Doing Life By His Side

Doing Life By His Side

24 August 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

The last post on this blog was on 6th July 2015. And even before that, I was erratic in my blogging. Nothing irks me more than following a blogger who is not consistent. Especially when they initially used to blog so often. I have become irksome I know and I feel that perhaps it is time, after ten years of blogging to let blogging go. I don’t feel any which way about this decision because the blog will still be here if I decide to come back to it but for now, I think it is safe to say I cannot...

06 July 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

The beauty of being older and awake and more introspective and also having taken the time to LEARN myself is that I know what it means to be a friend. And to have a friend. I am big on friendship Because let me tell you something: If a friendship is not reciprocated, it is not friendship If a friendship is not honest, it is not friendship A friendship is not about competition, who has the best car, the best house, the best life etc If you are not coming through for your friend… you suck. If...

30 June 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

You have got to give it to men though. The confidence within which they commment about women’s looks is outstanding…. while they themselves are really not much to look at! I hear you, bro. — Bree Six Mafia (@MrzBer) June 29, 2015 Have you noticed it? Take time to see how looks and conversations are dealt with. Let me give you an example: Have you ever rejected a man’s advances and the first thing he tells you is “You aren’t that pretty even” or something of the...

12 June 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Links Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Being a strong woman isn’t remarkable, it’s normal. Here When Online Friendships Are More Honest Than Offline Ones. Here What makes a woman? Here Caitlyn Jenner Isn’t Fodder for Your Academic Feminist Squabble. Here What Makes a Woman Is Less Important Than What Makes a Feminist. Here Of course I expected think pieces about Caitlyn Jenner. And I have not been disappointed. It is so interesting to read different view points about one thing. It truly is. And as...

11 June 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

What the hell is wrong with us and Kenyan media? Seriously… What the hell!! First: Malia Obama is 17 years old. A ridiculous fellow is HIGHLIGHTED for pining over her since 2008. When she was 10 years old. TEN YEARS OLD! This dude gets featured in the newspaper, goes on TV… people are talking about it. I MEAN WHAT THE HELL! Then this morning, some rotten ass old geezer states that he too is interested. And the media even goes to his HOMESTEAD! What is wrong with us? Why are we not raising hell...

10 June 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

My baking skills are really PRIME right now. I make really amazing brownies and cupcakes. And I refuse to do the common and mundane. I make gluten free cupcakes, spiced cupcakes…… and currently looking into low sugar baked goods. Because…. why not?  Filed under: Living it

09 June 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

There is a certain amount of truth in the statement “Ignorance is bliss” but then again, what people think passes for ignorance is truly a refusal to see the truth. A refusal to see things are THEY ARE as opposed to how YOU WANT THEM TO BE. I really am not going anywhere with this other than the fact that I want to say that Christianity was FORCED on us by the West (Read: Missionaries). Just because this did not happen during your lifetime does not change the fact that this is true. I don’t...

28 May 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I had an issue with my laptop and the IT help desk guy totally messed it up further by accidentally deleting my documents. So it has been one of those weeks. But I have had time to calm down and I kind of recovered some of my documents so I am currently OK. And you guys? How are you? Are you tired of living in this country sometimes? This is a serious question.Filed under: Random

22 May 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

  Links (Todays posts are super long but worth it!) Swearing Off the Modern Man. Here This is Water. Here On Compromise. here “Women For Gender Roles In Ghana” Protest Rice Cookers To Maintain Marriages. Here Do you get tired of the rat race? Of waking up, going to work, coming home…. the routine of it all? Do you get tired of that routine? If you do, what do you do about it? Do you also think that love is the answer? If love is not the answer, what do you think is the answer? I have been...

20 May 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I dyed my hair maroon and it finally shikad!! I have been trying, without luck, to colour my hair. But finally… I did a demi permanent hair colour and I love it! I have been watching make up tutorials on YouTube. I am really getting into it and I can’t wait to learn what works for me and then have a glamour shoot. One of the perks of having a photographer husband is having random photo shoots. I shopped at Vitu Zote and the experience was pretty damn awesome. I will blog about this soon. I am...

12 May 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I would have waited until Friday to post this on Random Fridays but I think it needs a post by itself.   The Love Of My Life by CHERYL STRAYED Take your time savouring it.Filed under: Random

05 May 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

In March, my friend asked me whether we wanted to go for lunch at Brown’s Cheese factory. We had been planning to go for so long so of course we were game! On enquiring from the management, the next available date was May 2nd! Can you believe it? Anyway, on Saturday at 12 noon, we reached Limuru for what I hoped was going to be an awesome plan. We were not disappointed. It was amazing. On arriving, we got welcome drinks which were alcoholic and non alcoholic. We were also given the starters...

