16 January 2018 » Bikozulu

Picture The Boy – no older than 20- rolling a blunt on a wooden coffee table. He’s in a bedsit in Roysambu; small windows, cheap curtains, wooden door. He’s in a t-shirt and jeans, The post Purple Drank appeared first on Bikozulu.

09 January 2018 » Bikozulu

What’s the lifespan of chicken? Well, it doesn’t matter because all of my mother’s chicken are gone. The chicken-pen – a small wooden structure that the local boys built as my mother sat on the verandah sipping her tea in the bright midday sunlight of shags- now houses new chicken with a new mistress. The post How Was She? appeared first on Bikozulu.

19 December 2017 » Bikozulu

I didn’t post anything last week because I was thinking. I was seated at my desk at home, leaning all the way back in my chair and staring out the window dreamily. I have a massive wall to wall window that overlooks the verandah of the neighbouring apartments. The post Goodbye 2017 appeared first on Bikozulu.

05 December 2017 » Bikozulu

I am involved in a project where I interview artists – singers, sculptors, painters, dancers, virtuosos in the form of children who play the hell out of a violin, animators – a project commissioned by the Godown Arts Center. The post Shit We say appeared first on Bikozulu.

29 November 2017 » Bikozulu

“He’s rich and old,” I tell my friend Gina. “You mean rich but old?” She asks from the carpet where she’s seated between my knees. I’m helping her undo her braids. She’s in this team natural group where they occasionally meet in a garden to drink rosé and talk about children and men, The post The Good Life appeared first on Bikozulu.

21 November 2017 » Bikozulu

I wake up very early on Sabbath. It’s quiet and drizzling lightly outside. Perfect morning; the phone isn’t ringing yet, the people on Whatsapp Groups who have an opinion on everything haven’t woken up yet, The post Suleiman’s Goat appeared first on Bikozulu.

14 November 2017 » Bikozulu

They met in church. He saw her over numerous heads in the pews, under the high elaborate ceilings of the church and over the chiming chorus of the choir. The year was 2000. He was only 25. The post Black Prince appeared first on Bikozulu.

07 November 2017 » Bikozulu

I never allow emails to summon me. I summon them instead. I see them when I’m good and ready to see them, not when they want to be seen. So with no email notification on my phone, The post A Prisoner Of Selves appeared first on Bikozulu.

31 October 2017 » Bikozulu

What does human flesh taste like? Everybody I tell this story thinks I should have asked her this question. At some point I began to think that maybe I should have asked her. The post There Were Birds, But They Didn’t Sing appeared first on Bikozulu.

24 October 2017 » Bikozulu

I lived in a little shanty-like neighbourhood called Kiwafu while in uni in Kampala, with a roommate, Gasirigwa, who was from Tanzania. A room. One window. A mango tree outside the window. The post LIONS appeared first on Bikozulu.

18 October 2017 » Bikozulu

Up the aisle, a bony man struggles to shove his luggage into the compartment above. His elbows look like a branch off a yellow-bark acacia. If you walked into his elbow by accident you would die from excessive haemorrhage. The post Babies On Planes appeared first on Bikozulu.

17 October 2017 » Bikozulu

Linda (Editor): This story is disjointed.   Me: Did you know that you have to be strong and tall and not pregnant to be allowed to sit on the Exit seat in the plane? The post DESSERT appeared first on Bikozulu.

10 October 2017 » Bikozulu

Hi, Biko.   It’s fine if you don’t know. It’s fine if you don’t have a plan. It’s fine if you are the only one who doesn’t seem to know where your life is headed. The post Letter To My 20-Year Old Self appeared first on Bikozulu.

03 October 2017 » Bikozulu

  I wrote a good chunk of this novella in a treehouse in Elementaita. It’s called Pinklakeman Eco-Lodge, where a gorgeous treehouse teeters from a gorge (the gorge makes it gorgeous) of a seasonal riverbed. The post DRUNK appeared first on Bikozulu.

