 » Kachwanya

EABL has signaled that it could sell more of its idle assets to fund its capital-intensive investments. The company has in the past six years sold off several idle properties including its glass-making subsidiary Central Glass Industries, a distribution warehouse, the former Castle Breweries plant, its Ruaraka headquarters and tens of acres of land. Over […] The post EABL Expansion drive raises company’s debt to Ksh 30bn appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

29 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Tough times lay ahead of Mumias Sugar company. This is after 3 lenders recalled Ksh 2.6 billion in loans disbursed to the miller. The lenders which include Ecobank Kenya, KCB and Commercial bank of Africa are demanding Ksh 1.7 billion, Sh480.1 million and Sh 364.5 million in loans respectively. The 3 banks have recalled the […] The post Tough times as Lenders demand Sh 2.6 Billion from Mumias Sugar appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

28 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Davos, Switzerland. It’s hard to imagine that in normal circumstances there is usually a public swimming pool in at the Davos World Economic Forum meet up. For now, it is skillfully covered with boards and a soft carpet. More than 70 heads of state and government came to Davos this year with only around 3,000 […] The post World Economic Forum optimistic about Global Economic Growth appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

28 January 2018 » Kachwanya

The EABL is set to create 100,000 direct and indirect employment opportunities and double the demand for sorghum to 40,000 tonnes in the next 3-5 years. This is after the brewer secured a 12.5 billion long-term loan from the Standard bank group. The money is set to go into the recently launched construction of a […] The post EABL secures a Ksh12.5 billion loan for Kisumu Keg plant appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

26 January 2018 » Kachwanya

On the story asking why Wangusi was sent home, I mentioned that Safaricom dominance issue could not be the reason. Since then I have spent a lot of time thinking about the issue of Safaricom dominance in Kenya. For those who have no idea according to Dictionary of Marketing Terms, a dominant company is one […] The post Safaricom Dominance : Why Other Telcos Need To Innovate To Survive appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

25 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Yesterday, SpaceX simultaneously fired up all 27 engines on its new massive Falcon Heavy rocket. This is a crucial final test for the vehicle before its first flight in the coming weeks. An hour after the test, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the test was good, and that the Falcon Heavy will launch in […] The post SpaceX test-fires the most powerful rocket appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

25 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Nakumatt’s court-appointed administrator Peter Obondo Kahi has taken over management of the struggling retailer, which will now be shielded from its creditors in the short term as it tries to recover. Mr. Kahi has organized a suppliers’ meeting on Wednesday next week, aiming to document their claims and seek their support for the business. “As […] The post Atul Shah hands over Nakumatt to Court-appointed administrator appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

24 January 2018 » Kachwanya

The Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) announced last week the launch of the BAKE Awards 2018. The launch coincided with the submission phase of the competition. The annual blogging competition, which is in its 7th year, celebrates the best of Kenyan blogging. The competition began on, January 11th, 2018, where BAKE are accepting submissions in […] The post Kenyan bloggers: Submissions now open for BAKE Awards 2018 appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

24 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Did you file your 2015/2016 taxes? Well, the Kenya Revenue Authority is stepping up its hunt for citizens and businessmen who missed the June 30, 2017, deadline. According to the Authority, individuals who failed to file their tax returns will have to pay a Ksh 20,000 fine. The drive, directed by treasury is aimed at […] The post KRA to slap a Ksh 20,000 penalty on Tax cheats appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

23 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Investor portfolio inflows coupled with exporter inflows offset corporate demand for the dollar powering the Kenyan shilling to an 11-month high on Tuesday. According to data, the shilling touched 102.45 to the dollar in early trading, the highest level since March 2017. It later settled at an average of 102.60/80 in mid-afternoon closing at closed […] The post Kenya Shilling at highest level against the dollar appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

22 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Last week I had a problem with Kenya Power and tried to sort it out  through Twitter. Apparently my account number had been changed but that was never communicated to me. When I did not get the bill, I just decided to pay 2K, to cover for it. That was not enough because a Kenya […] The post How Safaricom has improved on customer care through self-care services appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

22 January 2018 » Kachwanya

All Indications point to a booming retail sector in Kenya. This is after French retailer Carrefour recorded Sh1.54 billion in revenues in the first seven months of operations in Kenya from its maiden store in Karen. The announcement offers an insight into firm’s performance as it continues its growth and expansion in the local market. […] The post Carrefour’s Revenue hits Ksh1.54 Billion in first 7 months appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

