Freelancer Kenya

Freelancer Kenya

25 January 2018 » Freelancer Kenya

How was 2017 for you? I bet it had its fair share of good and bad things, right? The same happened in the online jobs/business world as well. Below are a few highlights. Hit #1: Cryptocurrencies shocked the world Love it or hate it, cryptos were such a big hit in 2017. Just take a […]

17 January 2018 » Freelancer Kenya

Hello, my name is Johnson Gitonga Nderi, and I am a part-time freelance writer. I am a food safety expert with almost two decades in food business management and consulting, especially in food safety systems. I still have a career in food. Through happenstance and missed chances, I have not been as successful in my […]

08 October 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

Beggars. They occupy the lowest pedestals of life. The unworthy members of the society that many would love to forget about. Their plights go unheeded, pleas unheard, and prayers unanswered – most of the time. You would be easily convinced that they have nothing to offer of themselves. Yet, beggars have so much to offer. […]

08 October 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

There has been an increase in the number of online entrepreneurs lately. Walter talked about it in this post the other day. There are many trades; so many ways you can make money online and people have realized it. It is not just writers, but people are honing different skills to make themselves earn a buck […]

29 September 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

Meet Nelly Mutua, a top transcriber. She’s been transcribing from back in 2009, growing from strength to strength. She knows all about transcription like the back of her hand. Before transcription, things were not easy for her as a single-mom. But transcription gave Nelly her big break! This noble profession has enabled her to give […]

22 September 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

Two years ago, I was working with businesses that paid me $0.8 per article in Arabic. At that time, my earnings were smaller than my bank account fees. I felt scorned, broke, and hopeless. I wasn’t going anywhere earning peanuts working my face off all my holiday and after-school time. Thankfully, I bumped into a few English freelance writing […]

07 September 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

My name’s Richard, and I’m happy to tell you that I’m a full-time freelance writer. August 2017 was my first full month of working for myself. Here’s a screenshot of my earnings for the month: But I’ll let you in on a little secret … it may have been my first month as a full-time […]

04 September 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

It started with a short simple email. “If you want unlimited cash, simply reply ‘ready’. Then another one:  “So far we have 100 lucky members. This select group is paid $2500 each day working for just 30 minutes online. We have a few more openings available before this offer is permanently pulled down. You’re reading […]

16 August 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

I’ve been freelance writing for over a year now. In that time I’ve built a freelance writing business that brings in $2000 plus per month. Only last month I earned $2793 from freelance writing. Don’t believe me? See the screenshots below: The second screen shot on the right shows the value of work for a […]

28 July 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

Meet Martha Ngaruye, an unstoppable new freelance writer from Uganda. She just joined my training last month and she’s now already earning $400+ weekly from a long-term client. Note that she’s not even through with the training yet. What’s more? She only sent 8 proposals and landed 3 jobs from them. How did she do […]

18 July 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

How’s your freelancing career doing? Do you sometimes sit down and review your progress? Do you see any weak spots that need to be fixed? Online freelancing is great. The freedom that comes with it is unfathomable. Opportunities are limitless. If you do it well, you’ll also be laughing all the way to the bank. […]

09 June 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

Many people think that when I started working online I had money. I didn’t! Here’s what happened back in 2011: I started as a broke freelance writer struggling to get by. My first jobs were cheap (very cheap) articles in Freelancer. You may not believe it but I used to earn a paltry $1 per 500 […]

10 March 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

I recently did a poll on my mailing list where I asked some questions in order to improve my online training and blogging strategy. I got amazing responses. Some were expected but others were shocking. People really go through intense challenges out here. Others are willing to do whatever it takes and pay premium so […]

28 February 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

Things are really changing for the better online these days, and the number of Kenyan online entrepreneurs is steadily growing. Some people are still too busy looking at closed doors than checking out the legitimate, awesome opportunities that keep unveiling themselves right in front of our eyes. See, life is made in such a way […]

12 February 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

I first came across Hubstaff when I was doing some work for Skyrocket. They were using Hubstaff to track my time since the work was paid hourly. I found it kind of a big deal. Recently, the brilliant guys at Hubstaff also came up with the first free online work platform – Hubstaff Talent. This […]

05 January 2017 » Freelancer Kenya

To start with, let me quickly clear the air; I’m NOT considering myself a great blogger. However, I’ve been able to build a successful blog, a blog that makes me enough passive income to keep me and my wife from doing jobs we hate doing. The good news is that it took me less than […]

01 December 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

On 24th November, 2016, the government launched a new site, Ajira Digital. This site aims to increase the awareness of online jobs to Kenyan youth. Below are the current objectives on the site: Immediately after creation, it has caused quite a tsunami online, eliciting very sharp reactions from many in different online circles. Most of […]

16 November 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

As a freelance writer, you know you have your foot in the mouth when you are stuck with low paying projects and you’re wondering how to get clients to pay more. The situation can get very nasty, especially if your client is the difficult type, the one that makes life unbearable. Such a client can […]