03 May 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Ciiku:Please read this from my friend. Originally posted on Njenva's Ramblings: Welcome to the Yard Sale that will be held this Saturday (9th May 2015) from 9am – 3pm at KEFET Centre in Karura Forest. Home appliances, clothes, shoes, books, etc will be on sale. All proceeds from the sale will go towards Mrs. Nyaga’s cancer treatment. Some snacks will also be available for sale. Please circulate this invite to all your networks, this will be highly appreciated. Any support towards this...

30 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

There was a time when I judged people based on which authors they read. I call them the dark days when I was knee deep in ignorance and fake deepness. Those were terrible times. There is nothing cool about being a book snob. SO ANYWAY…. I tweeted earlier in the year that I am looking to read more works written by women and even more written by Africans. It has been a journey folks. And I realised something….. Have you ever read a book and as you do, you are nodding your head because you can...

29 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I have been thinking lately of the quote many speak of “To sin by silence when we should protest, makes cowards out of men” I kept rehashing it over and over. I do not know why. But I kept saying to myself: To sin by silence when we should protest makes cowards out of men. (I was going to post about respectability politics but instead, I will post the whole poem from which this quote is)   To sin by silence, when we should protest, Makes cowards out of men. The human race Has climbed on...

28 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Don’t you hate it when you are discussing one thing and someone jumps in saying something else that has entirely nothing to do with the point on which you were talking about? This is what I feel about the conversation on Domestic Violence against men. The other day, a study was released on domestic violence on men. There was no conversation about it. None. Nada. BUT WAIT UNTIL WE START DISCUSSING ABOUT WOMEN BEING ABUSED BY THEIR PARTNERS. Some man, will jump in with WHAT ABOUT THE MEN? MEN ARE...

23 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Today is our anniversary.   Four years.   Not to be cliche but time flies!   To many more my love!  Filed under: loving it

20 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I keep saying and people think I am joking: I don’t hold kids. Kwanza new born kids. My feelings towards infants and by extent children are …….. weird. Now: I think the phrase “maternal instinct” has been misconstrued. Being able to have children as a cis woman does not mean having maternal instinct. Having a vagina =/= maternal instinct. Maternal instinct according to wikipedia is the “an inborn tendency to want to protect and nurture one’s offspring.” This , in my opinion and based on that...

17 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Links Fighting the disease. Here Out of the ashes of apathy, Kenya must rise. Here Yaani, is GoK serious? Their response to Garissa and everything else has been abysmal. Using silence as a tool? And also the prayer day? Just utter bullshit. But this is what happens when you have a president who is reluctant to lead. The whole platform was the ICC case, no? Matiba has sued Moi for torture! About time too! Filed under: Random

16 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

So I stumbled upoin this section on The Guardian online newspaper where people write Letters. The section is called: A letter to and the tagline is The letter you always wanted to write. So I got to thinking: If you could write a letter to anyone about anything – who would you write to and what would you write? Here are two I liked: 1. A letter to … my mother, who doesn’t know about the divorce yet. Here 2. A letter to … my parents, who wouldn’t come to my wedding. HereFiled under: Random

11 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

This is by no means a review of Maurice Kirya’s music or even this video. I follow Mr. Kirya on instagram mostly because of his facial features and so when he announced that he has a new video out, I checked it out. And I like it. And it made me think: Why do many Kenyan musicians keep insisting on singing in English? How many times have we listened and loved songs that are not in English? I think one of the things I love most about Elani is them singing in Swahili. There is something so………...

08 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I really thought about a title for this post but nothing seemed fitting. A while back, I read the book “men explain things to me” which is a book by Rebecca Solnit and the main essay went viral and can be read here. It basically birthed mansplaining whose meaning according to Wikipedia is where a speaker’s reduced respect for the stance of a listener, or a person being discussed, appears to have little reason behind it other than the speaker’s assumption that the listener or subject, being...

