Jaymo the Coder

Jaymo the Coder

09 June 2014 » Jaymo the Coder

Below are some of those things the Internet will never let the muggles find out. I have keenly been watching them with the hope that someone will one day solve them, to no avail. Feel free to add your own on the comment section.   1.Cicada 3301 A secret Group that posts Complex puzzles for […]

16 January 2014 » Jaymo the Coder

To Begin with,its a fact that Facebook keeps things from you from individual posts to those from pages. But let me begin with what you already Know. If I post something on my personal Facebook page,it will be  displayed  to my friends on their Time Line. If they in turn like it it will be […]

14 January 2014 » Jaymo the Coder

I don’t blog as Much as I used to…let me begin with that…most days I have to write down something but heck…midway in the day I forget….any who…..I know many of you will think its writers block 2013 was a year of realization for me personally.I lost someone I called my teacher,I got stubbed in […]

09 November 2013 » Jaymo the Coder

Alot has been Blogged about the MPESA api…and when I say Alot am talking about 1000’s of tweets,blogs,texts etc. When The Late Idd Salim (It still hurts me to call him late) was around he delved endlessly into this. Everyone has talked about how Devs would be able to leverage said APIs into their systems […]

08 October 2013 » Jaymo the Coder

I have 30 Minutes before I write code for today…gotta pay those bills….so let me rant for a few minutes. I mentally placed myself on a job, somewhere, trying to imagine what I would add to this formal organizations, in terms of technical contribution in a technical capacity. 1. A supermarket Chain Wait…bear with me […]

26 September 2013 » Jaymo the Coder

Dear Idd Salim, Its pretty hard writing this one…pretty hard,I just got a call from Vodaphone this morning about us guys missing our meeting for the 24th as planned. I had to break it to Clemence that you had passed on,A chill run down my spine as I said that. I think most people have […]

08 August 2013 » Jaymo the Coder

Originally posted on The Agora:This series of photos taken at the Voi railway station is part of a photo essay that seeks to revive the railway and give it back that life and vigour that is slowly drifting away from it. Consequently showing the need and urgency to preserve, maintain and appreciate stations such…

17 July 2013 » Jaymo the Coder

This list is purely based on my personal experience as a coder,these are primarily the code languages that I have been asked to demonstrate,develop in or mentor. 1.Java   Java certainly has its critics, not to mention some well-publicized security issues. I believe they still tech this language in Campo, can’t possibly hurt that Google […]

08 July 2013 » Jaymo the Coder

Wait before I begin this code stuff, I was just  playing Let Nas Down off that Born Sinner album….all I can say this some epic music…best line he says “Long live the idols may they never be your rivals,pac was like Jesus,Nas wrote the bible”  Then thanx to @TayianC I got the rmx to it […]

01 July 2013 » Jaymo the Coder

We have this thing we do with a few close programmer friends of mine….we never recycle the programming language if we can help it. Unless the project scope is identical,we always try to do it in another language. So far this has seen me learn a few cool languages (Python was the best one). So […]

Jaymo the Coder

» Jaymo the Coder