Lorna Abur’s story of hiking up Mt. Sabinyo

18 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang

#UGANDA – EAST AFRICA’S ADVENTURE DESTINATION, FOR LOCALS AND WAGENI’S ALIKE (Posted 18th December 2017) Enjoy the story by Lorna … More

Envoys pick four-point agenda as they prepare for talks

17 Dec 2017 » Mashariaz

US ambassador to Kenya Robert Godec speaks to the press at Bomas, Nairobi on October 2, 2017. PHOTO | DENNIS ONSONGO | NATION MEDIA GROUP  By IBRAHIM ORUKO and TIM WANYONYIIN SUMMARYMomentum for the talks was given impetus by President Uhuru Kenyatta who on Tuesday said that he was willing to talk to the opposition led by Mr Raila Odinga. Earlier, Mr Odinga had said that he and his allies had suspended his parallel swearing-in to give room for dialogue.Under strengthening of institutions, the...

Trying to undo the political mischief on Kenya's flag

17 Dec 2017 » Mashariaz

SUNDAY DECEMBER 17 2017    An athlete displays the Kenyan flag. Senator Mutula Kilonzo Jnr has authored an important Bill on the national flag — perhaps in a bid to remove some anachronistic political mischief that has always surrounded the flag. In SummaryKenya must be one of the few countries where it is a crime to fly the national flag.In the US, they allow everyone to fly the flag as long as it is fastened.Four names — “Harambee”, “Jamhuri”, “Madaraka” and “Nyayo” — are also protected...

How Much Money Justin Roberts Makes On YouTube – Net Worth

17 Dec 2017 » Naibuzz

Justin Roberts Net Worth – $70,000 Justin Roberts is a young YouTuber from the United States who is one of the youngest member of Jake Paul’s Team 10. He has an estimated net worth of $70,000. His content is mainly vlogs and skits with other Team 10 members such as Chance Sutton, Anthony Trujillo, Emilio, Ivan Martinez and many others. He has previously lived in Miami Florida and Beverly Hills California. He grew up playing basketball for fun and later developed a love for technology. He has...

Uhuru’s power deal with Gideon and Ruto 2022 succession plan

17 Dec 2017 » Mashariaz

SUNDAY DECEMBER 17 2017      From left: Kanu Secretary-General Nick Salat, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kanu Chairman Gideon Moi in a jig during the party's national delegates conference in May at Kasarani Stadium where they endorsed President Kenyatta’s candidature in the August 2017 General Election. Details of a secret power sharing deal between the President Uhuru Kenyatta and Senator Moi have emerged. FILE PHOTO | NATION MEDIA GROUP In SummaryAs part of the hitherto closely guarded deal,...

The iPhoneX Launched In Kenya

17 Dec 2017 » Potent Ash

    In recent months, Apple has had three new iPhone releases. iPhone X being the latest. The iPhone X (or iPhone 10) was launched as a celebratory device to mark the 10th year of the iPhone line being in existence. In Nairobi, the iPhone X was unveiled at an exciting event at the Sankara […] The post The iPhoneX Launched In Kenya appeared first on Potentash.


17 Dec 2017 » Yummy

You don’t have to be a wine expert to enjoy a good glass of wine, argues Katy Fentress, who is… The post IN VINO VERITAS appeared first on Yummy Magazine by EatOut.

New Protea Hotel by Marriott set for opening in Kampala

17 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang


Just published: The St. Ange Tourism Report Edition 28

17 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang


Egypt-made Android Smartphone, the Nile X May Sell in Kenya

16 Dec 2017 » Techweez

In the past decade, we have seen a significant jump in mobile technology. It is an explosion that continues to grow, and its late manifestation is based on deeper mobile penetration, especially in emerging markets where subsidized prices for devices and mobile plans has accelerated adoption. It is a fierce market that has forced OEMs […] Read On Web → Egypt-made Android Smartphone, the Nile X May Sell in Kenya

Why Formulations for Cosmetics and Detergents Keep Changing

16 Dec 2017 » Cosmetics Kenya

A lot of dynamism in Cosmetic and detergent manufacturing, including disinfectants and personal care products has lately been observed in formulations in the recent past. This is a common practice in almost every field of invention and re-invention. “Unlike in the Pharmaceutical Industry where dynamic changes in drug formulations are directly attributed to Disease Resistance, the Cosmetic, Personal care and Detergent formulations are influenced by the Customer Needs as a direct result of...

