Innovation should be a primary focus for Kenya

19 Mar 2018 » Mbugua Njihia

The capacity for innovation in industry is a key ingredient in the creation of a productive workforce, which in turn increases industry competitiveness. The global conversation on the coming industrial revolution centers on the automation of the manufacturing sector, which is envisioned to replace human resources. However, highly industrialized economies have already started to integrate this automation in their processes in a way that complements existing manual labour. In fact, owing to this...

#Kenya’s tourism industry courts the North American market ahead of flights to #NewYork

18 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang


The Saint Ange Tourism Report – Volume 2 Edition 11 of 2018

18 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang


Dear Uhuru Kenyatta: Kenya doesn’t need doctors from Cuba

18 Mar 2018 » Hapa Kenya

President Uhuru Kenyatta embarked on a trip to Cuba last week, with an agenda of boosting cooperation in health, sports and culture according to his State House Spokesman Manoah Esipisu. At the conclusion of the visit, various media outlets are reporting that, among others, the following has been agreed on between the two countries: Cuba […] The post Dear Uhuru Kenyatta: Kenya doesn’t need doctors from Cuba appeared first on HapaKenya.

#Zimbabwe’s tourist arrivals on the rise

18 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang

Another edition of #ATQNEWS from #Nigeria and beyond Nigerian Journalists have applauded the appointment of former Director General, Nigeria Tourism … More

Safaricom recognized in IFC report for their support of working mothers with children

17 Mar 2018 » Hapa Kenya

International Finance Corporation (IFC) launched their report Tackling Childcare: The Business Case for Employer Supported Childcare in Kenya on March 16th at the Intercontinental Hotel Nairobi. Safaricom, which is included in the report as a case study for childcare support at the workplace, was part of the launch. According to the report, employers who lack quality and affordable […] The post Safaricom recognized in IFC report for their support of working mothers with children appeared first...

The benefits of parent-teacher communication.

17 Mar 2018 » Hapa Kenya

Why is Proper Teacher-Parent Communication Important? At the heart of a healthy partnership between parents and teachers lies effective communication because it is one of the key pillars of all human relationships. When communicating, it is not just words of information that get transferred between involved parties, no. It also transfers commitment and attitudes. For […] The post The benefits of parent-teacher communication. appeared first on HapaKenya.

Social Media Marketing: Snapchat For Business

17 Mar 2018 » Potent Ash

When I was joining university a couple of years ago, this was a conversation I had with my friend. ME: The Wi-Fi speeds over here is ultimately awesome! HIM: Yes. For that reason, you need to download ‘Snapo’, and check out Joy’s snaps And, since I lack the forces necessary to counter peer pressure, the […] The post Social Media Marketing: Snapchat For Business appeared first on Potentash.

Sudan The Last Northern Male White Rhino Is Ailing. Why Should We Care Plus Some Interesting Facts About Rhinos

17 Mar 2018 » Potent Ash

Most of us by now have received heartbreaking news about the declining health of Sudan the Northern White Rhino. Only last year had he gotten into tinder in an attempt to save his subspecies. Though current reports indicate that he’s doing much better, the future looks pretty grim for him and the other Northern White […] The post Sudan The Last Northern Male White Rhino Is Ailing. Why Should We Care Plus Some Interesting Facts About Rhinos appeared first on Potentash.

The Deadly Sins of Driving: Texts, Drugs, and Pride

17 Mar 2018 » Smart Kenyan

Driving a car is a dangerous, demanding endeavor. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority, 10% of all fatal accidents and 18% of crashes that caused injuries in 2017 involved distracted drivers. Those distractions included eating, smoking, adjusting the radio, or being “lost in thought/daydreaming.” This means in 2017 over 1000 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents stemming from poor or distracted driving habits. If you remove focus from driving it could quickly...

Car-Related Headaches and What to Do About Them

17 Mar 2018 » Smart Kenyan

You don’t want to, but if you’re a car owner it’s inevitable that at some point you will experience car troubles. It’s also fairly certain that the machine you rely on will cause you grief when you least expect it. At the very least, you’ll be late, frazzled, frustrated, and have an empty wallet. So what can you do about it? Be prepared! Know your vehicle, and know what to do when something goes wrong, because it will. The following list of the most common car problems drivers encounter can...

