Hair Junkie

Hair Junkie

13 March 2018 » Hair Junkie

Its been 1 week and 2 days since my last relaxer touch up This has been my hairstyle for the past week… Okay, maybe not artfully done but you get the point. Messy but not so messy. I just use … Continue reading →

07 March 2018 » Hair Junkie

Last Thursday was wash day for me. I’d gone for close to 3 weeks without washing my hair but since I always wore it in a bun, my hair stayed moisturized for the most part and so it didn’t bother … Continue reading →

17 February 2018 » Hair Junkie

Am 8 weeks 2 days post relaxer today! And this has been my style of choice this past week. Advertisements

06 February 2018 » Hair Junkie

…blunt, thick ends! That’s one of the reasons I’ve been cutting my hair over and over in the past year. My hair doesn’t grow evenly all round. Does anyone’s? Add to that the inevitable wear and tear and this is … Continue reading →

28 January 2018 » Hair Junkie

I know. I know, January is practically over but the year is still young. Right? Anyway, let’s talk hair, shall we? Lately, I have been loving wearing my hair straight I straightened it, trimmed and cut a little bit off … Continue reading →

17 December 2017 » Hair Junkie

Last Friday I got back home at around 9:30 in the morning from a night shift. At that point I had been up for a good 25 hours straight. That was my first time back to doing night shifts since … Continue reading →

04 December 2017 » Hair Junkie

Something different… Here is a little sneak peek into my day to day life. 4:00am Wake up   Yup! Am an early riser. I always have a glass of water in the morning and then sip on coffee for the … Continue reading →

02 December 2017 » Hair Junkie

Deep conditioner Leave-in conditioner Avocado oil Advertisements Tagged: hairjunkie2011, healthy hair care, Healthy hair Kenya, Kenyan blogger, Kenyan hair blogger, my hair products, Relaxed hair blog Kenya, Relaxed hair care

27 November 2017 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys! Can you believe that the year is almost over?! Christmas is right around the corner! Have you seen the mall decor of late? I feel like these past months have gone by so fast. So, what have I … Continue reading →

19 October 2017 » Hair Junkie

Am 14 weeks 5 days post relaxer today! Advertisements Tagged: bun, bunning, hairjunkie2011, Kenyan hair blog, Relaxed hair bun

15 October 2017 » Hair Junkie

And just like that, Its almost time for my next half marathon race. I didn’t even post a race recap on my last one (which was almost a year ago!). Anyway, I still have a bunch of pictures from that … Continue reading →

12 October 2017 » Hair Junkie

Shampoo Conditioner Deep conditioners Leave-in conditioner Oil I have been using olive oil for about a month or so now because I just can’t seem to find coconut oil anywhere…the cheap one I normally buy. Heat protection serum Glycerin Gels … Continue reading →

30 August 2017 » Hair Junkie

This past weekend was wash day. I shampooed, hennaed and deep conditioned my hair. After that I applied some leave-in conditioner and serum and then I blew my hair dry and finally straightened it. I also gave myself a trim … Continue reading →

18 August 2017 » Hair Junkie

…a very long while. For the past year or so, my blogging game has been spotty at best. I went back to school and really put a lot of focus on that. I studied way smarter than I did when … Continue reading →

20 May 2017 » Hair Junkie

Birthday activity # 1: Go for a 10km run Am super stoked that the Mater heart run is going down today! On my Birthday! God is so good to me. No chance am skipping that.

17 March 2017 » Hair Junkie

Remember the straight hairstyle from my previous post? Well, I wore that for slightly over a week and then switched to a textured hairstyle last Saturday. I have been rocking this style ever since and am in no rush to … Continue reading →

01 March 2017 » Hair Junkie

I gave myself a haircut and now my hair is really short. Its at shoulder length – barely grazing arm pit length. The last time my hair was this short was back in February 2014. I don’t think I can … Continue reading →

15 February 2017 » Hair Junkie

Shampoos Conditioners Deep conditioning treatments Leave-in conditioner Moisturizers Oil Tagged: Hair blog Kenya, Hair blogger Kenya, Hair journey products, hair products relaxed hair, hairjunkie2011, Hairjunkie2011 hair products

