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The King is Naked

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Raising Daughters

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Immigration Debate vs. Digital Migration

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From Ferguson to Mandera, a Cry for Justice

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Shameless Men Stripping Women

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Unless God Guards the City...

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Is Prophet Dr. Rev Kanyari a Hero or a Villain?

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A Tetanus Jab? Not So Fast, My Pastor Says...

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Why I will Accompany Uhuru to The Hague

21 September 2014 » Awakening

Where was God at the Westgate Mall Attack?

16 September 2014 » Awakening

Governor Ruto; A Thorn in Uhuru's Government or a Blessing in Disguise?

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Kenya, Who Bewitched You?

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Uhuru Kenyatta; A God Send...

28 August 2014 » Awakening

Ababu Namwamba and the ODM Politics

20 August 2014 » Awakening

Why Uhuru Kenyatta Should Call for a Referendum

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Gichangi's Resignation and the Role of NIS

15 August 2014 » Awakening

We seem to live in a society that is seriously afflicted by low self-esteem disorder; in fact we seem to be suffering from self worth big man hemorrhage, from the bullies in our schools and work places to our public life. It is like one of those moments that someone steps on your cleanly polished shoes in the matatu as you are headed to down town Nairobi, covering them with a thick coat of clay mud, don’t make a mistake of raising up your head as if to say “excuse me boss you stepping on me”...

15 August 2014 » Awakening

Several months ago, the African Trip by the most powerful President of the most powerful Nation on earth, as expected elicited both excitement and resentment in equal measure. Remember the Kenyan whining how ungrateful Obama is to not even go by his father’s village and shake the grandma’s hand? Oh, while in Tanzania there was the promise of the energy investment to light the African continent from the perennial darkness, not forgetting the many inconveniences that came with the visit including...

15 August 2014 » Awakening

Are great men and women born or made? Mandela was a legend, a giant like in many African folklores and a myth to many people living today who grew up during the apartheid era in South Africa. In Africa and beyond it was hard to think of a great man without in the same breath and sentence talking of Madiba. World over we are not short of great people who have suffered for different causes or even stood up for or against something. During the struggle for independence and against the colonialists...

31 July 2014 » Awakening

KNUT the famous teachers union is up in arms after the directive by the Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kaimenyi to the school heads to release all held certificates to former students. Before we get carried away by the emotions and politicize the whole issue the best way Kenya knows how, it is important to look this issue devoid of our usual style of doing things. This case can best be expressed by the case of Kipchirchir from Eldoret who despite having scored an A- at Nairobi School he...

17 July 2014 » Awakening

Treason? Give Us a Break

08 July 2014 » Awakening

Televangelists and the Seed Planting

08 July 2014 » Awakening

Parliamentary Representation and the Call for Dialogue

08 July 2014 » Awakening

Now We Know Cord Will Not Lead Us to Canaan

30 September 2013 » Awakening

It is one week after the Alshabaab claimed responsibility for killing innocent shoppers at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. Many analysts have tried to understand the mind of such individuals who would kill indiscriminately children, women, elderly, in total disregard for life and its sanctity. It appears that whenever such a thing happens we come together to mourn with those who have been left by their loved ones, cry with those who may have lost a limb, contribute in our small ways to help in...


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