RwandAir to resume Libreville / Douala operations

17 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang

#LIBREVILLE AND #DOUALA TO BE SERVED FROM #RWANDAIR’S SECOND HUB IN #COTONOU (Posted 17th March 2018) RwandAir has confirmed it … More

The Small Business: Perfect Pillows

17 Mar 2018 » Potent Ash

Business ideas can come when things are not going well and some of the biggest businesses in the world started when their founders were at rock bottom. This is how the business of Perfect Pillows began and now it is growing into one of the best pillow businesses in Nairobi. Perfect Pillows deals with household […] The post The Small Business: Perfect Pillows appeared first on Potentash.

Jumia Mobile Week Treasure Hunt Brings Samsung Galaxy S9 for Close to Free!

17 Mar 2018 » Techweez

Ahoy Matey! If ye ‘ave ever wanted t’ feel like a pirate, then yer time be now. Ok, let us translate that for those who don’t speak pirate: “If you have ever wanted to feel like a pirate, then your time is now.” Jumia Mobile Week is coming up and historically, this 7-day event has been […] Read On Web → Jumia Mobile Week Treasure Hunt Brings Samsung Galaxy S9 for Close to Free!

See the first flight of a #Boeing #B737MAX7 live …

16 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang

Please check our website and social media often for the most up-to-date timing. When it’s time, tune in on Boeing.com … More

Why Freelancers Should Have Their Own Websites

16 Mar 2018 » Freelancer Kenya

Making the decision to become a freelancer is one of the best you’ll probably ever make. With the internet and platforms like Upwork, you can access thousands of clients, all of whom have lots of work to offer you, meaning there’s lots of money to be made. Image: Unsplash But just because there is opportunity, […] The post Why Freelancers Should Have Their Own Websites appeared first on FreelancerKenya.

A Boy From Tandale: How The Diamond Platinumz Album Launch & Songa Bash Went Down

16 Mar 2018 » Potent Ash

Diamond Platinumz officially launched his third studio album, titled ‘A Boy From Tandale at the Kenyan Cultural Centre. His previous album, ‘Lala Salama’ was released in 2012 and it was a mega success. The multi award winning artist has won and been nominated for numerous awards, with some of the most notable ones including a […] The post A Boy From Tandale: How The Diamond Platinumz Album Launch & Songa Bash Went Down appeared first on Potentash.

African Country Names Explained

16 Mar 2018 » Ken Opalo

The etymology of Kenya is still being resolved. Indeed even the pronunciation isn’t clear. Most people I know say “Kenya.” But others (like my dad and older Kenyans) say “Key-nya.” A friend of the blog writes on twitter: [N]ot sure whether ‘White’ is a solid translation of ‘nyaga’. Not unreasonable to choose ‘shining’ or ‘shimmering’ or similar. (*My* preferred translation is ‘Lord of Brightness’ for ‘Mwene Nyaga’ — a reasonable compromise, or so I like to think.) H/T Rachel Strohm.  

Deciphering The Drama Within Nasa

16 Mar 2018 » Kumekucha

High wire drama in NASA as reality and political correction on the ground kick in after the dramatic handshake of last Friday.Kumekucha

“Alidhani Mimi Ni Mshamba” Diamond Platnumz Narrates His Experience Working With Rick Ross

16 Mar 2018 » Naibuzz

At the end of last year, Diamond Platnumz and Rick Ross collaborated together to release the hit song “Waka”. During an interview, the singer talked about his experience working with the American rapper. Diamond traveled to Miami, United States in October 2017 for the purpose of shooting the music video with Rick Ross. Working with Ross wasn’t an easy task. On the first day, Rick Ross arrived 8 hours late and had the first impression that Diamond was primitive. “Siku ya kwanza call time ilikuwa...

Barclays Bank’s Timiza App is Official with Instant Loans and Some Unique Extras

16 Mar 2018 » Techweez

Mobile loan apps, payment gateways and other financial services that take advantage of mobile money services and deeper smartphone penetration have blown up in the Kenyan market in the last few years. The space is still open for players that have unique products for consumers, which is what Barclays Bank believes has for Kenyans with the […] Read On Web → Barclays Bank’s Timiza App is Official with Instant Loans and Some Unique Extras

He Turned Around A Crisis: Inspirational Kenyan Tale

16 Mar 2018 » Kumekucha

This Nairobian lost his job and was almost being thrown out into the streets with his family. He had no option but to thnk very fast.Kumekucha

Safaricom hustlers get Timiza App for unsecured loans

16 Mar 2018 » Kachwanya

Barclays Bank of Kenya this morning launched a mobile loan platform meant to serve hustlers on Safaricom network. The launch that was done by Barclays Bank MD Mr. Jeremy Awori and graced by Craft Silicon CEO Kamal Budhabatti, and Director of Safaricom’s Consumer Business Unit Sylvia Mulinge saw the unveiling of both Timiza App and […] The post Safaricom hustlers get Timiza App for unsecured loans appeared first on Kachwanya.com | Kenya Tech News.