10 January 2017 » Hair Junkie

…So lets get to it. 1) What is your hair regimen? This is subject to change but basically; Daily: Moisturize and seal Weekly: Cowash followed by a deep conditioning treatment Monthly: Shampoo wash followed by a deep conditioning treatment 2) … Continue reading →

01 November 2016 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys! I meant to put up a post sooner but I’ve been very occupied for the past week or so. Exactly a week ago my colleague and I got picked to represent our Agency in a 2 day inter-agency … Continue reading →

20 October 2016 » Hair Junkie

Hi! Long time, right? Sorry for the absence. I took a longer than expected break even I am shocked by how long its been. My life took a turn (for the better) and I’ve been more focused on that for … Continue reading →

29 July 2016 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys! I hope you’re all doing well. Its been ages since I last put up a post so am going to do a quick run down on what I’ve been up to. I relaxed my hair! I did a … Continue reading →

08 June 2016 » Hair Junkie

Hi Guys, as you can tell from the title, today’s post is on the supplements am currently taking. Since am on both a hair journey and a fitness journey, I think its important to point out any dietary supplements I … Continue reading →

03 June 2016 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys, time for a hair update. Its been 5 months since I last had a relaxer touch up and as you can tell from the picture above, I have quite a good amount of new growth. I think its … Continue reading →

26 May 2016 » Hair Junkie

You might already know (from my previous post) that I participated in The Mater heart run on May 21st (last Saturday). This is an annual event that aims to assist children from families that cannot afford the cost of cardiac … Continue reading →

20 May 2016 » Hair Junkie

Am officially on the other side of 30

01 May 2016 » Hair Junkie

Welcome to a new month guys! This is my Birthday month and today happens to be Labour day…so tomorrow is a public holiday! Well, that doesn’t really matter when you’re self-employed, but still; YAY! Its been raining in my neck … Continue reading →

28 April 2016 » Hair Junkie

Five weeks ago i made the decision to start having oatmeal (in some countries, oatmeal is referred to as porridge but here in Kenya, we have our own versions of porridge so am just going to call this oatmeal). Anyway, … Continue reading →

26 April 2016 » Hair Junkie

Shout out to Emily for today’s post idea. Hi girl I hope that my other readers benefit from this too. So…my thoughts on wash day breakage; how to prevent them to be more specific. I have written several individual posts … Continue reading →

23 April 2016 » Hair Junkie

Good morning I decided to get super fancy this morning with my breakfast after seeing photos of similar meals online. I thought to myself, “why not treat myself today?”. I mean, don’t weekends call for yummy treats?

19 April 2016 » Hair Junkie

Hi Guys! Finally, a hair post, right?

15 April 2016 » Hair Junkie

Looking to easily burn 100 more calories? Yes? Me too!

03 April 2016 » Hair Junkie

…basically what i ate today yesterday. *Meant to have this post up last night* Anyway, moving on swiftly… I decided to take pictures of all the food i’d be eating for the day and share them in a post. I always start my day with a cup of green tea. Most times I add freshly squeezed lemon juice to it but I didn’t do that this time round. Tip: It is recommended that you use a straw when drinking lemon water (and this kind of green tea i suppose?) to minimize contact between the lemon juice and...

02 April 2016 » Hair Junkie

Since my last fitness update early last month, I have run a half marathon and a 10K. Am done with races (and running) for now…well, I do have another 10K coming up in the month of May…I’ll ‘talk’ about that later. I started another round of Insanity workouts this past Tuesday and I’m loving it! Am more proud of myself for finally giving it a go (again) than anything else Anyway, i skipped the Thursday workout and now have to make up for it tomorrow (which would have been my rest day) but its...

29 March 2016 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys! I hope you had a great Easter break…i know i did :) In today’s post i will be showing you how i moisturize and seal my relaxed hair, but before i get into that, let me start by explaining what moisturizing and sealing is, and why its necessary, for those of you who don’t know. Black hair is naturally prone to dryness due to its curly structure. Oils from the scalp travel down the hair shaft at a relatively slow rate when compared to straight hair. This does not mean that those with...