07 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

One hundred and forty seven lives lost. Our government has failed us. It really pissed me off that this could have been prevented the government are treating this as another PR moment that THEY still don’t seem to see! But being pissed off and not using this anger for something will not help this country further. We are angry and this anger needs to mean something. And not in the usual manner where Kenyans forget. We cannot forget. We cannot.Filed under: Living it

02 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I have been saying that I wanted to go to Mombasa. And we finally did. Last week. It was a short stay of 2 nights but it was better than nothing and I so needed it! I am hoping the hubby gets around to posting the pictures he took last week but in the meantime, some of mine:   We got a really good deal from Whitesands and also because it was off season!Filed under: Random

01 April 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Fight Club and Poisonwood Bible, though highly acclaimed books, I found to be TERRIBLE. I think it is ridiculous how take out food is so expensive in Kenya! When it comes to Kenyan music, we should move away from hyping that someone has released music to discussing whether the music is good or not. In the same tangent, we need to get away from the “at least” mentality (at least he released a song). We need to have criticism on products and services in this country. I am pretty done with people...

31 March 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I know there is some sort of taboo when it comes to talking about death. I get it. But you know, it will happen. GUARANTEED. We will all die. It is hard sometimes to be comfortable with this truth, but it is going to happen. And I wonder, have you spoken about death or what you would want when you die? Like your wishes? I know it may seem weird but I think it is important to.Filed under: Living it

31 March 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Dear Mr. President, I know it is not easy being a leader. I know this. I don’t even think we are asking for too much because true to Kenyan form, we have lower standards. But for sure, I know that part of being a leader is letting go of the need to be liked. Especially by those who are supposed to be working for the nation. As long as you keep making veiled threats but not following up with substantive action, we are not going to go anywhere. It has been two years, Mr. President. The ICC cloud...

30 March 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Last night before going to bed, I had a thought: “This can’t be life. When you have Monday coming up and already looking forward to the weekend” The rat race is real my friend. I envy those who wake up refreshed and ready. And those who are morning people. And those who followed their passions.Filed under: Living it

27 March 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Links Unhoming Kenyan Women. Here This. Here This is how we date. Here (Those last two link are related as my friend pointed out) I am not going to say that choices are bad. But there is a way that thinking you have too much choice is bad. I was wondering why even though I declared to myself that I am back to blogging That I am unable to do it consistently. Have I outgrown blogging on here??? Sometimes I think so. I will keep thinking about it. Filed under: Living it, Random

19 March 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

You guys, have you ever read something that makes you second guess everything you ever thought? I did:   You can't tell me I'm not open minded when you inherited your beliefs from your parents — Maame Wata's Fav (@obaa_boni) March 17, 2015 Filed under: Random

19 March 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Do our actions represent what we value? It may seem like a simple question but really, it is not. We say what we believe it and all that, but do our actions mirror our beliefs?  Filed under: Random

12 March 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

This >   Or alternatively,  click hereFiled under: Living it

11 March 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

You know, one day we shall have a honest conversation about why our mothers stayed with our fathers. — Same Ol' C (@CiikuMrsBabes) March 10, 2015 I cannot take it with people who would want us to believe that the reason our parents stayed together is because they were in happy marriages. I'm sick of y'all with the whole "our parents marriage" yet you've NEVER in your goddamn life had a conversation with your parents about it. — Same Ol' C (@CiikuMrsBabes) March 10, 2015 I MEAN. COME ON...

06 March 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

My loves, I know I have been terrible…. I said i was back to blogging and then I went silent. In my defense, accessing wordpress from my desk has proven to be difficult and also, my mind is STILL all over the place. However, I am going to do better. I need to do better. In the meantime, some links: The price of black ambition. Here Women friendships. Here Closing the book Here Toni Morrison and Angela Davis on Creativity Here Fornicating in Nungua: A Feminist Desire For Sexual Gratification...

17 February 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

You guys, I read the funniest thing.   Please read it   Filed under: Living it

16 February 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

We choose to not do anything big for Valetine’s. This is our prerogative. I have nothing against the holiday. This year I monitored what was being said about it on social media and there is a lot of cynicism and jadedness around Valentines. Yes Captain Obvious, we know Valentine’s was created by the card industry to sell cards. But dude, MOST if not ALL holidays are fake. They were all made up. Then tell me, why is there no call to arms against Mother’s day or Father’s day huh? They also...

10 February 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I have realised that with social media, it is very easy to be swayed. Example: I like Spoken Word. I spend countless amount of time on YouTube watching Spoken Word. Many people make fun of spoken word. They dislike it. People whose opinion that I enjoy reading dislike spoken word and I could see how them opining derisively about spoken word could make me change my opinion about it. But I do not. Why should I change because a vast majority do not like this thing that I do? I see this a lot when...