#UNWTO – Walking the Talk on Human Rights

16 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang

THE VALUE OF HUMAN RIGHTS (Posted 15th March 2018) Tourism as an instrument for mutual understanding and sustainable development is … More

Baileys Recipes That Are A Must Try This St. Patrick’s Day

16 Mar 2018 » Yummy

Baileys Hot Chocolate   Ingredients 50ml of Baileys Original Irish Cream Hot chocolate drink 0.9 units per serve Chocolate Flakes… The post Baileys Recipes That Are A Must Try This St. Patrick’s Day appeared first on Yummy Magazine by EatOut.


16 Mar 2018 » OMG

Gospel singer Bahati’s wife, took it to Instagram to throw massive shade, towards trolls who claimed she only got involved with the singer for fame and financial gain. In reference to her constant critics,  and the heavy downpour currently being experienced in the city,  Marua shared a post on her Instagram Stories, where she  blatantly […]

Android Oreo is Finally Rolling Out to the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus

16 Mar 2018 » Tech Arena

Not so long ago, some Huawei Mate 9 and Mate 9 Pro users finally got Android Oreo on their devices. These was the final version of the OS and not the beta version that has been around since late 2017. The update is still not available to all users in all markets and even I don’t have it yet. Right now Huawei is getting ready to launch its 2018 flagship smartphone line up, the Huawei P20 series. Since the P20 series is not out yet, Huawei is working on Android 8.0 Oreo update for its 2017...


16 Mar 2018 » OMG

Lilian Muli’s skin complexion change, has always been a matter of discussion by trolls who hold a PHD in not minding their own Ps and Qs, at least that’s what the screen siren believes. For countless times, Muli has dismissed allegations of her bleaching her skin, to her phones over the top camera pixels. She […]

How we break Laws without even knowing

16 Mar 2018 » Smart Kenyan

For the average law-abiding citizen, the idea of breaking the law is seen as something extreme. As in, the idea of getting into any “official” trouble is the least you would want. But all across the country, there are numerous eccentric laws that people break every day. They have no idea what they’re doing is illegal because these laws rarely reference dangerous activity. Usually, they concern the environment, technology, or a certain etiquette that seems old-fashioned (not to mention...


16 Mar 2018 » OMG

Gospel singer Wahu’s daughter Tumiso, might be a mere eleven year old, but the knowledge she entails on life matters, continues to leave her mother in awe. The singer took it to social media to share a lesson she had learnt from her, on how to avoid falling into negative temptations. Wahu who was amused […]

Floyd Mayweather’s lavishing lifestyle and car collection

16 Mar 2018 » Smart Kenyan

After a series of jail terms and commitment in his boxing career, Mayweather finally hit the jackpot after his fight with Manny Pacquiao. And as we speak Floyd Mayweather is a wealthy man, and he is not afraid to display his riches. The boxer is obviously living life to the fullest, and he often posts photos on Instagram with loads of cash in his hands which he later simply throws away at scantily-clad women. While some people find this way of life unappealing, Floyd obviously doesn’t mind....


16 Mar 2018 » OMG

Snapchat might have apologized for recklessly featuring Rihanna and Chris Brown on their  ‘violence’ ad, for their new game Would You Rather?, but Riri still thinks the mock up of her assault case with CB, wasn’t something that could be cleared off by a mere app-oligy. Rihanna took it to Instagram stories, to call out […]

The Hilton: Hidden in Plain Sight

16 Mar 2018 » Yummy

I have been to The Hilton Hotel Nairobi too many times to count, yet if someone asked me which restaurants… The post The Hilton: Hidden in Plain Sight appeared first on Yummy Magazine by EatOut.

Train Travel across Magical Kenya

16 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang

Train Travel in #Kenya: The #MadarakaExpress offers a new way to discover Magical Kenya Courtesy of Janet Maina | Serena … More

Parents, don’t punish your child into fear and depression

16 Mar 2018 » AfroMum

African tradition dictates that a child does not belong to their parents but to the whole community. It was a norm that when one spots a child making a mistake, they punish the child and later on inform the parent who in turn has to punish the child again. While parents have been advised numerously […] The post Parents, don’t punish your child into fear and depression appeared first on AfroMum.