26 September 2017 » Bikozulu

My doorbell rings. I open the door to find a tall, good-looking boy standing there. He stands cockily with his legs apart – his weight resting firmly and equally on both long limbs. He’s got big, The post Let’s Make A [Small] Fire appeared first on Bikozulu.

19 September 2017 » Bikozulu

Douglas wakes up and gets onto his beloved motorbike. It’s a small Yamaha. He leans his bike on its stand at the office parking slot at about 8am, stops to chat briefly with the sunny guard at Lonrho East Africa on Uhuru Highway, The post DOUGIE appeared first on Bikozulu.

12 September 2017 » Bikozulu

How things have changed since 1987. I suspect 1987 probably looks at 2017 and covers its mouth in fascination, envy or even horror. In the last writing masterclass I invited Oyunga and during his talk he used the word “monzo”, The post Change appeared first on Bikozulu.

05 September 2017 » Bikozulu

I don’t think it is the weak who stay in toxic marriages, I think it’s actually the strong ones who do. The strong only leave when they have no more strength left, no more will. The post Njeri appeared first on Bikozulu.


29 August 2017 » Bikozulu

There is a bottle of 14-year old Oban waiting for me at Babalus Bar when I pitch up at the Crowne Plaza hotel, courtesy of the GM – Anthony. It’s a bonhomous Wednesday evening. The post Guy appeared first on Bikozulu.


22 August 2017 » Bikozulu

The sun sits on Tim Odero’s scalp. Tim is balding. But then again he’s 42-years old, a husband and a father of two. Make that three. His first born was with a lady who relocated to the United States with his son, The post Tim appeared first on Bikozulu.

15 August 2017 » Bikozulu

Do you have 12mins to waste? If you do, then don’t waste it reading this article. It’s a ramble. “Can I waste your time?” Asks Dr Sally Wanjohi.  Do you remember her? The post Ravens On Windows appeared first on Bikozulu.

01 August 2017 » Bikozulu

Let’s say you are one of those people who take their phones to the loo to read or to watch YouTube or double tap pictures on Instagram. (Cool children now call it The Gram). The post Dusty Rags (No Relation To The Story) appeared first on Bikozulu.

25 July 2017 » Bikozulu

Last year I sat next to my dad’s cousin, Ross, at a funeral in shags. Genius of a man and a recovering alcoholic. He’s been clean almost eight years now. We were seated on the stoop of a house, The post Open Your Fist appeared first on Bikozulu.

18 July 2017 » Bikozulu

It’s the motorbike you heard first; a Yamaha Super Tenere, 750 CC. Its thunderous roar filled every room of the unremarkable building we occupied at Wilson Airport. No matter how busy you were at your desk you wouldn’t pretend to ignore the fact that he had arrived. The post The Knife appeared first on Bikozulu.

11 July 2017 » Bikozulu

I choose Sarova Stanley’s Exchange Bar because it’s a Sunday and I want to drive into town and feel the absence of humanity, the open-armed parking slots and the absence of incessant blaring car-horns . The post Caroline appeared first on Bikozulu.

04 July 2017 » Bikozulu

Dear Nairobi. I hope this missive finds you well. I’m writing from the land of the white man, a place called Barcelona, Spain. It’s got churches and cathedrals, monuments and statues, The post Dear Nairobi appeared first on Bikozulu.

27 June 2017 » Bikozulu

Very few of us will ever find ourselves on the sharp-elbow of Somalia, spending hot musky days lying on a mat under a sketchy thorn tree waiting for unspoken peril. We might never know the smell of fear on our skin. The post That Time They Captured Us appeared first on Bikozulu.

20 June 2017 » Bikozulu

When I think of Josaya Wasonga I think of a lone and embattled wolf separated from the pack. We worked together for the same publisher in the late 2000s. We were both features writer’s; The post Pain And Pen appeared first on Bikozulu.