22 March 2016 » Hair Junkie

The temperature rise we’re currently experiencing here in Kenya is no joke. And its not even a heat wave according to the experts…don’t want to imagine what that would be like! Anyway, if you’ve been suffering due to the heat its time to bust out your blender and make a quick, cool, refreshing, and delicious healthy snack. Lately I’ve been loving beetroot smoothies (remember this red velvet smoothie from way back?). Yup. The obsession is back :) I made this one using 1 beetroot, a banana, a...

21 March 2016 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys, thought I’d share with you my updated hair regimen as a follow-up to my previous post regarding my plans to grow my hair longer. I cited inconsistency as one of the causes of my setback so here is what i plan to do about it… Daily Moisturize and seal Weekly Overnight oil prepoo Shampoo wash Deep conditioning treatment Optional Midweek cowash Monthly/bimonthly Henna or protein treatment Since my last wash, i have been very diligent with moisturizing and sealing my hair on a daily...

18 March 2016 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys! I guess its about time i addressed my lack of length retention (hair) over the past couple of months (or years if you like :| ). Lets go back to 2013 when i felt that my hair was finally long (at bra-strap length) In the beginning of 2014, i trimmed off a good chunk of my hair and that resulted in what i think was a really nice blunt cut. It looked, and was really healthy if i may say so myself. I went from Bra-strap length to Armpit length. In August of the same year, my hair got a...

15 March 2016 » Hair Junkie

Last Saturday i ‘ran‘ my second 10K just 6 days after ‘running‘ my first half marathon. This was the Heart challenge put on by the Heart-to-Heart Foundation (a Kenyan Medical Charity) which is dedicated to the control, Prevention and Treatment of heart diseases in children. As usual, my day started pretty early. I ‘slept in’ a little though and didn’t get out of bed till 5:30. I was really sleepy. For some reason i average about 5 hours of sleep right before race days :/ I didn’t have much in...

08 March 2016 » Hair Junkie

Duration: 2hrs 50minutes Last Sunday (6th March) i run my longest distance yet. 21Km. My day started at 4:30am after having 5hrs of sleep. I hadn’t set my alarm to go off at that time but i guess i was anxious about the race even though i didn’t feel like it. I went about my morning routine – breakfast, shower, getting ready…i even did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen a little bit. I left the house at 5:50am which was pretty early but since the race assembly time was at 6:30, i didn’t...

04 March 2016 » Hair Junkie

I did something crazy… I signed up for a half marathon! Remember my lone January post where i said that i wanted to do another round of Insanity workouts? Well, i didn’t do that exactly. I worked out here and there (Insanity), did a bit of Cize (dance workout) and a bit of running. Nothing to write home about really. I probably worked out 2-3 times a week which is not so bad…or so i keep telling myself. February rolled in and H.E. Margaret Kenyatta launched the 3rd edition of the First Lady...

02 March 2016 » Hair Junkie

Last weeks’ hair products haul Current stash 1) Suave Professionals Shampoo 2) Suave Professionals conditioner 3) Coconut oil 4) Venus leave-in treatment 5) Eco Styler Gel 6) Venus anti-dandruff treatment 7) Venus Beautiful essence Dual hair treatment For the record, my hair is not coloured. I picked the colour protection shampoo because i couldn’t find the regular shampoo from that brand. It works okay for me so no complaints. Also, i picked the Venus hair treatments instead of my staple...

02 March 2016 » Hair Junkie

Hi! Its been a long time since i put up a post…sorry about that. I hope you all had a lovely February and that this new month started out well for you. So lets talk hair. Yep. Diving right into it :) Since my last post, i hennaed my hair (at 12 weeks post) then did a relaxer touch up a week later – on the 16th of January. That means that am currently 6 weeks 4 days post relaxer. Fast forward…Last night i did a protein (strengthening) deep conditioning treatment using Cream of Nature Intense...