Makueni County Government Tenders 2018

16 Mar 2018 » Biashara Point

BiasharaPoint East Africa RSS Feed Makueni County Government Tenders 2018 Government of Makueni County invites interested and eligible tenderers for goods, works and services described hereafter. No. Tender Reference Number, Tender Name, Available Budget (Ksh.) GMC/E/T/26/2017/2018 Construction of 2 No. Classrooms, Office and 3 No.… The post Makueni County Government Tenders 2018 appeared first on BiasharaPoint East Africa.

Catherine Gachie opens HVS Middle East & Africa representation in #Nairobi

16 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang

#THINCAFRICA EXPANDS FROM SOUTH AFRICA TO EAST AFRICA (Posted 16th March 2018) HVS is the largest independent hospitality consultancy with … More

Rethinking Kenya’s drone regulations

16 Mar 2018 » Mbugua Njihia

Drone enthusiasts and entrepreneurs are a patient but disappointed lot. The recent release of possible sector controls and guidelines seem to be informed from a position of fear rather than value. While it is great to temper the introduction of new technologies to the mainstream with both obvious and unforeseen risks, it is quite another to put up punitive checks that quite frankly are not delivering on the desired deterrent effects as clearly evidenced by the many advertisement, wedding and...

#Nairobi Now – All there is to know ahead of a visit to #Kenya

16 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang


How to Apply for a Birth Certificate in Kenya

16 Mar 2018 » Smart Kenyan

Let’s call it birth certificate Kenya, the birth certificate is the first step towards the full exercise of citizenship. It proves your existence, your place and the date of birth, it is a legal document that proves and provides the names of your parents. Why is a Birth Certificate in Kenya that important? This is because of the birth certificate number Kenya. Without this document and the birth certificate number, citizens are deprived of their most fundamental rights and have no access to...

M-Kopa Raises $10 Million Amid Staff Layoffs Controversy

16 Mar 2018 » Techweez

Sometime in early February, rumours began to surface that Kenya-based M-Kopa Solar had fired all its developers back in December 2017. At this point, everything was foggy and unclear. However, on 11 March, it was reported by Kenyan Wall Street that the company had fired 18% of its staff, including 78 developers and outsourced the […] Read On Web → M-Kopa Raises $10 Million Amid Staff Layoffs Controversy

Winnie Odinga: About To Launch Her Political Career Dramatically?

16 Mar 2018 » Kumekucha

Winnie Odinga's name has been coming up a lot lately. A Zimbabwean prophet has even predicted that Raila Odinga's daughter is about to start being very influential in Kenyan politics.Kumekucha

Muluka Skews History To Support Betrayal Lies

16 Mar 2018 » Kumekucha

Barrack Muluka in an effort to drive his lies home recently adjusted the facts of history for effect. Here is the truth.Kumekucha

List of Updated NHIF Rates 2018

16 Mar 2018 » Smart Kenyan

Please read on to find the updated list of nhif Rates for 2018. As you all know, NHIF Kenya is a State-owned Parastatal established in 1966 as a department under the Ministry of Health. It was later transformed into a state of a corporation to improve its effectiveness and efficiency. Its primary mandate is to provide accessible and affordable medical insurance cover to all its members and their declared dependents i.e spouse and children. How NHIF Rates are Calculated The nhif rates and...

How to Register for NHIF

15 Mar 2018 » Smart Kenyan

We are going to show you how to register for NHIF cover both offline and online. A person who is a resident in Kenya and has attained the age of 18 years, whose total income from salaries or self-employment is more than Ksh 1000 per month and Ksh 12,000 per year, is eligible for Registration/membership with NHIF Kenya. This includes foreign visitors permitted to work in Kenya. You can always check the NHIF Rates to know exactly the amount you are required to contribute monthly. Requirements for...

How to Check NHIF Balance

15 Mar 2018 » Smart Kenyan

Have you been contributing to NHIF and would like to know the status of your account? We will show you how to check NHIF Balance from your phone easily. NHIF has made the life of many Kenyans better by providing a universal medial cover for working Kenyans. Whether you are on Payroll or self employed you can contribute to NHIF monthly for you to be able to enjoy the services. For a long time, for you to check the status of your NHIF contribution, you had to visit one of the offices and wait in...