22 January 2018 » Kachwanya

The Coca-Cola Company announced today that it is fundamentally reshaping its approach to packaging, with a global goal to help collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of its packaging by 2030. This goal is the centerpiece of the Company’s new packaging vision for a World Without Waste, which the Coca-Cola system intends to back […] The post COCA-COLA Announces Global plan to reduce Plastic Pollution appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

20 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Safaricom’s dominance in the mobile market is set to face the ultimate test as the government seeks to implement recommendations from a 2017 report on the state of dominance in the telecommunications sector. Among the recommendations that seek to reduce Safaricom’s stranglehold on the market is an introduction of a cross-platform mobile money wallet that […] The post Airtel and Telkom eye MPESA Billions in new system appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

16 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Learning languages has always been part of schools’ programs all over the world. When we talk about language we are in fact talking about linguistics which is the science of languages. Every language has the same linguistic fields : syntax, semantics, pragmatics, phonology, morphology, as well as various interdisciplinary areas such as socio-linguistics and psycholinguistics. Languages […] The post Learning Programming Language As the Second Language At School (Pros and Cons) appeared first on...

16 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Informal transactions through Facebook groups are threatening the success of e-commerce giants in Africa according to a recent straw poll on the impact of the Black Friday sale promotion on this fledgling industry. According to our Black Friday Straw Poll, which ran in December 2017 among 2,031 respondents in Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, Jumia still remains the most […] The post The rise of Facebook groups a threat to Jumia’s e-commerce dominance in Africa appeared first on Kachwanya.com...

13 January 2018 » Kachwanya

So, the board of the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) on Friday evening sent director general Francis Wangusi on compulsory leave. The explanation given by the board for the action is malpractice in staffing and promotions at the regulator. Well, straight away you can tell that is not a good enough explanation for sending a DG […] The post Why Did Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) Send Mr.Francis Wangusi home? appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

09 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Email is a perfect platform for advertising and therefore, almost all the companies are using it in their marketing campaigns. However, sometimes an email requires a notice or a warning at the end of the email just to avoid any kind of copyright issues. That’s because many companies can sell similar products and therefore, to […] The post Email Disclaimers: Pros and Cons appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

02 January 2018 » Kachwanya

Happy 2018 to all our readers. Starting the year in a positive note and from the inbox, the news of The Tony Elumelu foundation accepting applications for business ideas that can transform Africa. To apply, complete the online application at www.application.tonyelumelufoundation.org.  The deadline is midnight 1st March 2018. The Programme provides critical tools for business success, […] The post The Tony Elumelu Foundation Accepting Applications for 4th Cycle of Entrepreneurship Programme...

29 December 2017 » Kachwanya

The uses of technology in our daily lives increases by day, from simple tasks to complex management systems, technology has made life easier than we ever expected. Today, many people own devices that are technology viable, devices that have changed the way they do business as well as how they interact on a daily basis. […] The post Technology has simplified lives and enhanced societal participation appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

27 December 2017 » Kachwanya

I have been using Faiba 4G Internet in the past one week and I must say, I so love the service. If you didn’t believe their crazy offers when they launched early this month then I can assure you that they are not kidding. Kshs 50 will for sure give you 1GB of data – […] The post The one big blunder JTL made with Faiba 4G Internet appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

20 December 2017 » Kachwanya

KCSE 2017 results are out and you can get your results or your kid’s results by sending an SMS with the candidate’s index number to 22252. In 2017, there has been one more A student compared to 2016. This is because in 2017 the number of students who scored As are 142 compared to 141 […] The post KCSE 2017 Results are out – Get your results via SMS Code 22252 appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

15 December 2017 » Kachwanya

Just like humans alive today wonder how people used to keep in touch before the dawn of cell phones, there are those who wonder how humans used to cook before microwaves were invented. Then there is a new wonder in town – how someone can call anything not LG Neochef Microwave a microwave. Typically, microwaves […] The post Why you need to dump your microwave for LG Neochef Microwave appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

14 December 2017 » Kachwanya

In today’s world, the person who owns the prime TV is that guy who has installed an OLED TV set in his living room (or bedroom). If you know of such a guy, buy him (or her) a drink, as he is the guy who has bought two prime plots in the heart of Nairobi […] The post LG Super UHD TV sets – For those who can’t afford LG’s OLED television appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