13 June 2017 » Bikozulu

I only own two suits. A black one and a blue one. Both are nice suits; one is from the designer Nick Ondu – Sartorial  who, although – like most fundis  will take 300 years to finish your suit – The post Not Yet Uhuru appeared first on Bikozulu.

06 June 2017 » Bikozulu

I perch at the end of the bench at Java, Aero-Club – Wilson Airport. The air is cold and crispy. It’s 9:17am – I’m 43-mins early for my meeting with Lydia Wanjiru Kiriti. I’ve wolfed down my breakfast and I’m now nursing  a small tree tomato juice. The post God Is A Gentleman appeared first on Bikozulu.

30 May 2017 » Bikozulu

I called Alex Shipiri:  “My name is Biko, I got your number from a mutual friend, Gacheri.” “Right. She mentioned you would call.” He has a deep rich raspy voice, The post ALEX, THE GAS-MAN appeared first on Bikozulu.

23 May 2017 » Bikozulu

We get on a small plane. We land in Lamu. A smiling, diminutive swahili man with a stubble loads our luggage onto a kart. Twenty minutes on motorboat we dock at Majlis Resort. I whatsapp a picture to a friend whose husband is turning 40 and asked me for romantic place to take him. The post The Other World appeared first on Bikozulu.

16 May 2017 » Bikozulu

When the rain starts to fall it doesn’t seem so serious. It doesn’t look like it will turn into a deluge of water, gushing in alleys, sweeping debris, twigs and later trees, felling walls, The post As Homework Waited appeared first on Bikozulu.

09 May 2017 » Bikozulu

Wamuyu, a 22-year architectural student from a local university emailed me and asked me what I thought about smoking weed and if weed helps with creativity. Apparently his peers who are “super creative” [his words] are potheads.   The post Cannabis appeared first on Bikozulu.

02 May 2017 » Bikozulu

We go for our children’s sports day, not because we want to run balancing eggs on spoons stuck in our mouths, but because we want our children to remember that we went. That we showed up. The post School Parents appeared first on Bikozulu.

25 April 2017 » Bikozulu

Have you been to Kericho with those squatty but quaint tea worker’s houses on the hill. The endless greenery with rolling hills and Kalenjin hawkers with their checked jackets selling tea and roast maize and trucks that bellow and meander up virgined hills. The post New Digs appeared first on Bikozulu.

11 April 2017 » Bikozulu

We had a few hours to burn at Ataturk Airport, Istanbul. The chap I was ... Read More The post Books appeared first on bikozulu.

04 April 2017 » Bikozulu

A few weeks ago I wrote about showing up at the Pearly Gates and God ... Read More The post Our Cousins, The Fruit Flies appeared first on bikozulu.

28 March 2017 » Bikozulu

The men’s changing room at Muthaiga Golf Club smells like an ancient piggy bank made ... Read More The post Golf appeared first on bikozulu.

21 March 2017 » Bikozulu

Maybe out of my subtle intimidation or just pure strength of character, Joe Black decided ... Read More The post Joe Black Is Back…Sort Of appeared first on bikozulu.

14 March 2017 » Bikozulu

Warning: Long post ahead. I reached out to Joe Black. Remember him, the prodigy boy ... Read More The post The Iron Curtain appeared first on bikozulu.

07 March 2017 » Bikozulu

Nights means dreams. Mostly I dream of the little girl in the coma, lying there, ... Read More The post Long Nights appeared first on bikozulu.

28 February 2017 » Bikozulu

On our way back to Entebbe from Kampala last weekend, we had to stop as ... Read More The post Juice Wa Mango appeared first on bikozulu.

21 February 2017 » Bikozulu

Tamms told her mom to tell me not to wear certain pants when I go ... Read More The post Tamms and Pants appeared first on bikozulu.

14 February 2017 » Bikozulu

Swans have penises. Swans and ganders. Did you even know that? Can you even start ... Read More The post Swans and Love appeared first on bikozulu.