05 January 2016 » Hair Junkie

Its not too late to say that right? :) I had a awesome Christmas break and start to the new year but now I think I’ve had enough of the festivities. Its time to get back to work and today, I did just that. I woke up very early for no apparent reason (at 4 something) couldn’t go back to sleep and so i went through some work stuff before heading out hours later. I must admit, it felt great to be out there once again. Even though not everything panned out, i still felt productive. Anyway, usual...

21 December 2015 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys! Like most of you, i will be traveling this holiday season and therefore, need to be at my best (health-wise). I have been looking forward to Christmas this year and so it would be a shame if i came down with anything. In light of that, i want to share with you a few tips to help you stay healthy this season. 1) Observe personal hygiene One way to avoid picking up a virus while using public transportation is by using anti bacterial wipes to clean anything you might touch such as: tray...

18 December 2015 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys! Hope you’re all keeping well. Its December! I know, almost 3 weeks in already and this is my first post this month. Anyway, i thought i’d share with you this look i did a few weeks ago (more like a month plus ago…oops!) I bought the purple flexi rods back in October and finally put them to use. The orange ones had been lying dormant for a while now since i purchased them back in 2012 i think (or maybe it was 2013…i don’t know). My hair was not freshly washed for this look. I had...

03 November 2015 » Hair Junkie

I did it! I run the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon 10km race on 25th October 2015. 3 weeks ago. ::Long post alert!:: During my last week of training, i went for a 3.2km run (on Oct 20th) and then the next day i went on a 6.93km run. I never quite hit the 7km mark and that was my longest distance at that point. I had planned on going for one last long run the following day to hopefully surpass 7km (playing catch up because i had skipped so many runs) but it rained that morning and there...

19 October 2015 » Hair Junkie

I retouched my hair yesterday at exactly 11 weeks post. I was having a bit of a lazy day and didn’t get around to doing my hair till 4pm. I started off by parting my hair onto 4 sections and applying Venus hair food to my scalp and coated the already relaxed part of my hair with the same product. This kept the relaxer from burning my scalp and over processing my hair (respectively). Venus Hair Food scalp based, hair coated and sectioned Once that was done, I took an applicator brush and...

15 October 2015 » Hair Junkie

Am 10 weeks 4 days post relaxer today! Its been ages since i made a proper hair update. Not much has been going with my hair. I mentioned here that i trimmed it but thats about all the big news i have so far :/ July – below bra strap length (bsl) vs Aug above bsl Check out Yvette’s post…she too cut off a few inches. Last week (Sunday-Monday) i did an overnight oil prepoo treatment, then i shampooed and conditioned my hair. A few days later (last Friday), i washed my hair again using ORS...

03 October 2015 » Hair Junkie

I ushered in this month by signing up for the Standard Chartered Nairobi marathon. Well, not the actual marathon but the 10Km race. Earlier this year, I expressed my desire to participate in this particular race so signing up kind of makes it official. Its happening. I started training last month and had second thoughts about being able to take part in this upcoming race many times. You can imagine my thought process when i had trouble running 3.2Km (2 miles),…the prospect of being able to run...

28 September 2015 » Hair Junkie

This past Saturday i run my first 5K. I didn’t take part in an official race or anything like that. I just went out for a morning run and covered 5+Km. My day started at 5am when my alarm went off. I hit the snooze button till 5:15 which is when i actually got out of bed. I got dressed, put my hair up in a bun, grabbed my phone and keys, had a mouthful of water and was out the door at 5:27. I didn’t have green tea like i normally would because i’ve noticed that having anything before my run...

24 September 2015 » Hair Junkie

As mentioned here, i finished doing the Insanity max:30 workout program. Its 8 weeks long but i finished it after 9 weeks because i skipped a week (I think it was week 6) and since my intent was to do each workout, i picked up from where i’d left off and pushed through till the end. I say pushed through because it wasn’t easy. I actually wanted to quit several times (in week 7). I just wanted out. Ironically when week 8 rolled in, i felt sad that the program was coming to an end. Anyway, am...

22 September 2015 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys! In todays’ post, which is in conjunction with, i’d like to share with you some of my favourite post-workout snacks. First up is a Green ‘protein’ smoothie. This is my go-to post workout meal. I love green smoothies not only because they are delicious, but also because the spinach and banana combo pack a nutritious punch. And they are quite filling! A green smoothie is definitely meal in itself! I make mine with water, and since the smoothie is mainly for muscle recovery...

