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That Dude Kuria

12 September 2013 » That Dude Kuria

It’s been a long time between drinks since my last album review, but if there was a record to lull me out of my slumber, Noel Nderitu’s fantastic ‘My Kind of Music’ debut must be it. Smooth. Sultry. Delightful. He calls it an EP. I disagree. Your regular Extended Play release would typically have about […]

15 August 2013 » That Dude Kuria

JAYA – The Fight Of My Life (As lifted off Mavuno Life – July 2013; Pics by Mutua Matheka) The shrill scream of a woman in labor pierces through the air, gently waking her out of her stupor. Her bloodshot eyes slowly open, greeted by a bright white light. The feeling in her face, arms […]

04 July 2013 » That Dude Kuria

AARON RIMBUI – The Inside Man (As lifted off Mavuno Life – July 2013) It’s a smoke-filled dimly lit room. Alcoholic beverages are stacked up on every table, even as the dance floor begins to fill up. Not quite the setting one would expect for a church boy and former worship leader. But this is […]

01 May 2013 » That Dude Kuria

NBA player Jason Collins recently came out of the closet, becoming the first active openly gay athlete in any major U.S. team sport to do so. I must admit, that was a gutsy move. An A+ for courage. There is a reason why Jason Collins is the first! Gays and team sports have gone together […]

11 April 2013 » That Dude Kuria

A recent hoax spread through the Internet like wildfire. “Joel Osteen departs Christian faith“. Shock! Awe! Horror! The scam reminded me of Winston Churchill‘s famous comment “A lie travels halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on”. It was a cruel hoax. But it made me think – […]

02 March 2013 » That Dude Kuria

They say nothing stinks like success! And boy, hasn’t the Gospel industry experienced its fair share of successes. It wasn’t that long ago when you’d be more likely to experience a UFO sighting than hear a Gospel song on high rotation on mainstream media. Toss in crop circles and a streaking comet for decent cover […]

11 August 2012 » That Dude Kuria

OK, so my blog has been a little of ghost town recently. Let’s remedy that. A YouTube video brought me out of my digital hibernation. It literally brought tears to my eyes. It’s a video about a man I didn’t know personally. OK, so maybe we had shaken hands and exchanged pleasantaries once or twice, […]

21 January 2012 » That Dude Kuria

Is Gospel music ministry, or is it industry? That’s a conversation I try my best to steer clear of. My feeling is that serves only to distract Christians from the work they have been called to. Yet in the recent past I have been involved in numerous conversations that have made me realize that not […]

14 November 2011 » That Dude Kuria

You’ll be forgiven for not knowing Hong Kong hip-hopper Jin. He gained noteriety for not only being the first Chinese rapper signed to a major U.S record label, but also for his “Learn Chinese” collabo with Wyclef Jean. Now I thought this (former) Ruff Ryders lyricist was a decent rapper, but I really sat up […]

05 October 2011 » That Dude Kuria

A lot has been said and written about the 9th edition of the Annual Kisima Awards that went down at the KICC grounds on the 30th September 2011. And with good reason. After the horror showing that was Kisima 2009 (see HERE), kudos to the Kisima team for reviving what is a much needed event […]

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