Twelfth Parliament: To hope or to despair?

16 Dec 2017 » Mzalendo

Since the promulgation of the Constitution in 2010, Kenya has never found herself on the crossroads like in 2017. The 2017 election was one of the most contested by bitter rivals. It brought about toxic emotions and stretched people almost to a breaking point. The concluded election brought about wounds that may haunt Kenya forever, if they aren’t healed soon. In the post-election period, a daunting legacy of the dangerous politics of secession has been left. There are some regions which are...

Kilifi Moringa Estates is the Kenyan winner of the Chivas Venture 2018

16 Dec 2017 » Hapa Kenya

Kilifi Moringa Estates has been announced as the Kenyan winner of the Chivas Venture 2018. They will now proceed to the Chivas Venture Global Final which will be held in May 2018 in Amsterdam. The Chivas Venture is an initiative of Chivas Regal, one of the world’s leading Scotch whiskies. It awards $1 million to […] The post Kilifi Moringa Estates is the Kenyan winner of the Chivas Venture 2018 appeared first on HapaKenya.

Alcoholic Beverages Association launches a new responsible drinking campaign

16 Dec 2017 » Hapa Kenya

The Alcoholic Beverages Association of Kenya (ABAK) has unveiled a new campaign to promote responsible drinking, highlighting the importance of personal responsibility when it comes to alcohol. The campaign, dubbed Utado? (slang for ‘What will you do?’) is hinged on empowering consumers with responsible-drinking tips so they can interact positively with alcohol by, for instance, […] The post Alcoholic Beverages Association launches a new responsible drinking campaign appeared first on HapaKenya.

Courvoisier VS Kenya Nairobi Distributors

16 Dec 2017 » Biashara Point

BiasharaPoint East Africa RSS Feed Courvoisier VS Kenya Nairobi Distributors Jays Wines Distributors Limited is an exclusive liquor merchant offering wholesale and retail for local and exotic signature brands of fine wines, premium spirits, Kraft beers, Champagnes and Cognacs. For More Information Visit Watersys Plaza, Biashara Street Nairobi Kenya Tel: 0740772588 Buy Online www.jayswines.co.ke E: sales@jayswines.co.ke You might also be […] The post Courvoisier VS Kenya Nairobi Distributors...

JB Masanduku Claims Tina Kaggia Tried To Commit Suicide In-front Of Him At A Restaurant

16 Dec 2017 » Naibuzz

Comedian JB Masanduku and former radio presenter Tina Kaggia have had a very trouble marriage for the past couple of months and they both blame each other for their problems. The allegations range from alcoholism, abuse etc. Earlier this year Tina Kaggia had an interview with PULSE and she revealed that she had been depressed and suicidal for a couple of months and had to go to rehab for around three months. She also blamed JB Masanduku and claimed he was never there for her. She said: I don’t...

BLAZE BYOB mega auditions were a spectacular disaster

16 Dec 2017 » Hapa Kenya

Yesterday, I got the chance to take my sister to the BLAZE BYOB mega auditions at UON towers. I’m a big fan of the show. BYOB is a great platform to empower young entrepreneurs. I set the bar of expectations for the auditions pretty high (given the premise of the show is innovation) and I […] The post BLAZE BYOB mega auditions were a spectacular disaster appeared first on HapaKenya.

Vera Sidika Living Her Dream As She Flies On A Private Jet (PHOTOS)

16 Dec 2017 » Naibuzz

It looks like Vera Sidika has scored herself a rich sponsor in the United States since she posted photos of herself flying in a luxurious private jet. We all know Vera is rich but not rich enough to own or rent a whole private jet for herself. She also recently posted photos of herself in a luxurious mansion in the Beverly Hills which some speculated belonged to multimillionaire boxer Floyd Mayweather. The bootilicious socialite captioned the photos: “I cheated on my Fears….broke up with my...