17 September 2015 » Hair Junkie

I relaxed my hair on August 2nd at 11 weeks 5 days post (didn’t quite make it to 12 weeks). This was a corrective relaxer meaning that i wanted to go over the under processed hair with relaxer (again) to straighten it a little more because i didn’t like the texture that had resulted from my previous relaxing texlaxing session. I used the ORS relaxer kit (Normal) which i had bought 2 weeks prior to relaxer day. relaxer kit The night before relaxer day i based my scalp (to prevent relaxer burns...

09 September 2015 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys! I hope you’re all keeping well. I believe this is the longest i have gone without posting anything! I fell off the radar for a while but now am back (again) :) I have quite a number of posts to put up so please bear with me as i get everything together. In the meantime, here are a few updates on my hair and fitness journey. I’ll go into more detail in upcoming posts. HAIR I relaxed my hair on August 2nd, at 11 weeks 4/5 days post so am 5 weeks 3 days post today. If you recall, i...

27 July 2015 » Hair Junkie

Click the pic to enlarge Yesterday I did a deep conditioning treatment using Venus solutions soothing scalp treatment. Since i had used shampoo in my last wash not too long ago (Thursday), i opted to skip that and go straight into treating my hair. Frequent shampoo use is discouraged because it strips hair of its natural oils which help condition it and keep it healthy. What i did was part my hair into four sections, use a spray bottle to lightly spritz some water onto it section by section,...

26 July 2015 » Hair Junkie

Hi :) Thought i’d make a quick update… Hair Am currently 10 weeks 5 days post relaxer. I meant to do a relaxer touch up last Monday but with me having to wash my hair a few days later to use and review the Venus products in my previous post, i thought it wise to postpone my relaxer day. I did my hair this morning (post on that will be up tomorrow) and hopefully, i won’t have to wash it in the course of the week so that i can finally relax it on Monday. Looks like this won’t be my shortest...

24 July 2015 » Hair Junkie

Twist out ft. Venus Twistout Hi guys, since the weekend is (almost) here, its time for me to glam up my do :) For this, i decided to do a twist out using products that i recently received from Venus. 1) Dual hair treatment 2) Hair Food (with Moroccan Argan oil & Olive oil) 3) Relaxer – Super and Regular (with Moroccan Argan oil) These products are from the new Venus Beautiful Essence hair care range which is formulated with natural ingredients (olive oil, carrot & egg, manuka honey...

20 July 2015 » Hair Junkie

I picked up this relaxer kit last Friday and i can’t wait to use it tonight! I already did a strengthening treatment (henna) a week ago so am good to go. I made it all of 10 weeks…well, am 1 day shy of being 10 weeks post today. Tagged: hair blogger, Hair journey Kenya, hairjunkie2011, Kenyan blogger, Kenyan hair blog, ORS, ORS Kenya, relaxed hair, relaxed hair Kenya, relaxer day, Self relax

12 July 2015 » Hair Junkie

These are my results for week 3. Am definitely doing better than i did in weeks 1 and 2 so thats great! I have to mention though that i sometimes follow the modifier because, lets be honest, some of those moves are hard to do. At least for me they are. I start out doing the difficult moves and when i can’t take it anymore, i modify. This enables me to push for longer, till its time for me to take a short break and gather myself :) So i have the exercise bit down and locked. I have been working...

12 July 2015 » Hair Junkie

Am 8 weeks 5 days post today! Two months ago i decided to transition from relaxed hair to texlaxed hair. Here is the texture that resulted from texlaxing… right side vs left side As you can see, the left side is more textured than the right side because i let the relaxer sit there for a shorter period of time. And this is a comparison of my relaxed hair vs my texlaxed hair. Both pics were taken on relaxer and texlaxing day. As you can see, there is a difference in the way the chemical...