Starting a blog in Kenya

15 Mar 2018 » Smart Kenyan

If you are the kind of person who wants to be in control of his game and do it yourself, this tutorial is made specifically for you. This is a complete guide on how to start a blog  in Kenya and make it look as professional as the one made by an IT profession. We are going to set up a WordPress blog together and will willing to answer any questions you post in the comment box below. So let us go direct to the process of Starting a Blog in Kenya. Requirements to create a blog in Kenya Name of...

Motive Behind Selfish Kalonzo Desire To Meet Uhuru

15 Mar 2018 » Kumekucha

The real Kalonzo Musyoka comes out as he makes the strange statement that he too wants talks with Uhuru. But then Alfred Mutua warned Raila early never to trust Kalonzo.Kumekucha

3 Steps To Generating Serious Income In Kenya Today

15 Mar 2018 » Kumekucha

3 Hot Tips anybody can use to generate some serious income in Kenya, a country where so many are jobless and without an income and even business people feel there isn't enough disposable income for them to really prosper. The secret is simple. Problems are really opportunities in disguise. Big problems are BIG opportunities.Kumekucha

Tyler Cowen Interviews Chris Blattman

15 Mar 2018 » Ken Opalo

Listen to the entire interview here. Some interesting observations from Chris: On cash transfers: What we found is, the initial result after two and four years was like other places seeing big advances in incomes. People get cash. They’re poor. They couldn’t invest in some of their ideas, but they had good ideas, and so they take off. Now what we’ve seen is, essentially, they’ve converged with the people who didn’t get the cash. The people who didn’t get the cash have caught up because they...

TECNO and Infinix Losing Market Share to New Entrants – Jumia Kenya

15 Mar 2018 » Techweez

It has been general knowledge for a while now that Transsion brands (TECNO, Infinix and Itel) are at the top of the mobile phone industry in Kenya when it comes to market share. Well, this remains mostly true but a report coming from Jumia Kenya, through their fourth Mobile White Paper indicates that the Hong […] Read On Web → TECNO and Infinix Losing Market Share to New Entrants – Jumia Kenya

How Much Money FaZe Cizzorz Makes On YouTube – Net Worth

15 Mar 2018 » Naibuzz

Faze Cizzors Net Worth  – $300,000   FaZe Cizzors is a gaming YouTuber whose real name is Jack. He has an estimated net worth of. His content is mainly gaming videos of the popular game known as Fortnite and sometimes livestreams the gameplay on Twitch. He joined the the FaZe Clan in 2018 to further his career in gaming. He posts new videos on a daily basis. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); How Much Money Does FaZe Cizzors Earn On YouTube? The channel has over 2...

Web Hosting Company Garanntor to Position its Trade as a Kenyan Firm

15 Mar 2018 » Techweez

A couple of days ago, Nigerian technology firm Garanntor launched its services in Kenya. The company, which offers infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions for developers, among other products, was founded in 2016 and has deployed its services to multiple regions across the world, including the U.K., U.S., Latin America (Brazil) and Asia Pacific (India). Its African presence […] Read On Web → Web Hosting Company Garanntor to Position its Trade as a Kenyan Firm

Chris Kirubi Spotted Looking Very Frail Due To Battle With Sickness (PHOTO)

15 Mar 2018 » Naibuzz

A couple of months ago, billionaire Chris Kirubi was hospitalized in Boston Medical Center after his health condition worsened. While there he got attended to by a renowned oncologist (a doctor who specializes with the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer). This sparked rumors that he may be having cancer. Recently, a photo of Kirubi popped up online and it is rather obvious that the battle with the disease has been really hard on his body. In the photo he is seen embracing the Kenya...

Delicious Recipes You Should Try On St. Patrick’s Day!

15 Mar 2018 » Yummy

St. Patrick’s Day, also known as The Feast of Saint Patrick, is the day the people of Ireland come together… The post Delicious Recipes You Should Try On St. Patrick’s Day! appeared first on Yummy Magazine by EatOut.

ESET uncovers latest malicious activity in Asia from infamous hacking group, OceanLotus

15 Mar 2018 » Tech Arena

Analysing the activities of hacking group OceanLotus, known for campaigns targeting eastern Asia, security researchers at ESET have followed one of the group’s latest campaign. ESET’s research into the group, also known as APT32 or APT C-00, has shown they are using the same tricks but now includes a new backdoor and utilizing several methods aimed at convincing the user to execute the backdoor, slow down its analysis and avoid detection. The group targets victims into running malicious...

