06 February 2018 » DeMaitha

  SERING menemui tas berbordir instansi Sekolah atau CV? Atau mendapat hadiah goody bag dari Kegiatan seminar workshop atau perkenalan produk? wao ternyata ada banyak pionir pembuat tas-tas seperti itu di Indonesia. Diantaranya adalah Pahrur Rozi Nasution, S. Kom dengan nama usaha Shoba Industri.   sedari pertama kuliah sudah ada beberapa bisnis yang di gelutinya. Fachri, sapaan akrab dari Pahrur Rozi Nasution, S. Kom wisudahan dari Kampus Islam di Malang tersebut sudah biasa bersbisnis untuk...

24 December 2017 » DeMaitha

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19 May 2015 » DeMaitha

Anyone who knows me well will attest to the fact that my greatest weakness is meat; preferably of the roasted kind. I’m a card carrying life member of Spur’s all you can eat on Thursday. I have all the meat vendors in Kenyatta Market on speed dial. I had a current account with Karis from […]

04 May 2015 » DeMaitha

I belong to a Whatsapp group. No, that’s inaccurate. Everyone belongs to a Whatsapp group of some form or the other. Valar whatsappis. All men must Whatsapp. It’s the unspoken curse of owning a ‘swipe-me’ gadget with unlimited data plans in this digital age. I belong to a Whatsapp group whose sole aim is to […]

24 March 2015 » DeMaitha

I love chicken. No, I don’t work for the IEBC. There’s nothing like kienyeji chicken; that hardy stock whose stew makes your mouth water when your mum cooks it with that special recipe she has so far refused to disclose;guarding it like it’s a trade secret. I couldn’t care less about those farmed put-on-steroids-from-hatching Kenchic […]

22 January 2015 » DeMaitha

I still don’t know how politicians bullshit the masses in Kiswahili; especially that lot who throw in a kitendawili here and there for good measure. Unless of course, you’re Gideon Moi, which is what I sounded like when I summoned to address the crowd soon after a woolly-haired mic was thrust into my hands. “Wetu […]

07 January 2015 » DeMaitha

Happy New Year. I promised I’d write more this year. Well, I’m still working on it. I have received a little help from one of the regulars on this here site. You might know him as Blunts. Here’s his first stab at fiction, Enjoy the workings of Roy’s inner mind.   After a delicious meal […]

19 December 2014 » DeMaitha

It’s nearly the end of the year. Everyone has their best and worst of 2014, from Biko to the folks over there at Longreads. Joining the bandwagon is yours truly. Here we go. Best moments of 2014: Graduation:  UoN should have been one of the Herculean labours: you get to deal with a lot of […]

04 December 2014 » DeMaitha

4 years and it all boils down to a weather-beaten gown that has seen better days, shiny tinsel necklaces that make you look like the guest of honour at some harambee and a matatu full of your clansmen. 4 years is a long time. 4 years is a short time. In Jon Champion’s words at […]

29 October 2014 » DeMaitha

“How big is it?” “Is it curved?” “How many inches?” “Can I touch it?” “What can it do?” “You know, I want it in my house real soon…”   I woke up to a flurry of push notifications on a Saturday morning, the one morning gazzetted by the De as a lazy sleeping-in morning. Breakfast […]


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