27 September 2013 » Emwanzy

If not at war then we are technically headed there. I don’t know if its a coincidence but ever since our Kenya defense forces (KDF) started its operation in Somalia, some of us have seen more of grenade, blasts after blasts, gunfire after gunfire than we have ever experienced ever since we were born. Anyway […]

24 June 2013 » Emwanzy

At the verge of embracing digital technology in the Jubilee Government, comes in laptops for every class one pupil come January 2014.From my estimation this is slightly children of between the age of six years and a eight years,that’s a tender age characterized    with  a high level of growth and development. That is an ambitious but yet […]

01 December 2012 » Emwanzy

We have been expectant of expectations and I don’t see us giving birth any time soon. It has been now 49 years and little or no expectation has been turned into reality by the little efforts we (Kenyans) have chipped in so far. We can’t move forward with the kind of psychology and mentality majority […]

24 August 2012 » Emwanzy

PART 1-A lot of questions have been raised about what transpired between blogger Robert Alai and government spokesman Dr Alfred Mutua. Well this is exactly what happened. (here is an editorial from Alai himself – Techmtaa) Apart from being a tech blogger in Kenya, I also comment on issues of social justice and governance. I […]

11 July 2012 » Emwanzy

When the reality of not graduating downs on many a fun-loving campus girl, desperation sets in and they are willing to do anything for the grades, including having sex with lecturers, writes GARDY CHACHA Being educated no doubt gives you a competitive edge for survival. Completing higher education is like creaming an arduously prepared cake […]


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