How To Store Vegetables & Herbs

16 Dec 2017 » Healthy Living

These new paper bags from supermarkets, aka nonwoven bags are so handy in terms of storing veg and herbs. I bought the coloured ones from Naivas, Ksh 10. Carrefour have white ones for Ksh 7 and they can be washed and reused several times. Great for the environment. Parchment also keeps them fresh but not as good a the nonwoven bags.

Man United’s Paul Pogba’s New Haircut Is On Fire (PHOTOS)

16 Dec 2017 » Naibuzz

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is one of the few very stylish players in the English Premier League and one of the things he is known for apart from his talent is his insane haircuts. His latest one as usual did not disappoint at all. Check out the masterpiece his barber came up with. The post Man United’s Paul Pogba’s New Haircut Is On Fire (PHOTOS) appeared first on Naibuzz.

‘I Contracted An STI After Sleeping With A Woman I Met On Facebook’, Kenyan Celebs Open Up About Their Worst Dates

16 Dec 2017 » Naibuzz

In order to find the perfect person for yourself, you have to date a number of people and at one point you will experience the worst date. This can be things like being left alone on the table before the date ends, being robbed, risking arrest, sexual harassment, being stood up and many other possible scenarios. Celebrities are not immune to these circumstances and some have gone as far as getting STDs after their first date. Here are some of their stories from different celebrities. Vicmass...

“Dela and I are Best of Friends,” Timmy Tdat on Chemistry With Rumored Girlfriend

16 Dec 2017 » Naibuzz

Timmy Tdat and Dela have been rumored to be having some sort of relationship for quite a while but both have come out to dispute the rumors. They recently collaborated to release the hit song “Well be okay” where they displayed some amazing chemistry. Speaking to Nation the Welle Welle hitmaker said this about his relationship with Dela: Why have you dismissed rumours that you and Dela are a couple despite the chemistry seen in Will be OK? Hehehe! Come on guys’ cant you let a nigga be? We...

Business Or Relationship? Akothee’s Manager’s Posts Leaves Many Questions To Be Answered

16 Dec 2017 » Naibuzz

One thing that is very obvious is that Akothee and her manager Nelly Oaks are very close. Their photos even leave people wondering whether they are more than just business partners. Rumors have been floating all over the internet that he just might be Akothee’s man but they have never directly addressed the whole situation. In his latest photos, we see him using various possessive term like ‘she is my business’ , ‘my giraffe’ etc. Well only time will tell whether it is true that they exchange...

#FlyDubai adds #Kilimanjaro to its network

16 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang

MORE CAPACITY AND MORE DESTINATIONS AS FLYDUBAI ADDS JRO TO NETWORK (Posted 16th December 2017) FlyDubai yesterday commenced flights to … More

#Nigeria grants #RwandAir fifth freedom rights between #Abuja and #Yaounde

16 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang

FIFTH FREEDOM RIGHT DEAL INTO NIGERIA GOOD NEWS FOR RWANDAIR (Posted 16th December 2017) The Nigerian authorities have granted RwandAir … More

#US – #Africa Business and Investment Forum 2018 set for #AddisAbaba

16 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang


Measuring Sustainable Tourism through a network of observatories

16 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang

#UNTWO DISCUSSES HOW TO MEASURE TOURISM IMPACT (Posted 16th December 2017) UNWTO convened observatories from around the world to discuss … More

A Beard And A Whisky

15 Dec 2017 » Oyunga Pala

I secretly hope he is not one of those single malt snobs about to fill my head with distracting whisky drinking rituals, insisting that I master the intricacies in order to fully appreciate the colour, flavours, aroma in 4 elaborate steps.

Jubilee Relied On Sonko To Pull In The Crowds At Jamhuri Day Celebrations: So What Happened?

