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28 February 2014 » Jackal News

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko is known for his don’t care and ready to die attitude but now it seems he has met his match. His ex lover and Nairobi Women Representative Rachael Shebesh and her new catch Mark Ndungu have now warned the Senator that they can extinguish him. Ndungu who’s a nominated TNA Member of County Assembly in Nairobi is behind the threat after him and Shebesh got agitated that Sonko has met Peter Muciri Mwangi a physically challenged person who was removed from the TNA list of...

04 February 2014 » Jackal News

This piece right here is about reading the signs and knowing when she wants to get into the sack with you. There are many reasons why you are not getting laid and that broke not so good looking fella already has already sired two kids, one with a banker and the other with a brand manager never mind that he s jobless. While there are many reasons such as being cock blocked or being  “sexually challenged”  lacking in the vibes department. Being poor in semantics or sign language is your main...

08 December 2013 » Jackal News

A governor allied to the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy is recuperating at his home in Kisumu after he was drugged and conned money and phones. The governor from south Nyanza is said to have visited Kisumu’s famous sex joint, Club Octopus, where he was treated to a series of strip dances with the lakeside’s ‘fleshy’ community. After a while, the governor is reported to have sampled a bevvy to the exclusive VIP lounge of the club to enjoy the bearded meat, only for him to be ‘rubbed’ dry of...

Jackal News

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