05 February 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

That there is beauty in honesty. That love is awesome. That learning doesn’t end. That most times, silence is golden. That society is messed up. That knowing and learning myself if one the of the best things I ever did with my time. That sometimes you can’t help but do the same thing over and over expecting different results. That the book is always better than the movie. That people do stupid, nasty, really bad things in the name of religion. That (most) Christians are pretentious. That...

02 February 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Last year, due to work, I was not able to fully participate in Nairobi Restaurant Week because I had to travel for work. This year, I WAS SO READY! What!! And we really enjoyed it! I am not going to do many posts about the restaurants since I did the reviews on Instagram. Please check the reviews on there. I am just going to summarise the overall experience in this post. We went to the following restaurants: Talisman Emerald Garden Thai About Thyme (I went with my friends to this one as...

29 January 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Last year through to January 7th this year, we went to Sweden and Holland for Christmas and New Year. If you follow me on Instagram, this is obviously not news but I wanted to post some pictures on here so yeah! And then Holland   More pictures on my IG @CiikuMrsBabesFiled under: Living it, loving it

28 January 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Last year I found out why my stomach would sometimes be messed up. I have lactose intolerance. Basically this means that I am unable to digest lactase which is milk and all its derivatives. Mine is quite extreme since I know people with lactose intolerance who can still eat cheese and ice cream. I cannot have either. AND IT SUCKS! I seriously don’t even miss ice cream but cheese? I miss cheese. In the same wave length, my good friend has gluten intolerance. Anyway, I have come to realise that...

27 January 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

You know, some things are so cliche even when you hear them, you immediately roll your eyes (well I do). Example: There is something that is always said about your circumstances changing once you change your attitude or yourself. I can’t remember it verbatim and if I am being honest, I do not feel like googling it right now. Anyway, it is SO TRUE. I had a pretty crappy Monday and I will spare you the sad story but I know why the day was bad and what I needed to do to change it but I didn’t do...

22 January 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I really wondered whether I should write this post. But I was like…. yep… do it. You know when you read a book and then something stands out so much. This happened to me last year. I have to say that the book was not that great but this paragraph stood out for me:   There is a philosophy going round “no new friends”. My opinion is that, friendship can be cultivated any time. The person I was when I was 25 is not who I am now. I would like to believe that I know myself better now. And so, I...

19 January 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I took a hiatus from this blog because I was growing as a person. That may sound strange but let me explain. The person I was in January 2014 was not the person I was in August 2014. I experienced and learnt and un-learnt so many things last year that I believe I needed to. And part of that growth meant taking time out from this blog to understand myself and to understand also what I wanted to post on this blog. For the most part, I can say one of the things I realised is that I had to stop...

14 January 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Best video  I can’t even lie, I wasn’t paying that much attention but I liked Kiesza’s Hideaway and Sia’s Chandelier videos. Best song I have many so I am going to list these in no particular order Zuzu and Hapo Zamani – Elani Thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran Betray my heart – D’Angelo Random Link that made me happy Fake Deep – Cecile EmekeFiled under: Random

13 January 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

I figured I should start my blogging with this post because I need to tell you guys of the amazing books I read this year. Unlike 2013, I managed to reach my goal for reading in 2014 by reading 102 books. I am pretty happy about this. Best book I read without a shadow of a doubt “A woman of independent means“. That book is DELICIOUS. A couple of favourite words from the book: But fortunately, society can impose its conventions only on the meek, and, like any bully, can be surprisingly docile...

12 January 2015 » Doing Life By His Side

Good morning my loves. I am hoping that 2015 is off to a great start!! I am now wearing a watch as that is one of my goals for 2015. Somehow between 2007 and 2014, I stopped wearing them for reasons that are not yet clear to me. I had mentioned this to the hubby and so he bought me a watch and here we are! I have many things to tell you including my annual “Best of” post which should hopefully be done by tomorrow. In the mean time, be awesome. Love and light to you all.Filed under: Living it

05 December 2014 » Doing Life By His Side

If it is not obvious, I am on a hiatus. I need to sort my issues and if I am being honest, I needed a break. I will be back.   I don’t know when. I am hoping January though. :-)Filed under: Living it

19 November 2014 » Doing Life By His Side

I am working on a comeback. In the meantime, educate yourself. And think.   One Two  Three   (THIS!!!)    Filed under: Living it

22 October 2014 » Doing Life By His Side

I am ashamed of my ignorance. I am. And I want to say that I know I have posted on this blog (and previous ones) out of ignorance.   I took a semi blog hiatus to decide what I wanted to do with this blog. I am still not sure. But I am ending the ignorance.Filed under: Living it, Random

Doing Life By His Side

» Doing Life By His Side