07 February 2017 » Bikozulu

tor·pid ˈtôrpəd/ adjective mentally or physically inactive; lethargic.          “we sat around in a torpid state” ... Read More The post Hut appeared first on bikozulu.

31 January 2017 » Bikozulu

Last Saturday night I was seated in a booth at Diani’s famed Shakattack nightclub. In ... Read More The post White Dance appeared first on bikozulu.

24 January 2017 » Bikozulu

You have to be a luo to really understand the feeling of going back to ... Read More The post Rose appeared first on bikozulu.

17 January 2017 » Bikozulu

There are moments I wish I was a woman. Many moments, actually. Like when I ... Read More The post Cops appeared first on bikozulu.

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20th Dec When I go to pick up Tamms from the salon I see him ... Read More The post How I Spent My Christmas Holiday appeared first on bikozulu.

20 December 2016 » Bikozulu

There is this guy I’m mentoring a smart and humble guy. He’s 28, jobless. It’s ... Read More The post Moments of 2016 appeared first on bikozulu.

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By Sophie Gitonga “Mama Pendo” When you are trying to have a baby, it consumes ... Read More The post When You Are Trying To Have A Baby appeared first on bikozulu.

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If you are a girl and you were born in West Pokot some 12 or ... Read More The post In Pokot, Girls Bleed appeared first on bikozulu.

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There is a guy drying his armpit with a hand dryer. I’m seated behind him ... Read More The post Locker Room appeared first on bikozulu.

22 November 2016 » Bikozulu

I’m in awe of people who write books. Big books with important characters and brainy ... Read More The post A GUY WRITES A NOVEL… appeared first on bikozulu.

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There is a parcel waiting at the office. It’s nearing the festive season, often there ... Read More The post The Last Barbers Of Nairobi appeared first on bikozulu.

08 November 2016 » Bikozulu

Unless you have been slaving in a mine I suspect you already know how my ... Read More The post The High Court Of Twitter appeared first on bikozulu.

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Our heroine Abby, now half naked, lies on a white bed with her long legs ... Read More The post A Rose Called By Any Other Name appeared first on bikozulu.

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I wake up at 6:45am on Mashujaa Day and reach for my phone. There is ... Read More The post Thief In The Night appeared first on bikozulu.

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On the way to the Kenyatta National Hospital Casualty department, in a fenced in compound, ... Read More The post Pray For Jane appeared first on bikozulu.

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I’m scheduled to meet a man in a cafe to talk about his wife’s breast. ... Read More The post The Hole in My Wife’s Chest appeared first on bikozulu.

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In the dying afternoon light, Doris Mayoli, sits on a bed with both her young ... Read More The post Mommy Will Be Just Fine appeared first on bikozulu.

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Hi, Gang. Quick one. If you read the Guardian you might have ran into that ... Read More The post Breast Cancer Month appeared first on bikozulu.

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Kim is turning three in a month’s time. My beautiful, beautiful boy. I’m tempted to ... Read More The post Babies in Labs appeared first on bikozulu.

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There is a lady who is sitting on gold. Our gold. She’s sitting on our ... Read More The post Client appeared first on bikozulu.

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Have you ever found yourself at a road junction, sitting in traffic that isn’t moving, ... Read More The post Pain And Sweat appeared first on bikozulu.

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The truth is that daktari is not going to find love in those emails. She ... Read More The post Ships In The Night appeared first on bikozulu.

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It all started with a girl. I’m sure you all remember her. The dancer. The ... Read More The post A Man. A Table. A Chair. appeared first on bikozulu.

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Dear, Gang. I hope this missive finds you well. (When you wrote to a chick ... Read More The post A Baby And The Sack appeared first on bikozulu.

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I was supposed to have written this yesterday, instead I’m writing this on a Sunday ... Read More The post This Sickness appeared first on bikozulu.