15 Dec 2017 » Kumekucha

The political career of one Mike Sonko is in serious trouble and this has become very clear after he miserably failed a recent popularity test.Kumekucha

To All Kumekucha Channel Subscribers: My Big Gift To You

15 Dec 2017 » Kumekucha

A valuable FREE gift to all subscribers of this channel. ENJOY and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018.Kumekucha

Brussels Airport News

15 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang

Brussels Airport News Updates ahead of the Festive Season For readers of ATC News, Brussels Airlines travelers and all other … More

Stop Secession Talk Or Else... Warns Uhuru

15 Dec 2017 » Kumekucha

The Jubilee government does not realize that tough talk will work against what they are trying to do. Kumekucha

The latest edition of #NairobiNow is now available

15 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang


Infinix Zero 5 Review: Low Price, Huge Size and Lots of Stamina (Video)

15 Dec 2017 » Techweez

Infinix is known to make quality smartphones that don’t break your bank, well, the company’s latest flagship, the Zero 5, stays true to this. The Zero 5 comes with a Full HD 5.98” display and thanks to its bezels, the phone is too big for me and I bet it will be too big for […] Read On Web → Infinix Zero 5 Review: Low Price, Huge Size and Lots of Stamina (Video)

Popcorn Christmas Tree

15 Dec 2017 » Yummy

So we rarely connect the word popcorn to Christmas but one lovely thing about the Christmas season is this is… The post Popcorn Christmas Tree appeared first on Yummy Magazine by EatOut.

Why you need to dump your microwave for LG Neochef Microwave

15 Dec 2017 » Kachwanya

Just like humans alive today wonder how people used to keep in touch before the dawn of cell phones, there are those who wonder how humans used to cook before microwaves were invented. Then there is a new wonder in town – how someone can call anything not LG Neochef Microwave a microwave. Typically, microwaves […] The post Why you need to dump your microwave for LG Neochef Microwave appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

Exclusive Interview with the New Guinness Made of Black Ambassador Tabitha Wambui

15 Dec 2017 » AfroMum

Earlier today Tabitha Wambui Njoroge was announced as the new Guinness Made of Black Ambassador in Kenya.  Tabitha is a renowned Kenya Premier League referee, a mother of two teenagers and a single mother. The announcement was made during a press brief at a Nairobi hotel where world-famous footballer Thierry Henry was speaking to Kenyan journalists. […] The post Exclusive Interview with the New Guinness Made of Black Ambassador Tabitha Wambui appeared first on AfroMum.

We won an ASFA!!!!

15 Dec 2017 » Style by Silvia

Last weekend I attended the Abryanz Style and Fashion Awards giving ceremony in Kampala at the invitation of the organizers.  It was a short trip but a truly exciting experience since I not only took home the award for Fashion Writer of the Year (Africa) – for the second year in a row  – but also was called upon to co-host the red carpet together with the beautiful Ghanaian Actress Nana Akua Addo. I loved the amazing vibes of the whole event and enjoyed the stunning…

Showmax will be your kids’ home of entertainment with these new shows

15 Dec 2017 » AfroMum

This year seems to have ended pretty fast. Due to the Kenyan general elections, schools closed much earlier than usual. We still have one more month with our kids. We don’t know about you, but it’s feeling like eternity for us. Once the long December holidays started, many parents could hardly stifle a groan – […] The post Showmax will be your kids’ home of entertainment with these new shows appeared first on AfroMum.


15 Dec 2017 » OMG

Swahili rapper Jua Cali is the latest celebrity father in town, as his wife Lilly Asigo, safely delivered their baby number three, a charming baby girl,whom they have named Abby. Lilly announced the baby’s arrival on social media where she shared her photo and captioned; “Welcome to the world baby Abby” The couple seem to […]


15 Dec 2017 » OMG

Gospel artist Wilson Abubakar Radido alias Willy Paul, is back with a new song days after bagging awards for his Jigi Jigi hit song. The new jam like always, has set  netizens ablaze, questioning it’s gospel authenticity. The new song dubbed Tempted had been much hyped on his social media handles, and got officially released […]

Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes

15 Dec 2017 » Yummy

They are sweet, tangy, and bursting with juicy berries in every single bite. I love them! And I know you… The post Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes appeared first on Yummy Magazine by EatOut.