16 November 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

Without a doubt freelance academic writing is the industry full of competition, and lately it has greatly influenced the quality of academic papers as well as writers’ income. Kenyans – among all other nationalities – also fight for their place in the sun and now constitute a great number of all freelance academic writers out […]

04 November 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

When I first heard about Chura, I laughed. Chura means frog in Swahili, right? So why would a startup call itself a frog? However, when I noticed that they were featured in Business Daily, Nation and Demo Africa, huge publications, I was totally flabbergasted. In fact, the Demo-Africa article stated that they were sponsored by […]

13 September 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

WordPress is by far the world’s most famous content management system in the world. It is easy to install and use. Most of your favorite sites, including this one, use WordPress. As we continue with the internet marketing challenge, which hopes to get most Africans earning online via their own sites, this is one of those […]

12 September 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

Phew! It’s been a long time coming. It feels like we’ve struck gold. Finally, it is possible to withdraw from PayPal to Equity in just 3 days. Just a few years ago, it was extremely difficult to withdraw money from PayPal in Kenya. Many options came in while others quickly faded away. You may not believe it but there […]

17 August 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

I recently started an online freelancing challenge. The aim was to start from scratch and become a successful freelancer. I got some amazing results. Instead of doing it alone, I decided to do it with many others in one of the best Facebook groups in Kenya – Awesome Transcribers in Kenya (or just ATK) that […]

16 June 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

Yes, the future of work is online. In fact, the future of almost everything seems to have the internet fixed somewhere in it. As we live through the era of Uber, Netflix and other digital disruptions, great innovations continue coming up. One such innovation is, a wonderful site where you can hire a freelancer to […]

23 May 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

Once you register your domain name, the next thing you want to do is to host your blog or website. Web hosting simply means providing storage space for your website so that users can access it. As we proceed with the internet marketing challenge, I would strongly advise that you get your hosting set up […]

23 May 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

If you follow the world’s economic trends related to our dear continent, Africa, you will observe one significant thing; Africans are getting back to the farm (or we’re being forced back to the farm). This is good news if you consider the fact that the African continent is importing billions of dollars of food every […]

17 May 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

If you want to set up a web site, one of the first things you’ll need to do is to register a domain name. This is simply the name of your website, such as or It is the number one thing that people will be referring to when talking about your site and will […]

11 May 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

This is an introduction to internet marketing in Africa. It is a challenge for each and everyone in this continent to start thinking of putting their business online. Whether you are a farmer, a taxi driver, a clothes designer or an online freelancer, consider creating a targeted website for your audience and cashing in on […]

06 April 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

If you outsource online work to the wrong person, there is that stinging headache that comes when you look at the work delivered. Some send in late. Others always have excuses. Simply put, there are many who don’t give the job the kind of care, professionalism and seriousness it deserves. On the flip side, there […]

22 March 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

Online transcription jobs are interesting and relatively easy to understand for most online workers. However, there are a few challenges that are faced by transcribers. Among these is the fact that it may be difficult to get jobs in bidding sites. Other non-bidding sites have so many unreasonable requirements that some people just give up. […]

17 March 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

There are numerous platforms out there where you can find people in need of freelance writers to help with their blog posts and web content. However, these are clients looking for writers and in most cases, the clients dictate the terms of pay and the rates. If you want to earn more than $10 per hour, you […]

24 February 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

A day like yesterday afternoon I was in town with James Ouma (a trainee) talking about online business till I got that chilling phone call. On the other end of the call, Janet Ciru Akolo said, “Honey, come quickly. I have to go to hospital now, it’s an emergency.” A day before Janet was singing […]

16 February 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

Working online is awesome, especially when you’re working on legitimate freelancing websites that pay you for your hard work. It can be demoralizing to work on a site only to realize that it’s a scam website. I asked guys in one of the best Facebook groups to help me compile a list of legitimate sites [...]

12 February 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

5 star reviews are very important in online work. A good rating is one of the main determinants to how much you’ll earn. For example, in, you may be paid even $24 per 500 words as an Elite Plus writer or $2.24 per 500 words as a Standard writer. Same number of words, different prices. The [...]

05 February 2016 » Freelancer Kenya

It is painful to keep bidding with no work. It hurts when online job boards run dry. It demoralizing when you log in to your favorite online freelancing website but there are no jobs on the queue. Or the few jobs that you can see give you instant headache since you clearly are unable to do [...]

09 December 2015 » Freelancer Kenya

  Just like many others, I was once very broke, doing low paying jobs and unable to make ends meet. Success in online freelancing was nothing but a distant dream. Whatever I was earning monthly could barely help us survive for two weeks. I was in a financial rat race. Always in debt, struggling to [...]