06 July 2015 » Hair Junkie

CRUSHED IT! and yes, am on the floor I started week 3 of Insanity Max:30 this morning and boy do i feel great! Getting done with your Monday morning workout before the sun comes up…perfect start to your week. Anyway, today’s workout was Cardio challenge which is basically a fit test and my max out time was 8:51. My week 1 & 2 max out times for the cardio challenge were 6:17 and 6:30 respectively. Am getting better :) Can’t wait to hit the 10 minute mark. That aside, here are last weeks’...

29 June 2015 » Hair Junkie

Earlier today The Kenyan winter is fast approaching and am all set for it with…more tea :) Remember my tea collection post? Yea, am a bit of a tea lover. I wanted to try out some new teas and so i picked up these two packs a while back… I haven’t drunk them much but since the temperatures are now beginning to drop, am going to make good use of them. I love that they are spicy teas, which i think is perfect for this season. I, of course have been drinking green tea on the regular. I also...

28 June 2015 » Hair Junkie

That fit life! Can’t escape it. So am back at it again. I don’t know if i bore you with this back and forth thing i keep doing with my fitness journey. Its definitely not like my hair journey which comes so easily to me. Working out is something else altogether. I go for weeks without exercising and then i come back to it and wonder why i ever stopped. So thats what happened a few weeks ago. I went without working out for a few weeks (i remember doing one workout during that time but i feel...

22 June 2015 » Hair Junkie

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Hi guys! If you are on a hair journey or have at least looked into healthy hair care, then there’s no doubt that you’ve come across the Jamaican Black Castor oil (also known as JBCO). This product is hailed as a holy grail by many of its users due to its numerous benefits, most notably; thickening hair and helping with regrowth (e.g. trying to grow back your edges and eyebrows!). If you are not familiar with this oil, here is a little info to help you out… Name Tropic...

03 June 2015 » Hair Junkie

Thank you Nyake :) By now, you all know how much i love this conditioner. I’ve been using it since 2011…before i even started my hair journey! Every now and then it goes out of stock and when i mentioned here that i couldn’t find it in stores, Nyake over at hashtagmakini directed me to where i could get it (tuskys opp City market). Thanks girl! It was the last bottle on the shelf so i snatched it up quickly :D Tagged: enliven conditioner, hairjunkie2011, Kenyan blog, Kenyan blogger, Kenyan...

02 June 2015 » Hair Junkie

Hi guys! Hope you’re keeping well. First things first, am 30 years old now! Yup! 30! In the months leading up to my birthday a line that kept coming up in my conversations was, “am practically 30!“. I was excited about turning 30. Anyway, a few days to my 30th, I fell ill. Nothing serious, just a continuous cough that often left me feeling exhausted and like I was about to cough up a lung! I also had the sniffles (quite annoying I might add). To top it off, I developed a sore throat :( On the...

15 May 2015 » Hair Junkie

I finally did my hair on Tuesday (12th) at exactly 16 weeks weeks post relaxer. This stretch was not difficult and i possibly i could have gone longer but seeing as i self-relax at home, i didn’t want to run into problems trying to relax lots of new growth. As usual i used the ORS relaxer kit pictured in my last haul post. I actually texlaxed my hair this time. I mentioned here that i would not smooth the relaxer after the application step because i kept getting relaxer burns – from i guess...

11 May 2015 » Hair Junkie

I did a henna treatment 2 weeks ago… Since i did not want to do that again anytime soon, i decided to use mayonnaise to strengthen my hair for relaxer day. I prepped my hair in 2 steps. The first was the cleansing step because i wanted to apply the mayo treatment on clean and dry hair. I did that in the morning, put my hair in a ponytail and headed out. Wash products After wash products When i got back home, i proceeded to the second step. My hair was mostly dry at this point. All i did was...

08 May 2015 » Hair Junkie

Guys, this might very well be my new favourite product! Click on pic to enlarge So, i mentioned in my previous post that i bought this conditioner from my cousin. She actually bought it because she loved the scent and didn’t notice that its geared towards colour-treated hair. Anyway, i used it yesterday for the first time and fell in love with it! For the past 9 days i’d been wearing my hair straight and it got noticeably dry due to negligence on my part. I needed to wash it (yesterday) with a...