13 December 2017 » Kachwanya

Actuators are mechanisms which control the environment they are present in, by a variety of control methods. These controls can be simple or complex, and can be either hardware or software based as the user chooses. Electric actuators in particular change electrical energy into mechanical torque to change the way things move around it, such […] The post Benefits of using electric linear motion systems and actuators appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

13 December 2017 » Kachwanya

If a $1Million (Ksh103 Million) cheque fell on your lap, what would you innovate to change the world? Well, a Bill-Clinton backed fund is challenging innovators from local universities on pitching sessions that have already begun. Under the theme “Harnessing the power of energy to transform the lives of 10 million people” The Hult Prize […] The post “Nobel Prize for students” foundation gives local university students chance in pitch sessions appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

12 December 2017 » Kachwanya

The insurance fraternity will now have an easier time in improving sales funnel management, measuring turnaround time, capturing new sales performances at various levels, therefore, producing higher sales through the cross and upselling. Salesforce, a customer relationship management system recently rolled out by resolution insurance is set to improve the efficiency of the insurer’s workflow […] The post New system to help track sales performance for insurers in Kenya appeared first on...

11 December 2017 » Kachwanya

Safaricom has rolled out jitambulishe a service that will now allow customers to use their voices for authentication before accessing assisted services such as resetting M-PESA PIN, and PUK requests, significantly cutting down the steps a customer goes through before they are assisted. The new voice biometrics system is also expected to reduce fraud and […] The post Safaricom’s ‘jitambulishe’ to recognize customers through their voices appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

08 December 2017 » Kachwanya

As we near the end of 2017, we will be reflecting on a number of issues that came up in the year of our Lord 2017. And today we start with online space and cyber security.  During connected Kenya summit at the coastal town of Diani back in April, I came to learn about Cyber […] The post Year 2017 in Review: Cyber Security and series of unfortuante online events appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

07 December 2017 » Kachwanya

Jamii Telecom limited is back to ruffle feathers once again in the telco industry with the new low-cost data bundles offer. This comes at a time top telecommunication companies are enjoying massive data revenue profits from consumers who now heavily rely on data for everyday operations, unlike the traditional voice services. Data Bundle packages Data […] The post 1GB = KSh40, Jamii Telecom enters Kenya’s mobile internet market appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

07 December 2017 » Kachwanya

“Nganya safe” or “My Matatu Story” campaign has come in the wake of sexual harassment awareness across the world, a deed that has for the longest time gone unpunished. The motive towards the latest campaign by NTSA will now hold accountable matatu Saccos and staff mentioned in any reported cases by commuters. Stickers clearly stuck […] The post NTSA’s floppy “Nganya safe” campaign will not help end sexual harassment in PSVs appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

06 December 2017 » Kachwanya

Apple is at it again in the courtrooms not so long after settling a long stalemate with Samsung. Qualcomm is determined to see sales of iPhone X banned in the US after claims of striking similarities between webOS and the iPhone X’s gestures, a software that powered early smartphones made by Palm. The Chipmaker now […] The post iPhone aspects illegally riding on Qualcomm’s innovations, chipmaker tells court appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

06 December 2017 » Kachwanya

Huawei has opened a training center for technical skills in a bid to enhance its capacity to facilitate technology-related skills in East Africa. The technology’s firm head office campus located in Lavington Nairobi will see regional trainees trained on new generation computing, telecommunication, and related technologies. According to Head of Learning Services in the region, […] The post Huawei to offer “new technology skills” in new training center appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech...

06 December 2017 » Kachwanya

Kenya is known to be one of the countries where technology has played a great role in changing people’s lives, but largely due to the MPESA phenomenon. Elsewhere, Internet is the tool that make many rise from dust to grace. Of course in Kenya we have our own Julius Yego story and a few others, […] The post Faiba 4G, the kind of Internet offer that will change lives appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

05 December 2017 » Kachwanya

United States International University-Africa (USIU-Africa) has come out strongly to champion the development and harnessing of HPC in Africa. USIU in partnership with Carnegie Africa Diaspora fellowship program (CADFP) and Intel under the umbrella High Performance Computing Consortium-Africa (HPC2-Africa) hosted four days’ conference at USIU and UNEA to discuss HPC, Big Data and Research. As […] The post USIU Africa Partners With Intel to Champion the development and Harnessing of HPC appeared...