17 April 2017 » Aideedystopia

What BimHoefstra hated most about the city was the Sixth War with the Half-Ways. “They came down from the open sky,” he said. BimHoefstra was having breakfast – hot tea in a mug, bhakris in a plate. He clasped the hot mug, fingers curling around. What he wanted was to put the mug aside and […]

30 December 2016 » Aideedystopia

UPDATE: THE WHOLE LOT HAS BEEN SOLD OUT. NO NEED TO MESSAGE OR WHATSAPP ME ANYMORE. THE LOOT HAS BEEN TAKEN. I am selling a portion of my Africana book collection. Details are as below (with a photo slideshow). For a budding writer, this could be a good way to build up her/his Africana collection […]

16 October 2016 » Aideedystopia

Some excerpts edited out from a few of my Jalada pieces. They either did not fit into the piece or were simply weak and not working. From Sketch of a Bana Nyonka in a Kamfai: After being told we write like Europeans, Jimi Hendrix and I have beers by the swimming pool. Tantric techno calls […]

13 October 2016 » Aideedystopia

I had a short piece published in the Kwani 08 election issue. I had not expected it to get published. It was to be a much longer piece. But I stopped writing it at some point. It bored me. I asked myself “Why am I writing this?” I had sent in what appears in the […]

25 November 2015 » Aideedystopia

“…part of a long thing I’m in the middle of has a section that I’ve gone back and seen owes a rather uncomfortable debt to certain exchanges between Gary Harkness and Major Staley.” – DFW, in regards to the penultimate chapter in Endzone that is an ‘ancestor’ to the Eschaton section of Infinite Jest (1) […]

13 November 2015 » Aideedystopia

(All photos by Dr. Wambui Mwangi) I will open the scene with an early morning: first light half-fried into the sky, the day warming on the grill with the sound of twittering breakfast birds; in phototropism the leaves are turning, the tree is giving birth to shade; and behind the walls the whiskey casks are […]

03 November 2015 » Aideedystopia

Awonoor, you have happened afterwards. I have something to say, because your death has not yet come. The Great Valley split, Ghana built interstellarways to Enceladus ,dark paths rocketing from Accra to Port New Wheta. You are now lyrics of the No.3 hit song, anyways, I watched the hands point to the sky on Naivasha Beach, a crab […]

18 January 2015 » Aideedystopia

For Christmas, I decided to buy myself a stack of chess books with my winnings from the recent Kenya National Chess Championships. It took a few weeks for the Amazon order to arrive. A portion of the bill went towards paying the KRA duty, something I was not happy with as it made no sense to […]

27 December 2014 » Aideedystopia

THE TRAIN IS STILL NOT HERE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS HANGING ON THE WALL the SHAPE of nozzles a housefly LANDING on my shoe A FORTY SHILLING TICKET TO TOWN At the super subway trainport Syokimau fire in my pockets the downtown to Machakos late evening shuttle finally the arrival of two thousand downtown freaks I walk […]

20 June 2014 » Aideedystopia

They tell me to respect the way we do things here in literature and write about a character dictated by a list that’s been prepared for building bards. By the committee of the Writers’ Board of Kenya: streetkid, prostitute (with heart, perhaps, but victim), fat wabenzi, youth who’s no respect for those who’d cut her […]

01 June 2014 » Aideedystopia

KQ-470 taxis, faces the runway. The seatbelt sign lights up. Some of us had problems tying our shoelaces in kindergarten and now clicking the seatbelt tongue into the slot part looks tough. It’s like throwing one string of shoelace over the other, left brain over right brain, mixing up our logic. The Rolls Royce engines […]

01 June 2014 » Aideedystopia

  A friend said “I know Mehul bought a bunch of Delany and so on. On the NBO streets.” “Which streets?” another friend asked, “Pray tell, Mehul, where did you chance upon this treasure?” I said: It’s not so hard. Find a weekday. Pick a time around 5:30pm when rush hour starts to peak. Start […]

19 July 2013 » Aideedystopia

JALADA GIRL A yellow flame burning the tip of Anne’s cigarette. Smoke. Glowing yellow tobacco embers. Paper slowly burning. The transparent flame. See right through it. The dog is flat dead on the road. The cigarette leaves her lips. Anne blows out such small clouds. From her mouth. Nostrils. The Cigarette Dragon. The dog’s head […]

08 July 2013 » Aideedystopia

On Saturday, I bought JAWS by Peter Benchley for 30/= from a book-hawker. The first four pages introduced one of the main characters, ‘the great fish’ (shark), by showing how it attacked, killed and ate a young woman who had gone for a night swim in the cold ocean after a boozy date. A hundred […]

20 June 2013 » Aideedystopia

Rachel Zadok asked me to do this – Short Story Day Africa 2013 The Interview  We’ve compiled twenty-one questions our followers want to know about writers in Africa. Please post your answers on your blog before 21 June 2013, in celebration of Short Story Day Africa, then forward the questions to another writer. The Gorilla’s […]

09 April 2013 » Aideedystopia

June last year, I started writing a novel. By August 2012, I started running out of story fuel. What I mean is the overall story was there but I couldn’t come up with the sentences to continue showing it. I kept the project aside for a while. I was not happy with the linear method […]

19 February 2013 » Aideedystopia

I could read in the jam. But reading is sometimes boring. Writing is always more exciting. Well, I was stuck in the jam for a couple of hours today (on the notorious Mombasa Road) and wrote some of these weird (and possibly very weak) short stories: BEDROOM In a dimly lit room, where the sunshine […]


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