02 December 2015 » Freelancer Kenya

Crowdsource (now rebranding to OneSpace) suspended Kenya a few months ago due to buying and selling of accounts. Reports stated that Kenyans could still sign up but when it came to adding their PayPal accounts, the Kenyan PayPal accounts will not go through and their CrowdSource accounts would be deactivated or suspended. Others just woke up early September [...]

25 November 2015 » Freelancer Kenya

One of the most common questions I’ve been getting of  late on my email is, “Walter, I am in a desperate situation, I need to make money now now! How can I make easy, quick money online”. I always feel for such people, and I try to offer the best advise I can give them. [...]

18 November 2015 » Freelancer Kenya

Do you use PayPal in Kenya? If you’re a freelancer, I bet you do. It’s mostly not a matter of choice. You have to use it since there are many sites that only have PayPal as their withdrawal method, for example iWriter and Rev among others. Don’t get me wrong I love PayPal and have [...]

11 November 2015 » Freelancer Kenya

From the corner of my eye, I could tell my brother wanted to burst out laughing. Having told him I was about to send some cash over from my online PayPal account to my phone, he couldn’t wait. But immediately I switched on my PC, and logged in to my Freelancer account, the $27 balance [...]

06 November 2015 » Freelancer Kenya

Freelance academic writing is one of the most popular ways of making money online. Wonder why? Because it’s a gold mine that gives lots of opportunities. There are many reasons that will make you consider this type of job and among the most important we can name are: flexibility (you are the boss of your [...]

16 July 2015 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in Advice On Online JobsI am here looking at this certificate and smiling. I recently completed the CIMP course at Computer Pride. CIMP simply stands for Certified Internet Marketing Practitioner. As I write this there are only 3 certified practitioners in Kenya.  Join this course soon and you may be among the first few! Yeah, you will then be [...]

22 June 2015 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in Money OnlineBelow is a summary of the Sports betting companies in the Kenya which are authorized and regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya under the Betting, Lotteries and Gaming act, Cap 131, Laws of Kenya. 1. SPORTPESA Twitter : @sportpesa Facebook : Sportpesa Mobile : +254755079079 +254709079079 Sportpesa is famous among [...]

31 January 2015 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in Money OnlineOnce upon a time I thought that I just could write great, useful posts, reply to people’s emails and give free trainings and in return people would give me tips and donations and I would make a lot of money online. Only 5 people since then have given me a tip or free gift for my [...]

04 September 2014 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in Money OnlineJust the other day, I was having some tea talk with one of my students. He told me he wasn’t in a position to start training on any kind of online money making job, since he didn’t own a computer. This was a repeat of my life. When I had my first step on making [...]

02 September 2014 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in Money Online  Affiliate marketing is nothing more than the process of promoting a company’s product(s) or services for commissions. It has been around and people have been making money with it for a long time and I believe it will stay with us forever. There are affiliate marketers out there who make millions of dollars a [...]

30 June 2014 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in Money OnlineThe internet has opened the world of job opportunities. There are many ways of generating sustainable income online. There are many ways one can make money writing, including article writing, transcription, blogging and academic writing. This article focuses on academic writing. Basically, this involves the writing of research papers, essays, assignments, dissertations, thesis and many more. The [...]

23 June 2014 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in NewsWhen you don’t have time to take note of what’s happening around the freelancing world, don’t worry, FreelancerKenya has got you covered. Last week was a heavy one in the freelancing industry, especially considering the sad move that PayPal and iWriter made. I was happy to be featured on another blog. Read about it and grab [...]

17 June 2014 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in Advice On Online JobsWhen you were getting started with your online business, you most likely were so excited! You were told that you will have no boss, work at your own hours, make a lot of money and buy that car that you have always dreamed of. Immediately you started making money online, you realize that it is [...]

09 June 2014 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in Advice On Online JobsAt the time of writing this post, I have blogged for 2 years. I have seen people come and go. Some friends have come with a storm, gotten good cash, got a tragedy (e.g. sickness, death of a loved one e.t.c.) and left the business. Others keep growing and growing; starting from below poverty level [...]

25 March 2014 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in Withdrawal MethodsYou can now withdraw money from Skrill to M-Pesa in a split second, literally. You no longer even have to use my financial services for that…neither should you pay anyone else to do it for you. I may lose some profit due to this but why do we do business? It’s not for personal financial [...]

09 March 2014 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in Money Online“Walter, when is your NEXT seminar?” I have heard this question uncountable times from innocent fans who don’t know that I had never had a PREVIOUS seminar. Each time I would say something like, “I work from home and like doing things online as opposed to offline” or “All my trainings are online” etc. See, [...]

10 February 2014 » Freelancer Kenya

Posted in Money OnlineJust like you, I love Facebook and I am almost always online checking out what’s the latest out there. However, did you know that you can make money on Facebook? I am not talking about things I’ve read online. I’ve actually done a real case study on this and come up with my personal data, [...]

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