15 Dec 2017 » OMG

Must be a Deja Vu feeling for Diamond’s mother, Sandra Sanura Kassim, as yet another Woman has come forward to insinuate Diamond Platnumz is the father of her seven month old daughter. The woman who has been identified as Gladys, 43, from Eldoret, Kenya, claimed she had an unprotected one night stand fling, with the […]


15 Dec 2017 » OMG

Keroche breweries rich heiress, Anerlisa Muigai, seems to have it all in life at just 29 years of age, but is scared out of her wits at the thought of turning 30 years old in just a few weeks. Anerlisa like most women, claimed she’s scared of ageing so fast and, people’s expectations towards her […]

Blaze’s Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) Campaign to Conclude Tomorrow in Nairobi

15 Dec 2017 » Techweez

Safaricom’s custom tariff for young people aka BLAZE has been around for some time, and in its existence, the telco has leveraged its offerings push several youth-oriented programs and campaigns to net more subscriptions. While at it, Safaricom has used the product to conceptualize additional goals, including the on-going Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) campaign. […] Read On Web → Blaze’s Be Your Own Boss (BYOB) Campaign to Conclude Tomorrow in Nairobi

Wedding Bashers winners go to Seychelles for their honeymoon

15 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang

AIR SEYCHELLES AND MOORINGS SPONSOR HONEYMOON PRIZE (Posted 15th December 2017) Winners of ‘The Wedding Bashers’ — a new wedding … More

iPhone 8 Plus Review: 4 Months Later (Video)

15 Dec 2017 » Techweez

When it comes to class, no other smartphone does it better than an iPhone, the galaxies do try but the guardian remains this fruity smartphone. The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus were launched alongside the iPhone X and that created a problem. Of course, people would want the newer, much better looking iPhone, regardless of […] Read On Web → iPhone 8 Plus Review: 4 Months Later (Video)

Rapper Femi One Oozing Sex Appeal As She Steps Out In A Lingerie (PHOTO)

15 Dec 2017 » Naibuzz

Femi One (Wanjiku Kimani) is one of the fastest rising female rappers we have in Kenya and her song Tippie Toe has been dominating the air waves for so many months that they had to do a remix. She has loved rapping ever since high school where she used to rap along to Nazizi. The song Ligi Soo catapulted her into the industry in a big way and so far things are going so well with her hard core rap. Recently, the Kaka Empire rapper decided to shed off her gangsta image and stepped out in a black...

US media firm targeted Raila Odinga with attack ads, report says

15 Dec 2017 » Mashariaz

THURSDAY DECEMBER 14 2017 Nasa leader Raila Odinga. A Texas-based political media company linked to Donald Trump generated online attack campaigns against Raila Odinga before August 8 poll, a new report shows. PHOTO | SALATON NJAU | NATION MEDIA GROUP In SummaryThe online campaigns that either targeted Mr Odinga or touted President Kenyatta's accomplishments were conducted on behalf of the president's re-election campaign.Raphael Tuju, Jubilee Party secretary-general, “claims no knowledge of...

Eric Omondi Was Motivated To Do This After Being Evicted In Nairobi West

15 Dec 2017 » Naibuzz

Eric Omondi is without a doubt one of the most famous local comedians in Kenya and also one of the highest paid. He is even adding a new apartment block to a piece of land he owns in Kisumu City. He was inspired to be a landlord after getting evicted from his rental house in Nairobi West back in 2010 since he had not paid rent for five months. “Sometime in September of 2010 while living in Nairobi West my house was locked and all my stuff auctioned… I had a 5 month rent arrear… This was during...