Music Review: Barbara Olesi – Njoo Ulivyo

15 Mar 2018 » Potent Ash

I found about Barbara Olesi last year when I did a review of her song, Niokoe. She is back with a new song, Njoo Ulivyo which was released last month. This is her fourth song off her upcoming album. Barbara is a fast-growing artiste whose album I cannot wait to get my hands on. She […] The post Music Review: Barbara Olesi – Njoo Ulivyo appeared first on Potentash.

Heavy rains in Mbarara cause flooding damage as River Rwizi breaks its banks

15 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang


#Brussels Airlines set for transformation in 2018

15 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang


How Much Money FaZe Sensei Makes On YouTube – Net Worth

15 Mar 2018 » Naibuzz

FaZe Sensei Net Worth – $350,000   FaZe Sensei is a martial artist and trainer best known for his association with the popular gaming team FaZe Clan. His real name is Isiah Ocasio-Pantoja He has an estimated net worth of $350,000. He launched FaZe Fitness, a program for the FaZe Clan members to keep fit. His content on YouTube currently is basically recording himself training with various popular YouTubers such as KSI before their boxing matches. He also posts videos of himself participating in...

#Emirates crew member dies after fall from aircraft in #Entebbe

15 Mar 2018 » Wolfgang



15 Mar 2018 » OMG

    Size 8 transitioned to the Gospel side from secular, almost half a decade ago, at the peak of her then career, where she was bagging awards from everywhere, and had a number of clubbing hits, dominating the airwaves. Her first single Mateke, was well received, but as fate would have it, many people […]

Nairobi Film Festival 2018 will run from 27th March to 1st April

15 Mar 2018 » Hapa Kenya

The inaugural Nairobi Festival took place in 2017. A brainchild of Mbithi Masya and Sheba Hirst, the festival is meant to showcase local films and grow the cinema going culture in the city. The 2018 festival is slated from 27th March to 1st April with screenings taking place at Prestige Plaza Cinemas on Ngong Rd. […] The post Nairobi Film Festival 2018 will run from 27th March to 1st April appeared first on HapaKenya.

5 reasons why you need to watch Sue na Jonnie

15 Mar 2018 » Hapa Kenya

Sue na Johnie is a Kenyan comedy drama series about a case of mistaken identity when Jonnie (Martin Githinji), a hustler lands a lucrative job that was meant for someone else with the same name. He then hires Sue (Catherine Kamau) to play his girlfriend in order to maintain the lie. 1. It’s an award-winning […] The post 5 reasons why you need to watch Sue na Jonnie appeared first on HapaKenya.

Safaricom is committed to the growth of the local music industry

15 Mar 2018 » Hapa Kenya

For the longest time, musicians were generally not able to make a living out of their art. With many of them having to hold down day jobs to make a living. However, this has changed in the recent past with musicians now being able to comfortably make a living off their craft. Other than the […] The post Safaricom is committed to the growth of the local music industry appeared first on HapaKenya.


15 Mar 2018 » OMG

Snapchat has removed an advert from its platform that it says “makes light of domestic violence”. The advert, which is for a game, asks users if they would “rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown”. It appears to reference Chris Brown’s conviction for assaulting Rihanna in his car in 2009 while they were dating. Snap […]

Serious Traffic signs and rules that are always ignored

15 Mar 2018 » Smart Kenyan

Traffic laws exist to keep us safe—without them, and with over 15 million vehicles swarming our Kenyan roads, driving would quickly cease to be a safe and convenient perk of modern life. While the number of laws that control our driving are many, for the most part, we observe them without even noticing. Because for some reason, when it comes to a few specific laws, drivers have adopted a much broader interpretation of the law and pretty much do what they like. Here are a few driving laws that...


15 Mar 2018 » OMG

Popular Kenyan boyband Sauti Sol, are set to release their much anticipated album Afrikan Sauce, in the course of the year. The album is reported to have featured some of African Top artists. Tiwa Savage,  Patoranking and Burna Boy are so far the known artistes featured by Sauti Sol in the LP, with Girl Next […]

The coolest desktop fan with an LED clock powered by your laptop

15 Mar 2018 » Smart Kenyan

This gadget is called the Mini USB Powered Fan Flexible Gooseneck LED Cooling Flashing USB Temperature Fan for PC Laptop Notebook Desktops.  Basically, the brand tried to stuff every keyword they could that could describe this product into the product title.  What you get however is a Gooseneck LED USB Powered Clock fan that is a unique little gadget and gimmicky though providers a fair amount of airflow. About the Mini USB Powered Fan I see this mostly being ideal if you have a USB hub on your...