Confessions of a Fotographer

Confessions of a Fotographer

10 February 2015 » Confessions of a Fotographer

Hey guys, I hope you are well and enjoying the new year. Photography has been an interesting journey for me and on that journey I have met some cool people who inspire me in what they do and how they are able to make a mark in this nation. This year I am all about doing things different, expect interesting concepts and a bit of learning for y’all .. it is going to be an interesting one. Below Images from a shoot with the one and only Sharon Mundia aka This.Is.Ess.

14 November 2014 » Confessions of a Fotographer

Hello guys, It has been a minute since I was on here. I wanted to share with you some images from a trip I did with a few OneTouch comrades down to the salty Lake Magadi and later a verrrryyyyyy dusty ride to Lake Natron … which I must say is one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen. Below are some of images, hope you enjoy … Kona Baridi (loosely translated as cold corner :)) First stop on the trip was Kona Baridi, quite famous for a lovely view and strong gusts of wind that can numb...

14 October 2014 » Confessions of a Fotographer

Hey guys, Thanks to the Kenya Airports Authority, OnetouchLive was privileged to have a walk around the spanking new Terminal 1a. Such a beauty that place is and makes me even hope more and love this country even more … to see the work having gone into that place it is amazing. i just want to share with you aa few images from that evening and of course some pictures of planes :) Enjoy! Inside terminal 1a Check in counters A view from outside

13 June 2014 » Confessions of a Fotographer

There are several things I love about this city of Nairobi and one of them has to be how beautiful it looks at night. Every chance I get to be out there and capture a few images of the night life in Nairobi I am always quick to grab it. Today I want to share with you a couple of images I captured on a #weownthenight_nairobi shoot with some incredibly talented photographers, hope you enjoy :)

10 June 2014 » Confessions of a Fotographer

Hello ladies and gents, Today I want to share with you some images from a short trip I made to a place I last visited as a kid on a field trip in primary school and I have never gone back till now. I packed my camera, fueled the car, packed a couple of friends and off we went to Nyahururu. Several challenges came our way one of them being almost arrested :) but that never stopped us from getting to our destination, Thomson falls. Thomson’s Falls is a 74 m scenic waterfall on the Ewaso Ng’iro...

08 May 2014 » Confessions of a Fotographer

Hey, guys hope you are well? Today I am going to share with you and image for a good friend of mine and upcoming photographer that has got quite an interesting perspective on photography. He was nominated in the inaugural prestigious PAK awards in the Best Portraiture 2013 category. Here is a little bit about Robert Onyango; What do you love to shoot: Wildlife, documentary, landscape and weddings What is your favorite meal: Deep fried chicken served with baked potatoes and vegetable salad What...

29 April 2014 » Confessions of a Fotographer

Hey Ladies and Gents, Today I have a photo to share with you that I consider very special to me, why do I say that you ask? Well It all started on a One Touch Live trip to Amboseli and on our way there I was quite expectant to see the great Kilimanjaro. Last time I went to Amboseli, the mountain was undercover the whole 3 days I was there so I was hoping for a difference this time around. On our way God indeed heard my prayer, on the highway to Amboseli some several kilometers from Oloitoktok...

27 March 2014 » Confessions of a Fotographer

Greetings people, Today I want to share with you an image from one of the #onetouchlive #shootingkenya trips to Amboseli National Park. This was an amazing trip, we saw loads and loads of elephants and a Lion :) a very rare sight in this particular park it was really amazing. This particular elephant is the oldest in the park and has the largest tusks, while walking the tusks were almost touching the ground. This bull walked majestically along the plains of Amboseli confident and felt like it...

17 March 2014 » Confessions of a Fotographer

Hello ladies and gents, This post is just a huge Thank You to all that came through for my exhibition it was amazing and great having you guys there. To see the fulfillment of one of my greatest dreams was very humbling for me, and the response was just beyond what I expected. A very special thank you goes out to my A-team that worked tirelessly behind the scenes and worked really hard to make sure this event was a success, I wouldn’t have made it with out them. I just thought I would share...

12 March 2014 » Confessions of a Fotographer

Hello guys! Today I am just excited that I have only one day left to my exhibition!!! How cool is that? Tomorrow I host my first ever exhibition with beautiful images of kenya and would love you to come. Michael Joseph Centre is the venue, 6:30pm … Come and experience some great images. More details in the poster below :)

Confessions of a Fotographer

» Confessions of a Fotographer