#Seychelles to widen protected area around the #AldabraAtoll

14 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang

SEYCHELLES MOVES TO INCREASE MARINE PROTECTED AREAS (Posted 14th December 2017) Information was received from the Seychelles that the government … More

Good news for #Gambia as #AirPeace Joins ASKY and Fly Mid Africa with flights to #Banjul

14 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang

Another edition of #ATQNews from #Nigeria and beyond Nigerian Journalists have applauded the appointment of former Director General, Nigeria Tourism … More

Constance Hotels opens their 8th luxury hotel on the Tanzanian island of Pemba

14 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang


Another Edition of the S.E.E Africa Magazine is about to be published

14 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang

#AfroTourism – COMING SOON: Another Edition of the S.E.E Africa Magazine An update from one of ATCNews.org West African partners … More

World Tourism is looking good says #UNWTO

14 Dec 2017 » Wolfgang

Southern and Mediterranean Europe, North Africa and the Middle East drive tourism growth through October 2017 (Posted 14th December 2017) … More

ESET Warns That the Ransomware Menace Will Continue in 2018

14 Dec 2017 » Tech Arena

ESET has warned that the ransomware menace is likely to continue in to 2018 with further growth in incidents and risks following an increase in, and sophistication of, cybersecurity incidents in 2017. According to a 2018 cybersecurity trends report “Cybersecurity Trends 2018: The Cost of our Connected World”, released today by security experts at ESET, many companies are still prepared to spend large sums in ransom payment as opposed to investing in their cyber defenses. The report, focuses on...

Nairobi County partners with tech-firm Cisco for deployment of Digital Business Roadmap

14 Dec 2017 » Tech Arena

Nairobi City County has launched its Digital Business Roadmap that will drive better Citizen experiences when engaging the county; better the County’s workforce environment and technology experience; drive operational efficiency in transport, Health, Education, and Agriculture; and reduce overall risk as a result of Cyber Threats. The County confirmed today that it has deployed the First Phase of the foundation technology solutions covered in the Digital Business Roadmap. Cisco is fast-tracking...

LG Super UHD TV sets – For those who can’t afford LG’s OLED television

14 Dec 2017 » Kachwanya

In today’s world, the person who owns the prime TV is that guy who has installed an OLED TV set in his living room (or bedroom). If you know of such a guy, buy him (or her) a drink, as he is the guy who has bought two prime plots in the heart of Nairobi […] The post LG Super UHD TV sets – For those who can’t afford LG’s OLED television appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.


14 Dec 2017 » OMG

Eric Omondi is among the Comedians who’ve proven making people happy is also a way of paying bills. This however hasn’t always been the case for him as he revealed he was once evicted out if his house on a five months arrears debt, despite his fame status. The situation however turned out for the […]


14 Dec 2017 » OMG

  Dj Mo and Size 8, are among the few(if not the only) celebrity couples that have absolutely no problem, in keeping their love life open for the public. The two have once claimed the reason behind their decision was to inspire other aspiring couples that True Love indeed still exists. Dj Mo took it […]


14 Dec 2017 » OMG

  Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sanura Sandra kassim, has for the longest time, gone under scrutiny for never publicly showing affection to Hamisa Mobetto’s son, who also happens to be his grandson, but showers Zari’s kids Tiffah and Nillan with adoration across social media. Sanura head-on approached the allegations through her Instagram page by claiming, she […]


14 Dec 2017 » OMG

Kenyan video director Nelson Tiger, publicly accused Tanzanian celebrated gospel singer, Christina Shusho of trying to force him into a relationship with her. In a lengthy Instagram post, Tiger narrated the ordeal that he explained cost him his girlfriend. “CHRISTINA SHUSHO EXCLUSIVE!!! I Do Remember Like Yesterday, You Called Me At Night Very Late At […]

GE She Can Code Challenge seeking to bridge tech skills gap in Nairobi’s Eastlands Area

14 Dec 2017 » AfroMum

 For some years now, people in the tech industry have been concerned about the few number of women in the industry. Although the situation has greatly improved, there is much more to be done. Tech giant General Electric has decided to take the bull by the horns in this regard and is now training girls […] The post GE She Can Code Challenge seeking to bridge tech skills gap in Nairobi’s Eastlands Area appeared first on AfroMum.

Rescue by Flare, an emergency medical assistance service, launched

14 Dec 2017 » Hapa Kenya

All it takes is a split second to determine whether or not someone survives in a medical emergency. In that time frame, having to sift through several numbers to find an ambulance close to you to offer medical help can be the difference between life and death. Saving you time in order to save a […] The post Rescue by Flare, an emergency medical assistance service, launched appeared first on HapaKenya.